Alderaan Blue Mastery Datacron

Datacrons Guide Issue
I recently updated the Swtorista website and the datacrons section suffered a catastrophic failure. I’ve been able to replace most of the guides and the instructions, but a lot of the convenient layouts/info boxes are missing, and some of the images are broken until I replace them manually. With the 7.0 expansion launching, I will not have time to fix them for quite a while – luckily I do have all the data and pretty images backed up, they just need to be replaced manually.  If you are looking for an alternative I really like this old SWTOR-Spy guides.

You can see this datacron from the river, but you are supposed to go up to a higher level of the mountains and take the tram down onto the island. However if you are good at jumping, you can simply jump up the rocks that make up the island if you pick the right spot to start.

Quick Travel / Taxi

Run to the Zipline

There is a small tram on a metal wire just west of House Alde.

Wait for the Tram

Once the tram is coming back up and is close to the platform, you can jump onto the tram.

Don’t try to jump onto the wire as your character will fall though. Ride the tram to the island with the datacron.


If you do not want to wait for the tram, you can also jump down into the river where the island with the datacron is. If you go on the side of the island that has a high peak on it, you will be able to find a sloped ledge that you can jump up on to if you are mounted. You can then easily jump up the side of the island and get the datacron.


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