Ensign Raina Temple Romance Guide

Romanceable by: Imperial Agent male characters

About: Personable and bright Imperial military cadets don’t end up embedded with aliens at the far edge of the galaxy without good reason. Temple could be a plant, but it’s just as likely she’s been intentionally forced out of the picture. Best-guess personality profile suggests she’s a typically patriotic example of the rank-and-file Imperial military–a true believer in Imperial superiority and duty. No matter how easygoing or empathetic she may be at times, the needs of her nation have to come first.

How to start romance: The male Imperial Agent can romance Raina during the Imperial Agent story as well as the companion conversations with her. These companion conversations are unlocked by completing quests within the Imperial Agent storyline, so check your companion on your ship after every planet to see if more companion conversation quests have become available, indicated by a quest marker over your companion’s head. The first companion conversation will take place right after you get them, and the last will take place after Corellia and your final class story chapter. A very important thing to know is that if you start the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion, or the Jedi Under Siege / Ossus / Onslaught expansion, you will automatically lock yourself out of the original companion storylines and will not be able to complete them later, and it is not guaranteed that your romance will be toggled for future expansions. You also can not do the companion conversations if you have used an Outlander Token or Commander’s Token to create a level 60, 65 or 70 character (using a Master’s Datacron to boost an existing character to level 70 is fine though.)

Romance continuation: Players can resume their romance with Temple after the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion, during the A Traitor Among the Chiss storyline. This Chiss expansionary forces will land on Odessan, bringing Temple with them. Afterwards, Raina Temple will meet with the Agent, and admit she had been looking for the Agent for years and asks if the Agent still loves her after all this time. The player can reply “Of course I do.” to resume the romance or  “I’m sorry. I’ve moved on.” to break up. Choosing to resume will have a box pop up that says “This choice will resume your romance with Raina Temple. Doing so will end any other romances you may be involved in. Are you sure you want to proceed?” and will lead to a kiss. If the player chooses to break up, Raina will be sad but understand, and would like to stay and continued working with the alliance.

Romance conflict: If the player chooses to romance Kaliyo, Ensign will eventually confront the Imperial Agent about his and Kaliyo’s relationship. The Agent must then choose between Kaliyo and Ensign. If the player chooses Ensign, he will then go break up with Kaliyo, who will be angry. If the player chooses Kaliyo, Ensign will be disappointed.

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