Aric Jorgan Romance Guide

Romanceable by: Trooper female characters

About: A born leader, Aric Jorgan is one of the Republic’s most capable field officers. He enlisted in the military at an early age and quickly distinguished himself as a talented marksman. His impeccable service record earned him a spot in the Republic’s top sniper squad, where he successfully carried out over a dozen missions against high-ranking Imperial targets. Since his transfer to Fort Garnik, Jorgan has earned a reputation as a hard and demanding taskmaster. However, few realize his surly demeanor belies a genuine concern for the well-being of his troops. While those under his command may not particularly like the brooding Cathar, they almost always respect him.

How to start romance: The Trooper can romance Jorgan during the Trooper story as well as the companion conversations with him. These companion conversations are unlocked by completing quests within the Trooper storyline, so check your companion on your ship after every planet to see if more companion conversation quests have become available, indicated by a quest marker over your companion’s head. The first companion conversation will take place right after you get them, and the last will take place after Corellia and your final class story chapter. A very important thing to know is that if you start the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion, or the Jedi Under Siege / Ossus / Onslaught expansion, you will automatically lock yourself out of the original companion storylines and will not be able to complete them later, and it is not guaranteed that your romance will be toggled for future expansions. You also can not do the companion conversations if you have used an Outlander Token or Commander’s Token to create a level 60, 65 or 70 character (using a Master’s Datacron to boost an existing character to level 70 is fine though.)

How to continue romance: Players can resume their romance with Aric Jorgan in Chapter 11 of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. After the player speaks with Aric Jorgan about dreams and nightmares, an important dialogue option will show up, and the player can choose either “[FLIRT] Time for a better dream” or “Our time is past, Jorgan.” Choosing the [FLIRT] option will have a box pop up that says “This choice will resume your romance with Aric Jorgan. Are you sure you want to proceed?” and will lead to a kiss. The other option will lead to a box that says “This choice will end your romance with Aric Jorgan. Are you sure you want to proceed?” which will lead to a break up. Aric Jorgan’s romance can be continued at the end of the player’s speech in Chapter 16, and there is also a few romance lines in Knights of the Eternal Throne.

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