Tython Purple Mastery Datacron Guide

The Tython Purple Mastery Datacron is located in the Ruins of Kaleth map on Tython grants Mastery +2 (it used to grant Willpower + 2 before the stats changed).

The Tython Purple datacron is in the Hills and is only available to Republic characters (Imperial players must make a Republic character to unlock this datacron). Finding this datacron will give you a permanent stat boost of Mastery +2 to all your characters on your server, and will unlock the Galactic History 10: The Tion Cluster codex.

  • Tython Mastery +2 Datacron (Republic)
  • Quicktravel: Elarian Trail
  • Taxi: Forward Camp Speeder
  • Location: Ruins of Kaleth - Hills
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Codex: Galactic History 10: The Tion Cluster

How to Get the Tython Purple Mastery Datacron

The purple Tython datacron is hidden in the Ruins of Kaleth up a hill.

{[HEROIC 2+] The Chamber of Speech} is very close to it.

1. Travel to Tython

Fly your ship to Tython on a Republic character.

2. Quick Travel to Elarian Trail or Taxi to Forward Camp Speeder

The closest Republic quick travel point is the Elarian Trail quick travel point (in the south of the map) and the closest taxi point is the Forward Camp Speeder speeder point (in the most south taxi point on the map).

3. Go Into the Ruins

Go up the stairs at the Forward Camp, and turn left and head into the Ruins of Kaleth to the west, and once you go up the stairs there, look for an entrance to a stone room with what looks like a blue cabinet or chest inside.

Inside, there will be a fallen pillar that you can climb up.

4. Climb up the Ramp

Outside, there will be another fallen pillar that acts as a ramp you can carefully climb up.

The datacron is to the right. Look for a shining white or purple beacon of light.