Chiss Name Generator

Chiss have the most complicated naming pattern in the Star Wars universe, with the strictest rules and the most cultural lore and background.

If you are looking to name your character in Star Wars: The Old Republic or in any other roleplaying game, you can use my Chiss Name Generator to generate names for your character automatically that will fit in well with the lore and setting of the Old Republic for Chiss and their culture!

Chiss Names

Of all the Star Wars species, the Chiss have the most rules when it comes to naming, if you choose give your character a lore-appropraite Chiss name. Below is a list of Chiss-sounding names that shouldn't be tied to an existing houses or families, that you can use for your unqiue character!

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  • Verar'ma'ersoCorename: Rmae / Armaer
  • Sehera'lir'vitianaCorename: Alirv / Ralirvi
  • Bodiw'li'danencoCorename: Wlid / Iwlida
  • Coe'ene'shanoakCorename: Eenes / Oeenesh
  • Probit'pur'iasacCorename: Tpuri / Itpuria
  • Coes'bri'nuraCorename: Sbrin / Esbrinu
  • Codaazi'ro'vumorCorename: Irov / Zirovu
  • Mirila'av'ovuoCorename: Aavo / Laavov
  • Mizicsi'en'oobiosCorename: Ieno / Sienoo
  • Shikt'in'ataklanCorename: Tina / Ktinat
  • Ses'sha'ersusCorename: Sshae / Esshaer
  • Csa'tet'mufordaCorename: Atetm / Satetmu

Chiss Family Names

There are many different 'houses' and 'families' in Chiss lore, but only the most well known have been named officialy in books and official lore. Proper Chiss names have a family name, a personal name, and a house name, all seperated by a comma.

Known Old Republic houses include Nuruodo (Thrawn), Csapla, Inrokini and Sabosen, and some often-used family names in Star Wars media include Mitth (Thrawn), Chaf, Clarr, Evroes, Ina, Irizi, Stybla, and Xodlak.

If you want to use only existing names to name your Chiss, try the suggestions below which are a mish-mash of existing Chiss family names and house names!

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  • Vero'keth'daroCorename: Okethd / Rokethda
  • Brast'shi'iflarCorename: Tshii / Stshiif
  • Kiwu'alshi'terroCorename: Ualshit / Wualshite
  • Stybla'lia'titorCorename: Aliat / Laliati
  • Chaf'stal'uhmeCorename: Fstalu / Afstaluh
  • Kres'phr'erryluCorename: Sphre / Esphrer
  • Fehlaaur'rsi'exowCorename: Rrsie / Urrsiex
  • Yal'ten'illmorfCorename: Lteni / Altenil
  • Kthira'tri'nekriCorename: Atrin / Ratrine
  • Boadil'mak'ktarlooCorename: Lmakk / Ilmakkt
  • Daer'ok'shenaiCorename: Roks / Eroksh
  • Dasklo'raw'sumfCorename: Oraws / Lorawsu

Chiss Naming Rules

Traditional Chiss names are made up of three parts, separated by an apostrophe. The most well known Chiss name is Mitth’raw’nuruodo – better known as Thrawn. The first and last part are considered the Chiss’s family name – for example, Thrawn’s family is the Mitth family, with the center part of the name being the given name or first name. Unlike most names in the galaxy though, Chiss are expected to use full names for formal occasions, strangers and those that were believed to be the speaker’s social inferior, so it would be very uncommon to call a Chiss just by their middle given name.

Due to the length and difficult pronunciation of long Chiss names, Chiss have adopted what are known as “Core Names” – nicknames made up the center section of their full names, including a bit from the end of the first part, the whole center, and a bit from the beginning of the last part. This is how the name Thrawn comes from Mitth’raw’nuruodo. If you choose to give your Chiss a traditional name, you would want to choose their family names, their given name, and ideally choose a full three-part name that can be cut into something that you like for their core name or nickname.

Inside a Ruling House: If you are looking to place your Chiss within a ruling family, these are the ones that possibly exist in the Old republic era, though there are little to no characters in-game who hold these family names.

  • Csapla: resource management and colonial affairs
  • Nuruodo: military and foreign policy
  • Inrokini: Industry, non-military science, and communications
  • Sabosen: law and order, health, education

Outside an existing family/house: If you are seeking to avoid placing your Chiss in a prominent lore-heavy house, you may wish to avoid the Mitth‘ (Eighth Ruling Family, most well known) and Chaf’ (Ruling Family in more current Star Wars lore) first family names, and the ‘nuruodo (famous due to Thrawn, from Copero) second family name. The four named ruling houses are Nuruodo, Caspla, Inrokini, Sabosen, though this changes depending on what era of Star Wars you are looking at. Inrokini is a name you will hear a lot if you play the expansion and wind up in the A Traitor Among the Chiss flashpint.

'Made Up' Chiss names: Due to the limited pool of named Chiss, I believe it would be fairly safe to make up your own family names for your Chiss, you should not feel confined to the ones listed below.

Chiss Canon Names

These are names of existing Chiss characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic and in other Star Wars media. These names likely can't be used in the character creator as they may be restricted, but you can use them as inspiration for your Chiss, and this is the list I use to pull information from for my Chiss name generator.

Chiss Name Parts

Full Name Examples

  • Ath'en'terro
  • Boadil'par'gasoi
  • Brast'alshi'barku
  • Jer'Jo Cam'Co
  • Chaf'ees'aklaio
  • Chaf'orm'bintrano
  • Chaf'pri'uhme
  • Clarr'etu'vilimt
  • Clarr'ivl'exow
  • Clarr'os'culry
  • Clarr'upi'ovmos
  • Coduyo'po'nekri
  • Csap'ro'strob
  • Daer'ey'ath
  • Dasklo'irv'ursimi
  • Droc'tri'morhs
  • Elod'al'vumic
  • Erighal'ok'sumf
  • Evroes'ky'mormi
  • Evroes'pu'titor
  • Fehlaaur'aitel'loro
  • Hess'irolia'nuruodo
  • Ina'ganet'nuruodo
  • Ina'irolia'kleoni
  • Irizi'emo'lacfo
  • Irizi'fife'rencpok
  • Irizi'in'daro
  • Irizi'stal'mustro
  • Kiwu'tro'owmis
  • Kres'keth'errylu
  • Kres'ten'tarthi
  • Kthira'shi'ktarloo
  • Mitt'swe'kleoni
  • Mitth'iv'iklo
  • Mitth'oor'akiord
  • Mitth'ras'safis
  • Mitth'raw'nuruodo
  • Mitth'urf'ianico
  • Mitth'ykl'omi
  • Obbic'lia'nuf
  • Plikh'ar'illmorf
  • Prard'enc'iflar
  • Prard'ras'kleoni
  • Sev'eere'nuruodo
  • Shah'adrom'illithyr
  • Stybla'mi'ovodo
  • Stybla'ppin'cykok
  • Stybla'rsi'omli
  • Therj'io'nuruodo
  • Tumaz'mor'diamir
  • Ufsa'mak'ro
  • Vero'tog'leo
  • Xodlak'brov'omtivti
  • Xodlak'ji'iprip
  • Xodlak'oo'nifis
  • Xodlak'phr'ooa
  • Xodlak'uvi'vil
  • Yal'avi'kema
  • Yed'ore'shenai

1st Family Name

  • Ath
  • Boadil
  • Brast
  • Chaf
  • Clarr
  • Coduyo
  • Csap
  • Daer
  • Dasklo
  • Droc
  • Elod
  • Erighal
  • Evroes
  • Fehlaaur
  • Hess
  • Ina
  • Irizi
  • Jer
  • Kiwu
  • Kres
  • Kthira
  • Mitt
  • Mitth
  • Obbic
  • Plikh
  • Prard
  • Sev
  • Shah
  • Stybla
  • Therj
  • Tumaz
  • Ufsa
  • Vero
  • Xodlak
  • Yal
  • Yed

Given Names

  • adrom
  • aitel
  • al
  • alshi
  • ar
  • avi
  • brov
  • eere
  • ees
  • emo
  • en
  • enc
  • etu
  • ey
  • fife
  • ganet
  • in
  • io
  • irolia
  • irv
  • iv
  • ivl
  • ji
  • Jo Cam
  • keth
  • ky
  • lia
  • mak
  • mi
  • mor
  • ok
  • oo
  • oor
  • ore
  • orm
  • os
  • par
  • phr
  • po
  • ppin
  • pri
  • pu
  • ras
  • raw
  • ro
  • rsi
  • shi
  • stal
  • swe
  • ten
  • tog
  • tri
  • tro
  • upi
  • urf
  • uvi
  • ykl

2nd Family Names

  • akiord
  • aklaio
  • ath
  • barku
  • bintrano
  • Co
  • culry
  • cykok
  • daro
  • diamir
  • errylu
  • exow
  • gasoi
  • ianico
  • iflar
  • iklo
  • illithyr
  • illmorf
  • iprip
  • kema
  • kleoni
  • ktarloo
  • lacfo
  • leo
  • loro
  • morhs
  • mormi
  • mustro
  • nekri
  • nifis
  • nuf
  • nuruodo
  • omi
  • omli
  • omtivti
  • ooa
  • ovmos
  • ovodo
  • owmis
  • rencpok
  • ro
  • safis
  • shenai
  • strob
  • sumf
  • tarthi
  • terro
  • titor
  • uhme
  • ursimi
  • vil
  • vilimt
  • vumic

Chiss Lore

Want to learn more about Chiss and their culture? Read my Chiss Lore Guide if you want to create a lore-appropriate character!

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