Darth Lachris Romance Guide

Romanceable by: Male Imperial Characters

How to start single-planet romance: During the main planetary quest Balmorra, the player has quite a few chances to [FLIRT] with Darth Lachris. Eventually, the player has the option to “[Kiss her]” after some success on Balmorra. This will lead to them spending private time together. Later, the player can pick up the Balmorra Bonus series to interact with her again, including some [FLIRT] options, and at the end she will will whisper some secrets of what she wants to do with the player in their ear. Unfortunately, Darth Lachris is later defeated by the Jedi Consular during their time on Balmorra, and the romance can not be continued.

How to continue romance: None.

Videos: Darth Lachris romance, Darth Lachris death by the Jedi Consular

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