Rishi Blue + Red + Purple + Orange Mastery Datacron Guide

The Rishi Blue Red Purple Orange Mastery Datacron is located in the Rishi map on Rishi grants Mastery +10 (it used to grant Aim +10 before the stats changed).

The Rishi Blue Red Purple Orange datacron is in the Rishii Village Island and is available to both Imperial and Republic players. Finding this datacron will give you a permanent stat boost of Mastery +10 to all your characters on your server, and will unlock the Galactic History 90: The Battle of Alderaan, Galactic History 91: The Syndicate Wars, Galactic History 92: The Hydian Way, Galactic History 93: The Mandalorian Schism codex.

  • Rishi Mastery +10 Datacron (Both Factions)
  • Quicktravel: Rishii Village / Rishii Village
  • Taxi: Rishii Village / Rishii Village
  • Location: Rishi - Rishii Village Island
  • Difficulty: Very Hard - Random chance at defeating enemies, time consuming
  • Codex: Galactic History 90: The Battle of Alderaan, Galactic History 91: The Syndicate Wars, Galactic History 92: The Hydian Way, Galactic History 93: The Mandalorian Schism

How to Get the Rishi Blue Red Purple Orange Mastery Datacron

This Rishi Datacron is earned through a long series of events, one of which requires a lot of random killing of enemies. You can earn this datacron solo, though it’s definitely easier if you pool resources, and players often invite other players at the end of the datacron to partake in the treasure as it’s such a difficult datacron to get. Don’t skip any of the steps – if you do, you’ll be attacked by a sea creature rather than unlocking the datacron at the end.

If you are looking to do this as part of a group, I highly recommend to wait to summon your group until you have fully unlocked the datacrons and they are clickable, as it can save some hassle and bugs.

Step 1 – Grophets & Datapackets

The first step is to gather three Data Packets – and orange one, a yellow one, and a blue one.

These Data Packet items are only dropped from three rare yellow-named enemies called Breck the Grophet, Wudd the Grophet, and Straught the Grophet, who are scattered across Rishi. They are not present on the map by default – instead, any time you kill normal yellow-named enemies named Jungle Grophets in the correct areas, the next enemy to respawn has a chance to be one of the rare named grophets that drops a data packet. None of these enemies are hard to fight, it’s just time-consuming to kill them and hope the next one that appears is the one you want.

There are some great maps on dulfy.net of where to find the Grophets if you do not have the Data Packets.

  • Straugh the Grophet – Orange Packet (‘Sequence One’) – Horizon Island
  • Wudd the Grophet – Blue Packet (‘Sequence Two’) – Sky Ridge Island
  • Straught the Grophet – Yellow Packet (‘Sequence Three’) – Sky Ridge Island

There is also an achievement for personally defeating each grophet, and also one for defeating all three grophets along with the title “The Wolf of Rishi”.

However, if you are just after the datacron, these Data Packets are tradeable, though they can not be bought or sold on the GTN. They can also be placed into a bank or guild bank. This means players who may have collected one or two packets can combined forces with another player who has the others, and that players who come across these by accident can donate them to their guild bank for future guild use as a group, allowing the group to skip the grophet-finding step to get the datacron.

WARNING: These Data Packets are considered junk items with a white border. So make sure to put them in your bank before you sell junk!!!!

Step 2 – Skull Pile

Once you have collected one of each packet, you’ll take them in your inventory to a pile of skulls on Slave Island. When you find the small skull pile, right click each packet in your inventory to consume them, and then click the skull pile.

This will give you a Neural Imprint buff which lasts about an hour and a half, which is plenty of time to go finish the rest of the puzzle.

There is a great map on dulfy.net of where to find the skull pile.

Step 3 – Deep Sea Pheromones

The third step is to go find the Deep Sea Pheremones, growing in the main city of Rishi’s docks, to get the Incredible Smell buff, whcih will cause the sea enemies not to attack you because you smell so wonderful when you go to get the datacron. You’ll also get one of my favorite legacy titles, Incredible Smell Discoverer.

There is a great map on dulfy.net of where to find the pheremone.

If you are doing this as a group, you can invite your group to come get the smelly pheremones for the title and achievement, even if they do not have the data packets. They will be able to see the blue pheromones even if they have not done the previous step.

Step 4 – Skull Rock Light

Once you have done both the skull thing and the smelly thing on the same character, you can activate the beacon which will show you where the datacrons are. Even if you already physically know where to find them, you must do this step or strange things will happen and you won’t be able to actually get to the datacrons themselves.

There is a great map on dulfy.net of where to find the beacon.

This next step will give you a new buff called Neural Imprint – it does not last as long as the other one, and you have about 20 minutes to go actually get the datacron after this point.

Activating the beacon will shine a bright blue light onto the datacron’s location.

Step 5 – The Rock

When you arrive at the datacron’s location, as long as you have all the buffs from the previous steps, if you right-click the rock the blue light is shining onto, some tentacles will appear, break the rock apart, reveal the datacrons, and watch passively as you retrieve your treasure!


  • Right clicked the rock but got killed by the tentacles – You missed the step to get the pheromones.
  • Right clicked the rock and killed the tentacles – You missed the step the shine the beacon at the end.

In either of these cases, just change instances, go back and do your missing steps, then come back to the rock. The rock will also eventually reset in the instance you are in but it takes some time.