Galactic Seasons SWTOR Bug Fix! TAKE ADVANTAGE before March 29th :)

Many players have reported bugs involving Galactic Seasons rewards – good news, a fix is on the way, and you can benefit from it! Here’s the devloper post and a video explaining how it works and some tips.

Hi everyone,

This is a follow up of the Galactic Seasons 2 reward issues players are experiencing since we launched game patch 7.0.1. To resolve these issues, we’ll be deploying a patch (7.0.1a) next week, targeted at March 29, 2022, with likely a couple hours of downtime. We’ll give you details once we lock that down. Important to note that you can continue playing normally until the patch goes live.

Players can expect the following to happen when they log back into the game after maintenance has completed:

  • Players will see their reward tracks updated to what they were on March 22, 2022 prior to 7.0.1 rolling out.
  • This does NOT impact seasonal progress and fixes the issue that prevented you from claiming your rewards.
  • This also means, if you’ve already claimed those rewards, you’ll have another opportunity to claim them again.
  • Example: If you were at Galactic Seasons 2 level 20 on March 22 prior to 7.0.1 and are at level 25 at the time 7.0.1a rolls out, you will be able to claim rewards from level 20 to 25, and then continue playing normally.

Thank you for your patience as we investigated the reports and determined the best resolution for our players.



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