Colonel Harok

Romanceable by: Female Imperial Characters

How to start single-planet romance: During the bonus series quest on Nar Shaddaa, the player meets Colonel Harok, and the player can [FLIRT] with him before they leave and he agrees to celebrate with them later. When the player returns after successfully completing the Nar Shaddaa bonus series,  the player can [FLIRT] with the Colonel again, and the player and Harok go off for some relax, respite, and spend some private time together. The Colonel says farewell afterewards as he must complete his report, and the romance is not continued. [[There may be some pre-requisites for these options, but I am unclear if they exist or what they might be, some players speculate it might be a light/dark choice or species related.]]

How to continue romance: None.

Videos: Colonel Harok romance

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