Miraluka Name Generator

Over the centuries, the Miraluka adapted and developed the ability to see their surroundings through the Force. Their homeworld, Alpheridies, has rich lore to pull from, any many Miraluka have unique and interesting names.

If you are looking to name your character in Star Wars: The Old Republic or in any other roleplaying game, you can use my Miraluka Name Generator to generate names for your character automatically that will fit in well with the lore and setting of the Old Republic for Miraluka and their culture!

Miraluka Names

Refresh the page to get a new batch of generated Miraluka names! If a name is already taken, click the plus + sign for more options!

  • Anaan +
  • Kronyali +
  • Andul +
  • Eola-m +
  • Becucis +
  • Soaror +
  • Shisazu +
  • Vidane +
  • Saister +
  • Solisas +
  • Jingal +
  • Pengara +
  • Driadik +
  • Huannuar +
  • Hulului +

Miraluka First & Last Names

Refresh the page to get a new batch of generated Miraluka first and last names!

  • Soroly Sazua
  • Visis Benerol
  • Kabe Yoannool
  • Shenel Zucoarik
  • Krib Jetangor
  • Wabec Jikayon
  • Culir Cuayar
  • Bendad Cuissike
  • Keolik Drebeche
  • Cuis Deshadre
  • Peic Jisar
  • Stai Drili
  • Drali Jendaara
  • Yeoce Kraiker
  • Yors Kemays
  • Jostes Sanoan
  • Chess Josta
  • Gaashi Kenga

Miraluka Naming Rules

Miraluka do not seem to have any canon naming rules or suggestions. The only ruly well known Miraluka is Visas Marr, and the lesser known Shoaneb Culu, Q'Anilia , the great seer Krynda Draay and her son Lucien Draay. Very few Miraluka names exist in the Star Wars universe, and though they have a rich culture and lore background, we don't have enough names to see if there is any kind of pattern to their names.

For this Miraluka Name generator, these are the rules that I have used to generate names:

  • Name Length: 5-8 letters for single names, 4-6 for first names and 5-8 for last names
  • First & Last Name: About 50% of Miraluka have a known last name
  • Apostrophes: Very uncommon in Miraluka names, Q'Anilia is pretty much the only one!
  • Dashes: Very uncommon in Miraluka names, Sabla-Mandibu, a mostly behind the scenes character, is the only one
  • Starting Letters: Only start with letters in the canon names list (S and K are the most common letters to start with)
  • Other Letters: Generated based on how often letter combinations show up in the canon names list.
  • Double Vowels: Very uncommon to see names with double vowels, the Draay family and Xfere Lyoon are the only ones making it only 5% of Miraluka names that have aa or oo. Double Consonants are seen though like ss and rr.
  • Consonants: Not a Miraluka rule, but no more than two consonants at a time, so names like Marsto, Bestros and Jerbhen will not show up, though Miraluka names with three consecutive consonants are uncommon
  • Xf: The name Xfere Lyoon was actually generating some interesting and actually pronounceable names like Xfulane, Xfalu, Xfobero, Xfuliyn, Xferras, and Xfarne. I decided to take it out of the dataset though because unless you notice it in the character names list, it makes the generator look broken. But DO feel free to create names with 'Xf' in there for some cool unique combos!

Miraluka Canon Names

These are names of existing Miraluka characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic and in other Star Wars media. These names likely can't be used in the character creator as they may be restricted, but you can use them as inspiration for your Miraluka, and this is the list I use to pull information from for my Miraluka name generator.

Miraluka Lore

Want to learn more about Miraluka and their culture? Read my Miraluka Lore Guide if you want to create a lore-appropriate character!

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