SWTOR Referral Links are going away April 27, 2021! Click one of these referral links to get free stuff and support a SWTOR fan content creator

A post was made by developers about the refer-a-friend program closing in SWTOR on April 27, 2021. If you’ve ever seen a player spamming their referral link or trying to ‘sell’ it in general chat on the Fleet ingame, that will be coming to a close soon as the system was never intended to be designed to be used that way.

I HIGHLY recommend clicking anyone’s active referral code during this time, as it may be your ‘last chance’ to get free goodies if your account is eligible, and you can help get some free stuff for the other player whose link you click. There is NO DOWNSIDE to clicking someone’s link, either you get free stuff or nothing happens. I have made a tool to help you find a SWTOR Content Creator support if you do not have a subscribed friend whose link you want to click.

Referral Links (CLICK HERE!)




Official developer post:

Hey all,

On April 27th we will begin sunsetting our current Refer-a-Friend (RAF) program. Starting on that day, you will no longer be able to refer new players into the program via your RAF link–however any current referrals will remain in place.

What is the Refer-a-Friend program? The program is meant to incentivize sharing your link with friends, encouraging them to join you in our galaxy far, far away, and granting meaningful rewards to both of you. This helps you (and the community) by increasing the number of players to play with, and it also introduces people who’ve never played SWTOR to one of the biggest Star Wars experiences in an online game.

Why are we closing the program down? Those who have been playing our game for years and have used the program understand that right now, RAF is not quite meeting that goal.

Although this system is not perfect, we do understand that it has provided benefits which players have enjoyed. The first of those benefits was the ability to acquire Cartel Coins in-game without purchasing them. To account for the fact that this will no longer be possible through new referrals, we are bolstering the amount of Cartel Coins players can earn through Galactic Seasons in Game Update 6.3 from its current value of 2,000 this season to 4,000. This will give you a clear path to acquiring a few thousand Cartel Coins, just by playing SWTOR regularly!

Additionally, one of the benefits RAF gave brand-new players was free access to Character Titles and the “Unify Color” feature on armor sets. We are going to add both of those unlocks to all accounts going forward starting in Game Update 6.3. You no longer need to get referred status or pay to have those unlocks as a player, in any status, including free-to-play. Those two unlocks will be disabled for purchase and removed from the Cartel Market starting today since they will be coming for free to everyone soon.

We know this doesn’t account for everything that the RAF program had to offer, and we are considering how to replace those benefits going forward. We know players will still want methods to access those rewards, especially the unique mount and pets. Look for more details on that in the future.

Lastly, there are no immediate plans to replace the RAF program. We want to really take the time to assess what the old system did right, did wrong, and what will make the most sense to achieve the goals of a RAF program in today’s game.

Thank you all for your understanding.


Here’s is a ton of additional info if you need it:

What is a referral code?

A referral code (or a ‘referral link’) is a way for players to invite friends and other Star Wars fans to the game, and when used properly, gives rewards to both players.

Is there any downside to clicking that link above?

NO! Either nothing will happen or you get free stuff and a randomized fan content creator gets free stuff.

What does the person clicking the referral link get?

If they are a player who does not even have an account yet and creates an account using a referral link, they will receive a free jumpstart bundle of items.

If they are a player who has subscribed in the past to the game, but is not currently subscribed, they will receive a bundle of really handy items a SEVEN FREE DAYS OF SUSBSCRIPTION! These 7 days includes everything subscribers have except unlocking the expansions and unlocking higher levels for their characters.

If a player is a current subscriber, they aren’t supposed to get anything, but they often get the same bundle of items former subscribers get.

If a player is currently free-to-play or preferred from buying cartel coins, they got nothing.

What does the person who owns the referral link get? (in the link above, the player is Sith Lord Britt)?

If the clicker subscribes within 14 days of clicking it, the referrer (in this case content creator Sith Lord Britt if you used the link above) will get 500 Cartel Coins for free, plus a bonus 100 cartel each month you stay subscribed!

If the clicker is a CURRENT subscriber… the referral link is not supposed to work. However, it often still does, giving the referrer free Cartel coins.

If the clicker is currently free-to-play or preferred and doesn’t subscribe within 14 days… it’s not supposed to reward anything to the referrer, but sometimes it still works, so you might as well click it and see if it goes through!

Why should I click a referral link before APRIL 27, 2021?

On April 27th, 2021 the Refer-a-Friend program is being removed. However, any referrals made before this date will still apply – so you can support a creator by clicking the link before then. It will also be your last chance to get your “7 free days” if you are a former subscriber, as this free week-long subscription option will no longer be available in the future!

Whose referral link should I use?

If you have a close friend who is also subscribed to SWTOR, I would recommend you ask them for their referral link, which they can find by logging into their account at swtor.com. Free-to-play and preferred players do not have a functioning referral link to share.

Otherwise, I highly recommend to use the referral link I have shared above. This way, your referral link will go to supporting one of the man fans who create content about the game like guides, podcasts, livestreams, community events and more!

What are my options for creators links?

If your favorite creator is not on this list make sure to message them and ask for their link before April 27th!

Aviriia Youtuber Website Link Livestream Link Referral Link
Boomy Youtuber Website Link Referral Link
Sith Lord Britt Streamer Livestream Link Referral Link
Chill Podcast: Ootinicast Website Link Livestream Link Referral Link
Kittykissz Podcast: Ootinicast Website Link Livestream Link Referral Link
Elssha Streamer Livestream Link Referral Link
Illeva Streamer Livestream Link Referral Link
Intisar Blog: This Week in Aurabesh Website Link Referral Link
Kogass Streamer Livestream Link Referral Link
Marcus Podcast: Working Class Nerds Website Link Livestream Link Referral Link
Max Podcast: SWTOR Escape Pod Cast Website Link Livestream Link Referral Link
Sema Podcast: SWTOR Escape Pod Cast Website Link Livestream Link Referral Link
Peter Streamer Livestream Link Referral Link
Rann Streamer Livestream Link Referral Link
Theodolor Youtuber Website Link Referral Link
Xam Xam Fansite Website Link Referral Link
Vulkk Fansite Website Link Referral Link
TOR Fashion Fansite Website Link Referral Link
Shintar Blog: Going Commando Website Link Referral Link
Snoopy Youtuber Website Link Referral Link
Kymeri Streamer Website Link Livestream Link Referral Link

The referral link didn’t work?

The referral link system is finicky and does not always work. Here are some common issues which will cause it not to work for sure.

  • You are completely free-to-play, never paid for anything
  • You are preferred, but you never subscribed (ex you bought cartel coins or an expansion instead)
  • You have been referred too recently within 90 days.
  • You are currently subscribed (this sometimes works though)
  • You have subscribed already too recently within 90 days (this sometimes works though)
  • You are a new player, but already had an account then used the link. You need to make your account ON THE LINK, not have it beforehand. When we found this bug me and my friend just made a brand new account so he could use it

Who made this page?

Swtorista cus she has too many Cartel Coins and wanted to support her fellow creators.

Questions or comments? Feel free to send me a message on Twitter @swtorista, Reddit /u/swtorista, Youtube Swtorista channel or by e-mail at the same name with gmail.com at the end. Have fun out there and may the Force be with you. ~ Swtorista