Urtel Moren Romance Guide

Romanceable by: Sith Inquisitor female characters

How to start single-planet romance: On Alderaan, the Sith Inquisitor will meet up with House Thul, and Urtel Moren is Elana Thul’s personal Sith guard. He opens his remarks to the Inquisitor with a compliment. Afterwards, the Inquisitor will meet up with Urtel alone in a hallway, and Urtel is impressed by the Inquisitor’s accomplishments, and eventually there is a [FLIRT] option available, and another afterwards. Before the Inquisitor is sent to House Rist, the House of Assassins, Urtel will meet with the player alone for a few minutes, and a [FLIRT] option will have them head off to his very comfortable rooms nearby, with some food, wine, and enthusiastic kiss, and private time together. Unfortunately, Urtel is mortally wounded, and the romance can not be continued. Interestingly, Urtel can show up during the Voss storyline, as part of a vision, where he will tells the Inqusitior he loves them, then tries to kill the Inqusitor.

How to continue romance: None.

Videos: Urtel Moren brief romance, ending and vision on voss

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