Under the Yavin Stronghold

I wanted to see if I could get to the temples in the distance of the Yavin stronghold…

There’s a trick you can do to get to the ‘bottom’ of planets – you queue for a warzone, wait for the acceptance box to pop up, jump off a ledge then hit accept. When you load back in after the match, you’ll be on the ‘lowest’ point the game last remembered you at. I first learned about this through this video exploring the bottom of Coruscant. If you plan on using this method but don’t want to play through the whole warzone, try not to disturb others’ warzones too much – do it on a low level character where the stakes are lower, and accept and leave the warzone as quickly as possible so they can get a replacement before the game starts.

swtor 2015-08-17 21-05-25-03 swtor 2015-08-17 21-04-34-15

A floating tree. This is the waterfall under the big bridge.

swtor 2015-08-17 21-02-42-98

The water textures are actually really pretty. Kind of glossy and reflective like jello or flubber. I could stand on top of it.

swtor 2015-08-17 21-02-14-89 swtor 2015-08-17 21-02-09-42 swtor 2015-08-17 21-31-48-61

This is the bottom of Yavin. If you go out far enough, you reach an invisible floor you can walk around on over the jungle. If you go out further and repeat the death-queue, you reach a second invisible floor that is actually under the jungle foliage and under the temples in the distance. If you keep going, you’ll eventually fall into a ‘bottomless’ pit made of grey streaks – you can probably do the death-queue trick again to get further, but I couldn’t see anything down there I wanted to see.

swtor 2015-08-17 21-31-44-47 swtor 2015-08-17 21-31-30-05 swtor 2015-08-17 21-31-08-64

The forest is actually a grid shape.

swtor 2015-08-17 21-30-44-05

The extra temples are empty on the inside. Disappointing!

swtor 2015-08-17 21-30-16-28 swtor 2015-08-17 21-30-13-17

I couldn’t find a way to get on top of the other temples.

swtor 2015-08-17 21-24-26-42

The forest leaves are REALLY big. Probably so it doesn’t look too small from up above in the stronghold temple.

swtor 2015-08-17 21-23-14-45 swtor 2015-08-17 21-22-42-78

The first invisible floor.

swtor 2015-08-17 21-22-12-93 swtor 2015-08-17 21-22-06-39 swtor 2015-08-17 21-22-00-49 swtor 2015-08-17 21-21-00-34 swtor 2015-08-17 21-20-31-14 swtor 2015-08-17 21-11-07-21 swtor 2015-08-17 21-10-56-49 swtor 2015-08-17 21-10-54-25 swtor 2015-08-17 21-10-41-74 swtor 2015-08-17 21-10-27-95 swtor 2015-08-17 21-10-15-70 swtor 2015-08-17 21-09-45-66  swtor 2015-08-17 21-07-32-38 swtor 2015-08-17 21-05-37-23

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