Hutta Datacrons Guide

Hutta has two datacrons and one matrix shard which can only be obtained by Imperial players.

Getting to Hutta – You will need to fly to Hutta, there is no quick way to get there. Imperial players who do not have their ship yet can return to Hutta, there is a shuttle to Hutta from the Imperial Fleet, it’s the most eastern / right elevator on the Fleet map cross.

  •  Shuttle:  [HEROIC 2+] Factory Recall
  • Hutta Mastery +2 Datacron (Imperial)
  • Quicktravel: Nemro's Bazaar
  • Taxi: Jiguuna Speeder
  • Location: South of Hutta - The Bog
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Codex: Galactic History 01: The Architects

Quick Travel / Taxi

Nemro’s Bazaar / Jiguuna Speeder

Find the Pipe

Run south to the bog and find the fallen pipe.

Run Around the Hill

You don’t need to run to the very top of the hill, though it gives a really nice view of Hutta up there.

  • Hutta Blue Matrix Shard Datacron (Imperial)
  • Quicktravel: Evocci Workcamp
  • Taxi: Jiguuna Speeder
  • Shuttle: [HEROIC 2+] Factory Recall
  • Location: Muckworks Area - Sewer Maintenance Tunnels
  • Difficulty: Easy - Strong enemy nearby
  • Codex: Galactic History 03: The Battalions of Zhell

You can see this matrix shard glowing from behind a metal fence in the sewer tunnels, but you’ll need to find a different way to get to it.

Quick Travel / Taxi

The [HEROIC 2+] Factory Recall heroic shuttle is very close and drops you right outside the sewers.

Find the Sewers

Get Behind the Droid

There’s a strong droid nearby. If you can’t stealth past him or fight him, you can always just run past him to the datacron die, and revive on top of the datacron around the corner.

  • Hutta Presence +2 Datacron (Imperial)
  • Quicktravel: Chemical Marsh
  • Taxi: Rust Yards Speeder
  • Location: Far East North of Hutta - The Rust Yards
  • Difficulty: Medium - Minor Jumping Across Corners
  • Codex: Galactic History 02: Ancient Civilizations

Quick Travel / Taxi

Chemical Marsh / Rust Yards Speeder

Find the Pipe

Follow the Pipe

There will be one small jump where you need to jump on a diagonal piece of pipe to get past the corner bend of the pipe.