Nar Shaddaa Blue Mastery Datacron (Republic)

Datacrons Guide Issue
I recently updated the Swtorista website and the datacrons section suffered a catastrophic failure. I’ve been able to replace most of the guides and the instructions, but a lot of the convenient layouts/info boxes are missing, and some of the images are broken until I replace them manually. With the 7.0 expansion launching, I will not have time to fix them for quite a while – luckily I do have all the data and pretty images backed up, they just need to be replaced manually.  If you are looking for an alternative I really like this old SWTOR-Spy guides.

This Datacron is sitting up on a lamp post, you may see it from down below while exploring the Nikto Sector of Nar Shaddaa.

Quick Travel / Taxi

Find the Crates

Travel deep into the Nikto Sector, all the way to the north east on the map.

Look for a pile of crates that looks like you could jump on it.

Jump up the crates and then jump up onto the tarp.

Jump from the Tarps up the Support Ropes

There will be some ropes from the tarp leading upwards, jump up onto them and follow them up onto the metal pipe above.

Follow the Metal Pipes

Follow the trail of metal pipes by carefully walking across and jumping up them until you reach a large platform ledge.

Jump on the Ropes to the Lightpost

Follow the large ledge until you can see the blue datacron sparking on a pole with ropes attached to it. You will need to drop down carefully onto the rope. To make things easier, press the slash key above your numder pad on the right hand side of your keyboard to toggle walking.

For the first rope, I had better luck jumping forward onto it than falling onto it, as I hit the ledge and bounced off.

* The Nar Shaddaa Blue Mastery Datacron (Republic) and the Nar Shaddaa Blue Mastery Datacron (Empire) both seem to give Galactic History 33: Dromund Kaas as a Codex as far as I can tell.

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