Lemda Avesta Romance Guide

Romanceable by: All Republic characters

About: Lemda Avesta is a young respected geophysicist who joined the Makeb resistance to prove there was a link between the groundquakes and the Hutt’s deep-core mining, who received her doctorate eight years ago at age 16. (Fun fact, Lemda Avesta is the same voice actor Catherine Taber who voices Vette in Star Wars: The Old republic, Mission Vao in Knights of the Old Republic, and Amidala in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.)

How to start romance: Lemda Avesta can be romanced by Republic characters as part of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion which can be started from the player’s ship at level 50.

  • The player will be sent to rescue the captured Lemda, and after they escape a collapsing building and talk about the ground quake, players will have the chance to choose “[FLIRT] I like your spirit” for a small flirt option. Interestingly, she will have a different reply depending on if the player is on a male or female character, and will reply bashfully and positively to a female character, and slightly hostile and untrusting towards a male character.
  • Later, when the player meets up with Lemda and her father, and will have an option to choose “[FLIRT] I’ll survive for you.” for another funny small flirt option.
  • When the player secures the ark later in the story and is greeted as a hero, the player will have another discussion with Lemda and her father, and the player can choose “[FLIRT] Join me, Lemda?” but she won’t accept the offer for drinks due to the danger to Makeb.
  • In the diplomatic tent, the player will have a “[FLIRT] Will you miss me?” small flirt option, but Lemda is not very receptive.
  • Later the diplomatic tent during a meeting by holocall with Toboro the Hutt, the player can choose “[FLIRT] I like you, too.” or “[FLIRT] Kiss for luck, Lemda?.” for a kiss scene in front of Lemda’s father.
  • On the orbital station, in a meeting with Chancellor Saresh, the player has one last [FLIRT] option with Lemda before they part ways.
  • Lemda Avesta is a single-planet romance and does not return in any way after this scene.

Romance continuation: None.

Videos: Lemda Avesta romance compilation female, Lemda Avesta romance male