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Need some great names for your characters? I've created a species-specific name generator for Mirialans, Rattataki, Sith Purebloods, Miraluka, Humans, Zabraks, Twi'leks, Cyborgs, Chiss, Cathar, Togruta, Nautolans, and even a special name generator for Darths!

These special name generators follow the patterns and naming conventions for these species, so you'll always get a perfect lore-appropriate fit when it comes to getting a name that will fit in with other characters that share your character's species.

Need a name fast and don't care about the species? Refresh the page to get a new batch of generated Human names! If a name is already taken, click the plus + sign for more options!

  • Tramiren +
  • Ritaki +
  • Padinamo +
  • Sadel +
  • Phishan +
  • Penal +
  • Kolgex-e +
  • Urimo +
  • Susorna +
  • Cearanno +
  • Tecus +
  • Oryinet +
  • Moliska +
  • Ote'tos +
  • Neane +

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Thank you @TeslaTheZabrak for the Cathar image, @Scoot_Loops for the Chiss image, @mordorgeist for the Cyborg image, @CarisaSWTOR for the Mirialan image, @aldrin_smith1 for the Rattataki image, @WardenVakarian for the Sith Pureblood image, Paradox#3991 for the Zabrak image, @rebelrealcanon for the Twi'lek image, @Caelvin_Dulany for the Miraluka image, @kittytreets for the Togruta image, @AshiaSature for the Nautolan image, and Zahk for helping test and float ideas for all the name generators!