Mirialan Name Generator

Renowned in all corners of the galaxy for their spirituality and strong connection to the Force, and this connection can often be reflected in their name.

If you are looking to name your character in Star Wars: The Old Republic or in any other roleplaying game, you can use my Mirialan Name Generator to generate names for your character automatically that will fit in well with the lore and setting of the Old Republic for Mirialan and their culture!

Mirialan Names

Refresh the page to get a new batch of generated Mirialan names! If a name is already taken, click the plus + sign for more options!

  • Jobbayko +
  • Pananoa +
  • Paraynor +
  • Rwana +
  • Kadai +
  • Sciat +
  • Sianenal +
  • Avalitu +
  • Girader +
  • Ha'hand +
  • Vislada +
  • Khezan +
  • Drurur +
  • Harixa +
  • Cyinnura +

Mirialan First & Last Names

Refresh the page to get a new batch of generated Mirialan first and last names!

  • Ral Vevoris
  • Syand Hyititi
  • Siusi Zaiarat
  • Sixen Andanday
  • Sich Daarinc
  • Dane Leasha
  • Anad Susad
  • Sena Isiundav
  • Nada Besarana
  • Hea Maraleay
  • Cyem Foram
  • Djan Cankin
  • Unama Cokara
  • Sharr Veneveyl
  • Parai Cosalin
  • Mevar Emasen
  • Raroh Jialayl
  • Paio Zealo

Names like Luminara Unduli

Although having such a melodic name like Luminara Unduli or Barriss Offee is uncommon, they're my favorite type of name for Mirialans.

This beautiful list of similar first and last names, randomly paired, was made by player Helleboros!

  • Eubal Alaran
  • Lumifee Ufaba
  • Lumina Amaral
  • Faluma Ilava
  • Issian Rilam
  • Eaneu Umian
  • Raffa Uana
  • Affissia Lunil
  • Alamana Mabal
  • Abbalian Arianu
  • Fuleema Rimal
  • Fial Abaral

Mirialan Naming Rules

Mirialans do not seem to have any canon naming rules or suggestions. The biggest examples we have of Mirialan names are Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee – both longer names with multiple syllables, and minimal sharp sounds. In contrast, the most famous Old Republic era Mirialan is Hylo Visz, whose name is not at all similar to the two Jedi above! Other Mirialans, like Wraith, choose to take a code name.

For this Mirialan Name generator, these are the rules that I have used to generate names:

  • Name Length: 5-8 letters for single names, 3-5 for first names and 5-8 for last names - Mirialans can have quite short first names
  • First & Last Name: About 50% of Mirialans have a known last name
  • Apostrophes: Very uncommon in Mirialan names, only about 5% of Mirialan names have an apostrophe
  • Dashes: Very uncommon in Mirialan names, only about 4% of Mirialan names had a dash
  • Starting Letters: Only start with letters in the canon names list (A, M and S are the most common letters to start with)
  • Other Letters: Generated based on how often letter combinations show up in the canon names list.
  • Double Vowels: Decently common to see, about 12% of Mirialan names had two of the same vowel beside eachother, with ee being by far the most cmmon, like Reeva Demesne
  • Consonants: Not a Mirialan rule, but no more than two consonants at a time, so names like Andreaus and Yacommsa will not show up, though Mirialan names with three consecutive consonants are uncommon

Mirialan Canon Names

These are names of existing Mirialan characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic and in other Star Wars media. These names likely can't be used in the character creator as they may be restricted, but you can use them as inspiration for your Mirialan, and this is the list I use to pull information from for my Mirialan name generator.

Mirialan Lore

Want to learn more about Mirialans and their culture? Read my Mirialan Lore Guide if you want to create a lore-appropriate character!

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