Taris Purple Mastery Datacron Guide

The Taris Purple Mastery Datacron is located in the Republic Resettlement Zone map on Taris grants Mastery +2 (it used to grant Willpower + 2 before the stats changed).

The Taris Purple datacron is in the Hospital Basement and is only available to Republic characters (Imperial players must make a Republic character to unlock this datacron). Finding this datacron will give you a permanent stat boost of Mastery +2 to all your characters on your server, and will unlock the Galactic History 26: Naga Sadow’s Deceptions codex.

  • Taris Mastery +2 Datacron (Republic)
  • Quicktravel: Aurek
  • Taxi: Waypoint Station Aurek Speeder
  • Location: Republic Resettlement Zone - Hospital Basement
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Codex: Galactic History 26: Naga Sadow’s Deceptions

How to Get the Taris Purple Mastery Datacron

You can see this purple Datacron through a slit in a pipe while exploring the Sinking City map, but you’ll need to find a different way to get to it through the Hospital.

Quick Travel / Taxi

Run to the Hospital

Run north east along the path to the hospital – you’ll wind up at the main entrance on the ground floor

Heroic Fallen Stars republic is very close

Go Through the Back Entrance

Go to the back of the hospital and enter through back door into the basement

Find the hidden path behind a pile of crates

Head deep into the hospital’s basement, and look for a pile of crates concealing a door on the bottom floor of the basement.

Jump over the crates, and follow the secret tunnel path until you reach the datacron!