Taris Blue Mastery Datacron (Empire only) Guide

The Taris Blue Mastery Datacron is located in the The Tularan Marsh map on Taris grants Mastery +2 (it used to grant Republic Cunning +2, Empire Aim + 4 before the stats changed).

The Taris Blue datacron is in the Derelict Swoop Track and is only available to Imperial characters (Republic players must make an Imperial character to unlock this datacron). Finding this datacron will give you a permanent stat boost of Mastery +2 to all your characters on your server, and will unlock the Galactic History 49: Exar Kun codex.

  • Taris Mastery +2 Datacron (Imperial)
  • Quicktravel: 75th Legion Forward Camp
  • Taxi: 75th Legion Forward Camp Speeder
  • Location: The Tularan Marsh - Derelict Swoop Track
  • Difficulty: Very Hard - Lots of jumping and precise falling
  • Codex: Galactic History 49: Exar Kun

How to Get the Taris Blue Mastery Datacron

This datacron is in the same location as the Republic-only Orange Mastery Datacron, though that one you get to traverse the jumping puzzle during the day time instead.

Quick Travel / Taxi

Run to the North to get on the Pipe

Just North of the abandoned swoop track, there will be a large pipe that acts as a ramp that you can climb onto, giving you access to more ledges you can jump on.

Once up the pipe, go to the left platform and walk over the giant fallen girder.

At the end of the girder, head to the right.

Keep follow the ledges as they go around the building to the right, carefully jumping over any gaps, and soon you’ll be able to see the datacron. Keep in mind where it is, as it will help you figure out where the path to get to it is.


Further along the edges, there will be a forking path – one that continues around the building, and one that leads out to a pathway of dark gray broken columns. You’ll want take the darker-colored columns, which is the branch towards the right.

Eventually, as you keep following the trail of debris, jumping over gaps, you’ll reach the datacron.