Hoth Red Mastery Datacron

Datacrons Guide Issue
I recently updated the Swtorista website and the datacrons section suffered a catastrophic failure. I’ve been able to replace most of the guides and the instructions, but a lot of the convenient layouts/info boxes are missing, and some of the images are broken until I replace them manually. With the 7.0 expansion launching, I will not have time to fix them for quite a while – luckily I do have all the data and pretty images backed up, they just need to be replaced manually.  If you are looking for an alternative I really like this old SWTOR-Spy guides.

This interesting datacron requires that you first fight an Ancient Probe Droid and recover a Depleted Datacron item, then you can go charge up the datacron at a station in the Star of Coruscant.

Travel / Taxi to Ancient Droid

If you don’t already have a Depleted Datacron in your inventory in your Missions tab, you wil need to go find and kill the Ancient Droid.

The closest Republic quick travel point is the Drift Hills Republic Depot quick travel point and the closest taxi is the Drift Hills Republic Depot Speeder speeder point, both in the west / left of the map – to find the droid.

The closest Imperial quick travel point is the Drift Hills Imperial Outpost quick travel point and the closest taxi is the Drift Hills Imperial Outpost Speeder speeder point, both in the west / left of the map – to find the droid.

Imperial Quicktravel

Ancient Probe Droid

Run to the far west of the Clabburn Tundra map. You are looking for a special enemy called an Ancient Probe Droid. It is a floating droid with red mist around, moving very fast up and down the most western edge of the Clabburn Tundra map. Sometimes it will be near the Star fortress alliance alert building, sometimes it will be near building to the north, and sometimes it will be dead because another player killed it recently.

Once you eventually find it, by walking around along its path, and by changing instances if you’d run the whole path and still don’t see it, you’ll need to fight it – it’s quite a hard fight if you’re low level or not very experienced at combat, so make sure to bring a friend if you think you’ll need help, but I think most high level characters should be able fight it alone if they are careful and smart. Once you kill the droid, and loot its body, you will get a special Depleted Datacron item. This item can not be bought, sold, or traded but it can be put into a guild bank for others to use.

Travel / Taxi to Star of Coruscant

Republic [HEROIC 2+] Invisible Foes is much closer than the taxi / quicktravel.

Bring Depleted Datacron to Star of Coruscant

Invisible Foes Heroic Republic side is a bit closer to run

Once you are inside the entrance of the Star of Coruscant, look for a ramp leading up to a platform on the right, an right-click the glowing blue panel called “Coupled Recharge Station”. Once the datacron has been charged up, you can then collect the datacron!


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