Watcher Two Romance Guide

Romanceable by: Imperial Agent male characters

About: Watcher Two is the Imperial Agent’s liason to Imperial Intelligence and provides them with mission details. She is the product of six generations of selective breeding and can plot hyperspace routes in her head, and is not easily charmed.

How to start romance: The male Imperial Agent can romance Watcher Two during the Imperial Agent storylines when [FLIRT] options show up. The player should not criticize her, even if they disagree with her. The player will have the chance to spend some private time with Watcher Two between missions on Dromund Kaas, during the mission Darth Zhorrid Arrives. [[I swear I saw a video where I saw the Agent kiss Watcher Two right before entering the Star Cabal. But I can’t find proof of this anywhere now.]]

Romance conflicts: If you romance Kaliyo or Raina Temple at all, Watcher Two will eventually stop her romance. If you would like to romance Watcher Two it’s recommended not to talk to Kaliyo in her companion conversations as even something like going for a drink with Kaliyo can trigger her romance flag. Although many players believe only human males can romance Watcher Two, this is untrue, and there are videos of Chiss also romancing her online. Many players have difficulty properly triggering Watcher Two’s small romance.

Romance continuation:

  • Watcher Two returns in the Shadow of Revan expansion but only over holocall, her romance is only lightly acknowledged, and the dialogue seems to point towards Watcher Two and the Imperial Agent parting for good.
  • *Nathema Conspiracy Spoiler* In the Nathema Conspiracy story, if the Imperial Agent has allied with the Republic as a double-agent / saboteur, Watcher Two will show up on holocall and will not want to talk to the Agent after finding out they betrayed Imperial Intelligence.

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