Eva Kaayz

Romanceable by: All Imperial characters

About: Eva Kaayz is Chief Operations officer for the Czerka Weapons Division, who works for the premiere droid and weapons manufacturer, which has been taken over by the Republic.

How to start romance: Lemda Avesta can be romanced by Imperial characters as part of the CZ-198 storyline, which takes place after the Rise of the Hutt Cartel storyline, and requires two group flashpoinst to complete. To start the CZ-198 storyline at level 55 or higher, Republic players can talk to RK-C3 located in the Galactic Trade Market section of the fleet, and Imperial players will speak to a droid named C-E29, also located in the Galactic Trade Market section of the fleet.

  • When the player starts the CZ-198, quest they will meet Eva Kaayz almost immediately, and she will request their help in recovering CZ-198’s secrets for the Empire, and freeing it from the Republic. Late in the initial conversation, there is a small “[FLIRT] I’ll do it for Eva.” option.
  • When the player completes the CZ-198 mission and returns to Eva and Moff Kresk, the player’s first dialogue will allow them to [FLIRT] with her, which will lead to a heartfelt thank you from Eva. A second [FLIRT] option about celebrating will lead to private time in her shuttle, but no kiss scene.
  • Eva Kaayz is a single-planet romance and does not return in any way after this scene.

Romance continuation: None.

Videos: Eva Kayz romance

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