Phi-Ton Romance and Marriage Guide

Romanceable by: Imperial Agent female characters

How to start romance: *Major Voss Imperial Agent Spoilers* Near the end of the Voss Imperial Agent storyline, the Agent must go to the Nightmare lands, and demands helps from the Voss family they are staying with. The Agent requires sacred carvings which are locked away in the Voss capital building, but they an only be seen by Voss. As long as the player does not choose dark side options while talking to the Voss family about the sacred texts, the family will offer their son or daughter’s hand in marriage to the Agent. If the Agent accepts the proposal, they will go through the Voss marriage ceremony, and the male Agent will marry Phi-Ton. Later, the player will receive a letter from Phi-Ton in the mail.

Romance continuation: None.

Videos: Phi-Ton marriage and all reactions

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