Lady Grathan Romance Guide

Romanceable by: Sith Warrior male characters

How to start single-planet romance: On Dromund Kaas, the Sith Warrior will be sent to Lord Grathan’s estate. There he will fight Lady Grathan, Sith, and her son. Lady Grathan will make a wicked offer to the Sith warrior, to kill Lord Grathan and have Lady Grathan’s son take his place. If the player chooses to do this, when they return to Lady Grathan, a [FLIRT] option will appear and Lady Grathan can show her appreciation in private, with or without Vette watching the party. Lady Grathan tells the Sith Warrior they are always welcome in her chamber, but they never return, so the romance is not continued. This does not cause any issues with a Vette romance.

How to continue romance: None.

Videos: Seducing Lady Grathan

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