Numen Brock Romance Guide

Romanceable by: Smuggler female characters

How to start single-planet romance: On Balmorra, the Smuggler will work with Numen Brock and can [FLIRT] with him throughout the Balmorra story. At the end of the Balmorra storyline, the Smuggler can [FLIRT] and share a kiss with Numen, and he will invite the Smuggler back to his place for some private time. Afterwards, Numen admits that Balmorra is not a good place to drag the Smuggler to, but that they may work in the same circles again in the future. (Fun Fact, Numen Brock has the same voice actor as Hunter does in the Agent story!)

How to continue romance: None.

Videos: Numen Brock romance where Corso says “She’s allergic to candles.”

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