Seargent Jaxo Romance Guide

Romanceable by: Trooper male characters

How to start romance: *MAJOR TROOPER SPOILERS* Seargent Jaxo is a key character in the Trooper story, and the player will meet up with her many times throughout the story for information. The male Trooper can [FLIRT] with her, and eventually she will invite the Trooper back to her place on Coruscant, where they can spend some time talking together, kiss enthusiastically, then spend some private time together. They can also spend a second night together. Later in the Trooper story on Station A77, the Trooper must make a very hard choices between saving Jaxo (dark side) and saving three hundred Republic prisoners (light side). If the player chooses save the prisoners, Jaxo dies and the romance can not be continued. If the Trooper saves Jaxo, they do not share a romance scene when they find her, but she holocalls the Trooper later. Unfortunately, she no longer wants to have a romance due to her guilt, and the romance is not continued even if she is alive. The female Trooper can instead become good friends with her, and have a ladies night together and hang out with some other female military personnel and do a cantina crawl together.

Romance conflict: If the player is in a relationship with Elara Dorne, on the second night they can choose to tell Jaxo about their relationship. If the trooper tells, Jaxo will send him home.

Romance continuation: None.

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