Belsavis Datacrons Guide

Belsavis has four hidden datacrons and on matrix shard to find, all of which can be found by Republic or Imperial players. There’s a blue datacron known as the Indian Jones datacron hidden across an invisible leap of faith bridge, a green datacron hidden in a secret cave, a purple datacron up a secret path, a yellow datacron hidden n the cliffs of a volcano, and a matrix shard that needs to be powered up by four cubes hidden around Belsavis. Beslavis is really hard to get around if you have not explored all the special taxi points yet, so I recommend saving it until after you’ve explored the planet through your class quest first and picked up some quick travel points along the way.

Getting to Belsavis – Fly to Belsavis, or to save time, click the icon of “three little people” near your minimap to open the Activities panel, then choose Solo from the tabs at the top, then choose Heroic Missions: Belsavis and click travel to go directly to Belsavis’s surface and skip the space station.

  •  Shuttle:  [HEROIC 2+] The Tyrant
  •  Shuttle:  [HEROIC 2+] The Engineer’s Tale

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