New GTN Changes in 7.4! Live on PTS

News Date: October 27, 2023 Patch: 7.4 News Source

As previously announced in the developer livestream recently, the GTN is getting quite a few new changes to how it works in the upcoming Patch 7.4: Chains in the Dark. Below is a written post from the dev team on the changes in more detail!

Want to try these changes out? Here’s how to use the PTS!

How to Download & Play on the SWTOR PTS (Public Test Server)

Hello there!

With the Public Test Server live I wanted to take a moment to dive into what’s changed, what the plan is moving forward, and how you fit into it all. TLDR: We want your feedback and need your help to improve this feature further.

There’s a lot of things that have changed in the backend that will be hard to see at first, but I hope you’ll agree that the new system is better overall for both the current Galactic Trade Network and the future!

The version of the GTN that is available on the PTS is in many ways still work in progress, you might find bugs or issues with it as well as find some features you preferred have changed or been removed. We wanted to get this into your hands as soon as we possibly could to ensure that we get your feedback while still having the time necessary to act on that feedback. Feel free to report issues or bugs, share feedback, and I assure you that we will do our best to address them.

What hasn’t changed

The GTN is still a place where you can put an item up for sale and get credits in exchange. The search functions that existed prior to the revamp also have been maintained with some slight adjustments.

We haven’t updated auction categories yet. Reason being how these are set up on items. If you’ve got feedback about categories though please let us know!

What has changed

  • Searching
    • Search now returns a list of items with all available items per type collapsed down into a single listing.
    • Each of these listings shows the item, the quantity available on the market, and the lowest available price.
    • Clicking on the item/credit button will now open a new window showing each available listing of that item.
  • Buying
    • Seller’s names are now obfuscated from the sale. This is largely due to the amount of information in the new listing page.
    • You will see many listings at the various prices here. There’s a limit though if the item is listed at many different price points you will only see the first 20.
    • You’ll always get the best available listing when you click purchase.
    • Sometimes while you’re placing an order, new items might be posted for sale or items you’re considering might be purchased.
    • When this happens, you will get as much of the sale as possible at whatever the best price is for that sale.
    • If there’s not enough items to cover the sale, you will be refunded the difference.
    • If you overpay due to a new lower price, you will be refunded.
  • Claiming
    • Claiming now has its own window within the Galactic Trade Network!
    • Mail is only used in cases of alerts about sales or expirations.
    • Opening the claim page you will see a list of claimable sales and purchases.
    • You have a limit on purchases of 10 Buy Slots. Buy slots can be increased as necessary up to a maximum of 50.
    • Sale Slots are the same as our current slots. These can be increased to 100.
    • Slots become used when you create a listing or make a purchase.
    • Slots become available again after you claim all of the associated credits and items within that slot.
    • There is still a 30 day time limit to claim the item, make sure you claim your items!
  • Selling
    • Fees:
      • A buyer’s fee is added to the purchase price. This means the amount you put into the unit price is the amount you will receive.
      • The buyer’s fee is dependent on the unit price and is progressive starting at 6% (lower than current) but scaling up from there. Below is a chart that lays out the rates:


Minimum Price

Marginal Rate

Cumulative Fee

Effective Rate






























  • Deposits have been adjusted to be fees. This is to encourage folks to list their items at prices that are more likely to move. Below is a chart that shows the minimum and maximum fee depending on the Buyout Price and the Duration.



Fee Percent

Minimum Fee

Maximum Fee

12 Hours




1 Day




2 Days




3 Days




7 Days





  • As you can see, we’ve also increased the minimum duration from 6 hours to 12 hours, and the maximum duration is now 7 days up from 3 days. This is to make it more likely for listings to sell and to reduce relisting.
  • Under this model the fees max out at 100 Million. Due to the minimum fee, listings under that value can end up being not profitable. We warn you when you create a listing like this with a confirmation as well as highlighting the total profit in red if it is negative.

New Features:

  • Favorites
    • Favorites is a Subscriber feature.
    • You can now mark an item as a Favorite! Click the `star` to set this.
    • There is a limit of 5 Favorites.
    • Clicking on the Quick Search button for Favorites will quickly show only these items you’ve selected.
  • Newly Listed
    • You can see up to 30 of the most recently listed items with this search. It’s not real time, but should update when you perform the search.
  • Popular
    • This is based on recent sales volume.
    • Up to 30 of the most purchased items.
  • Cartel Rarity Filter
    • You can now filter based on the Cartel Rarity of an item:
      • Bronze
      • Silver
      • Gold
      • Platinum
    • Having this set will filter out any non-Cartel items and show only items of the selected Rarity.
  • Market Data
    • We have some more information coming to the purchase page that shows the current median value and its recent high/low values as well as a more historical version of that value.
    • Recent looks at a smaller subset of time to give you an idea of the trend.
    • Historical is a larger time frame but is not lifetime.
    • We plan on expanding on this section in the future, details to come when we have them.
  • Additional Changes:
    • Due to some backend changes we no longer support items with random stat allocations  on the Galactic Trade Network. These are primarily world drops from leveling up to 70. These will continue to be tradable and marketable versions of their appearances will eventually be made available in game wherever they are not currently.
    • Similarly in the case of Crafted Augmented Gear, we will still allow the gear to be sold but the Augmentation Slot will be removed. We will warn you in this case before you list the item
    • We removed the Usable By for Companions filter. Ultimately this filter was not used often and due to the sheer amount of potential companions and changes in companion equipment since launch. We did maintain the “Usable By Me ” functionality, though it’s still limited in the same way it was prior to the revamp to showing items that can be equipped as opposed to actually “usable”.
  • Trading Fees:
    • We previously stated that we planned on keeping the trade fees tied to the highest marginal rate on the Galactic Trade Network. Due to the nature of these fees applying in both directions, the effective rate is actually double (16% as 8% is assessed twice). To keep the trade fees a bit better aligned with the GTN, we will not be increasing the rate at this time as a 16% effective rate is still higher than the new top effective rate of 14.95%.
    • We will be monitoring both Galactic Trade Network use as well as Trading and may make further adjustments where necessary.

It’s worth noting that this is a multi-phase release, meaning there will be continued improvements based on your feedback, our data, and some plans are still in motion. Buy orders are on the top of our list, but there’s other smaller improvements that are still in the pipeline based on previous feedback.

So, with that in mind – please continue to give us feedback on this new system. Jump on PTS and hammer away at it! We’ve added some initial listings to flesh out the market and added vendors with sellable items for you to list.

Some general questions to answer in your feedback:

  • Is there any functionality of the existing system that you don’t see in the new system that you would prefer we preserve?
  • What do you like about the new system? What do you dislike?
  • Are there any specific filters, searches, or ways of finding items that you wish existed?
  • Do you have any concerns with how the new system feels to use?

PTS Specific Testing

If you use the Level Boost NPC in Kessan’s Landing you’ll also receive a handful of Marketable crafted equipment, some materials, and crystals. Feel free to put these on the GTN to go through the selling flow, and when looking to buy you’ll likely be able to find these items available from others who have gone through the selling flow to test the buying flow. You can use any Marketable items for testing but we wanted to give a select amount of them so that folks have a particular set to work from with new characters.

Questions Answered

This final area is for Q&A, I’ll try to keep this post updated with any clarifications asked by the community.

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