Arcann Romance Guide

Romanceable by: All characters, depending on story choices

About: Son of Emperor Valkorion, Arcann dreamed of a grander, more exciting future than the privileged life his father gave him. With his older twin brother, Thexan, he joined the Zakuul Knights at a young age, eager to prove himself. In an attempt to gain their father’s respect, the brothers proposed a plan to test the strength of the border worlds between Zakuul and the holdings of the Republic and Sith Empire. Valkorion sanctioned the assault, but allowed only Thexan to lead the Eternal Fleet. Defying his father’s orders to remain on Zakuul, Arcann joined his brother at the front. Together, they were victorious, but Arcann suffered a serious injury in battle. Valkorion’s indifference to their accomplishments pushed him over the edge–he attacked his father, only to be stopped by Thexan. Despite his deep love for his brother, Arcann turned on him and murdered him. Then he set his sights on the Eternal Throne itself….

How to start romance: Arcann is first introduced to the player in the Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline as an enemy, which can be started at level 60 or higher from your ship. There are choices you can make that will either continue keeping him as an enemy, or turning him to an ally. If you choose to make him an ally, he may be romanced, but his romance does not start until very late in the story.

  • In Chapter 16 of Knights of the Fallen Empire, the player is in their shuttle and Senya takes Arcann to try and save him in her own shuttle. The player will have a decision to “[Let Arcann and Senya go]” or to “[Shoot Arcann and Senya down]”. If the player chooses to shoot down their ship, Senya will still escape with Arcann. You will still be able to romance Arcann if you shoot down the ship – just make sure to change your mind and choose to save him in the next major decision.
  • IMPORTANT CHOICE! Saving Arcann on Voss In Chapter 1 of Knights of the Eternal Throne, the player will receive a distress call from Senya on Voss. She will request help to hold off Vaylin’s army, so that she can heal Arcann. After the distress call, the player can choose “Arcann could be an ally.” to protect Senya and Arcann, or “We should kill them both.” to attack the temple. This choice is not final and you will be able to choose again later in the temple, where you encounter Senya in front of a force field. She will again ask for help, and the player can choose “We will save Arcann together.” or “Arcann must die.” If the player chooses to attack instead of save Arcann at that point, during the healing ritual the player has the option to kill Senya by telling Senya that the player will kill Arcann. No matter what choice you make, Arcann will survive, but if you choose to attack him you will not be able to ally with him later in the story and must kill him when you fight him in Chapter 6 of Knights of the Eternal Throne.
  • How to Start the Romance Alliance Alert To actually start the romance you must complete the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion and have chosen to save Arcann in Chapter 1 with Senya. Press “N” on your keyboard to open the Companions & Contacts menu, and if you have completed Knights of the Eternal Throne, there will be an Alliance Alert quest called “Unmasked Regret” that you can start to cement your alliance, or to start a romance. After Arcann gives you a gift, the option to “[FLIRT] There’s no need.” shows up, choose it, then two new options will show up, choose “[FLIRT] You already are.” or “I’m sorry. I can’t do this.” if you do not want to start the romance. If you chose to [FLIRT], a box will pop up that says “This choice will start your romance with Arcann. Doing so will end any other romances you may be involved in. Are you sure you want to proceed?” and the player will kiss Arcann. Unlike the other Alliance alerts, you do NOT need to complete the To Find a Findsman quest to do the Arcann alert.
  • During the Nathema story arc, before the player leaves for Nathema, Arcann will have a brief conversation, and if they are in a romance, they will share a parting kiss.

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