PvP Seasons Revamp with Game Update 7.2 Developer Post

News Date: December 9, 2022 News Source

The SWTOR Developers have posted an information page about PvP Seasons coming up in update 7.2, starting on December 13, 2022.

Here’s some of the info we learned:

  • 12 weeks long
  • December 13, 2022 – March 6, 2023
  • Rotating reward vendors
  • Group Queue with a group of up to 8
  • Wins + Medals points count

I’ve updated my PvP Seasons Guide with everything we know, plus screenshots of most of the rewards!

SWTOR PvP Seasons Guide and Rewards

I still had some lingering questions and thoughts, though the article gave a lot of clarity about how points are earned.

New Clarity Feedback based on post:

  • Credits: I am unsure if you can unlock levels 1-15 starting in the 7th week, or if they unlock over time after the 7th week starts. I would like to find out how much PvP you can “skip”, pay credits, and then PvP a bunch at the end of the season to earn levels 16-25. I do not know how much the credits cost unlock is yet.
  • Medals list not available, was broken on PTS.
  • Ok… so I did the math the best I could. On the test server, you could earn up to 1,000 points per week – so up to 400 points from your 4 weekly objectives, and the rest of the 600 points from actual matches. To get those final 600 points and maximize your points for the week, If you played only 8vs8 Warzones, and got 8 medals or more each game, you’d need to play 25 winning matches to earn the final points (24 points each, not including group q bonus). And then you’d need to do that 7 times to get your final-level 7,000 points. So at a very minimum, if you were god-like, you could complete the track with 175 winning warzone matches, or about 30 hours of in-warzone match time, over the course of 12 weeks of the season. Is that correct? In Galactic Seasons there are some weeks where I can get 7/7 for max points, and most weeks I get at least 4/7 for decent points out of max available. In PvP Seasons, since I don’t expect to win more than 50% of the time…. I don’t think I’m gunna get anywhere close to that. What is the expected number of matches a player should play if they are average, to get to the end of PvP Reward Track at level 25? This was not clear on pts so feedback could not be given.  
  • With SO MANY points coming from winning (example warzone win at 24 points vs warzone loss at 8 points, for player who get eight or more medals) there will be more toxicity towards players who make a mistake. Right now it’s frustrating to lose a match as it makes getting your weekly very slow, but the weekly doesn’t have amazing rewards anyway, that can’t be gotten elsewhere. PvP Season rewards are really rare / special, and limited-time at 12 weeks, putting a lot more pressure on winning. I know I will experience more feelings of frustration when I feel like I’m doing my best and my team still sucks, and I’ll feel more anxious when I perform badly, than I do right now. This was not clear on pts so feedback could not be given.
  • At first I thought the bonus grouping points were kinda cool, encourage you to play together which is always a good thing. We know friendships build long-term play in MMORPGs. But with the high focus on winning, I’m actively hurting my points if I decide to group up with players who aren’t as good or better than me (the 24 points vs 8 points again.) This was not clear on pts so feedback could not be given.
  • Is the only perk that subscribers have that they can choose which of the 6 objectives they do, versus have to do the 4 they are assigned like free and preferred? Interesting. I thought Subscribers would have an actual boost of some sort.
  • Will the Token rewards, especially the expensive ones, be in collections? At a reasonable price?

Repeated Feedback

  • I’m still not a fan of the ranked rewards for casual play, though they do seem pretty grueling to get. I’m not sure I’ll be able to buy one by the end of the season based on my personal win/loss rate and gameplay times.
  • I’m still not feeling great about the credits unlock, even if its only to level 15.
  • I’m still sad to see there is no alternative at all for competitive players, even though I don’t play competitively.