Makeb Yellow Presence Datacron

Datacrons Guide Issue
I recently updated the Swtorista website and the datacrons section suffered a catastrophic failure. I’ve been able to replace most of the guides and the instructions, but a lot of the convenient layouts/info boxes are missing, and some of the images are broken until I replace them manually. With the 7.0 expansion launching, I will not have time to fix them for quite a while – luckily I do have all the data and pretty images backed up, they just need to be replaced manually.  If you are looking for an alternative I really like this old SWTOR-Spy guides.

Quick Travel / Taxi

Perekta Mesa is closest quick travel and taxi for both Imperial and Republic side.

Sneak Behind the Building

A lot of players like to do a little jump nearby, but I found an easier method of going behind this big building and skipping the first jump altogether.

Jump Onto The Rock

If you miss from up high you can jump onto the rock from the ground.

Follow the green rocks onto a big slanted dirt area.

Find the Cave

You’re looking for a little secret triangle cave.

Find the Crack

And then a teeny tiny crack to fall down into.

Follow the little green path until it opens up.

Go Right, Not Left

When you get to a point where you can jump down to something, and see a yellow-orange pipe on your left, do not go that way.

Instead, fall down just a little bit onto the green mounds, and make a sharp right around the wall.

You’ll see a broken orange pipe there.

Jump Onto the Broken Brown Pipe

A little jump, you’ll need to restart if you fall sadly.

Jump Onto the Large Orange Pipe’s Walls, not the small gold/green pipe

Try and jump OVER the littlest pipe.

Scooch to the left until you can jump over the silver pipe so you are fully on top of the orange pipe.

Jump Into the Orange Pipe

Carefully jump down into the broken orange pipe.

Jump Across the Broken Orange Pipe’s Crack

To reach the datacron!

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