SWTOR Galactic Command Guide

Galactic Command is Star Wars: The Old Republic’s new way of progressing and gaining gear once you hit level 70.

It is only available to subscribers – free-to-play players can not progress or earn gear through Galactic Command.

CXP and the Galactic Command Panel

Once you hit level 70, you will begin to earn Galactic Command Experience Points – usually shortened to CXP – from almost every activity in the game. CXP can be earned through flashpoints, operations, uprisings, heroics, pvp, galactic starfighter, completing the story chapters, killing elite and champion enemies, and completing dailies and weeklies. To open the Galactic Command panel and easily jump into these activities, press CTRL+G or choose galactic command from the menu – it’s in the dropdown menu under the triangular quest icon.

Gaining CXP helps you level up your Command Rank – and for every command rank you gain, you get a crate full of rewards.

Bonus CXP

Daily Bonus

Every day, a different activity is highlighted and will give you 20% more bonus CXP than it would normally. All these bonuses can be used together and they multiply – so you get the most points in the shortest amount of time by having them all activated at the same time.

Dark vs Light Bonus

You can also gain a 15% CXP bonus from the Dark vs Light system, if the side you are representing is currently in the winning state – either at Light 5 or Dark 5. You can check your server’s dark vs light status in the Galactic Command panel.

CXP Boost Item

A Command Experience Boost can be purchased on the Command Token Vendor for 200 Command Tokens. These Boosts last 2 hours, are Bind on Legacy, and increase Command Point gain up to Tier 3 by 100%. A 3-hour version of the Boost can be found on the Cartel Market.

Legacy CXP Perks

The “Commanding Legacy” perk  allows a player to get a 25% CXP bonus for each mirrored base they have in their Legacy at Command Rank 300. This buff stacks up to 100%. Example: A Sith Warrior and a Jedi Knight that are both at Command Rank 300 only count once.

The SWTOR dev team is constantly adjusting and balancing the CXP gained from different activities – so the exact amount of CXP you’ll get from killing an elite enemy, completing and operation, doing well in a warzone or running heroics changes over time, just like how the system itself is constantly being adjusted.


Command Crates & Level 70 Gear

What’s inside the command crates you gain when you level up your command level is a little random – but they contain a handful items, which can include a piece of endgame gear, empty cosmetic gear and weapons, crafting schematics, jawa scraps that can be turned in for crafting materials, reputation items for existing reputation factions like the Voss and Section X, companion gifts, unique pets and mounts, chance cubes which contain a random cartel market item, and command tokens. What exactly you get is pretty random. The very best thing you can get from a command crate is a piece of set-bonus gear – when you are wearing multiple pieces of gear with a set-bonus, some of your abilities get a huge boost based on your combat proficiency. Set bonus gear can not be crafted or earned any other way except through the galactic command system, operations, and pvp.

There are a total of 300 levels you can gain for your command rank, and they are divided into fourtiers – the first tier is level 1 to level 90, the second tier is level 91 through 180,  the third tier is level 181 through 299, and the last tier is capped at 300. Each tier gives better gear than the last. Once you hit level 300, you won’t gain any levels, but you’ll continue to earn crates with gear and rewards.

  • As a player increases their Tier 1 Command Rank (1-89) they will gain higher drop rates of Prototype and Artifact quality gear, while their Premium drop rates will go down. This is to encourage the player getting more consistent set-bonus gear as they level.
  • As a player increases their Tier 2 and 3 Command Rank (90-299) they will gain higher drop rates of Artifact and Legendary quality gear, while their Premium and Prototype drop rates will go down. This is to encourage the player getting more consistent set-bonus gear as they level.

What type of gear is in the crates?

The modded endgame level 70  gear you receive will be based off of your combat proficiency – if you’re currently a tank, you’ll get tank gear, and if you’re currently a Sharpshooter Gunslinger, you’ll get DPS gear, and if you’re very lucky you’ll get the Sharpshooter set bonus pieces. So before you open a command crate, make sure to check your combat proficiency or you might get the wrong type of gear. Remember that it’s based on your combat proficiency – not the role you might have selected in the Galactic Command panel, that’s for what you want to queue up as to do group content like warzones or operations. There’s a legacy perk to reset your combat proficiency in the field, or you can go change your combat proficiency in the combat section of the fleet. The default key to open your combat proficiency is K – you know, K for combat.

The gear you get might not be an upgrade – it might have a set bonus, or it might not, and it can be a green, blue, or purple item. If you get a green piece of gear, make sure to compare it to your current gear’s stats – just because it’s green doesn’t mean it will automatically be less powerful, due to the stats and tiers of gear. If you’ve gotten a duplicate piece, you can always pull the mods and enhancements out and put them in a different piece of gear.


If you receive a galactic command item from a galactic command crate that you don’t like, you can always disintegrate it and earn some more galactic command points that will help you get closer to the next galactic command level and your next crate. For example, if you got a cosmetic lightsaber while playing a trooper, you could disintegrate it instead of accepting it. Or if you liked the way it looked, you could claim it and send it over to your Jedi. Different items are worth different amounts when you disintegrate them – modded gear is worth the most, then schematics, then cosmetic items, and gifts and command tokens are worth barely any disintegration cxp at all. There’s no bonus to disintegration during the lightside/darkside bonus, so feel free to open your command crates whenever you want.

There is however a limit to the amount of items you can hold in your command stash before they are disintegrated or transferred to your inventory – so make sure it isn’t full before you open a crate. You can expand the number of galactic command items slots with cartel coins.

How to Get Level 70 Gear

In the past, if you wanted a specific piece of endgame gear, you would run the operation that drops it, or buy it with commendations or crystal currency. With the new Galactic Command system, you might get a set bonus piece in your first crate, or one might not show up until you open your 50th crate. You also might get duplicates, or never  receive that last set bonus piece you need. 

If you’re looking for specific piece of set bonus gear, you can still earn them directly through Operations, and can now also earn them through PvP.


Outside of the Galactic Command system, however, you can earn specific pieces. Operation bosses, the 8-man content in the game, drop a piece of unassembled gear you can turn in for a piece of your choice. Each boss before the last boss drops one piece, and the last boss drops two. So if you really needed your chestpiece with a set bonus, you would look up which operation’s boss drops it and try and run that operation as many times as you can and hope you win it over the other seven people in your group. While you’re working on it, the chestpiece might also show up in your Galactic Command crates.

Update to Operations (5.2)

  • Bosses will now drop the following Unassembled Gear Pieces in existing Operations:
    • Tier 2 Legendary Unassembled Gear Pieces – Story Mode
    • Tier 3 Legendary Unassembled Gear Pieces – Veteran Mode
    • Tier 4 Prototype and Artifact Gear – Master Mode (Non-final bosses)
    • Tier 4 Legendary Unassembled Gear Pieces – Master Mode (Final bosses)
  • Gods From the Machine bosses will drop:
    • Tier 3 Legendary Unassembled Gear Pieces – Story Mode
    • Tier 4 Legendary Unassembled Gear Pieces – Veteran Mode

If you win an unassembled piece from a raid, you turn it in on the fleet. When you turn it in you will also need a type of currency called command tokens. Command tokens are very easy to earn, as they come out of every command crate you open. This means if you haven’t done any galactic command at all, you won’t be able to turn in any gear drops you get from operations. The good news is completing operations grants galactic command xp, which grants the galactic command crates which have command tokens in them. Other fast ways of getting galactic command xp and tokens is by running the solo story chapters, or the highlighted bonus of the week in the galactic command panel.

PvP and Galactic Starfighter

If you are a PvPer or like Galactic Starfighter, you also have a way of gaining specific pieces outside the galactic command crates. Every time you complete a warzone or GSF match, you get a type of currency called unassembled components. If you win a match, you get more, and if it’s a ranked warzone match, you get even more. You can then turn these pvp unassembled components in on the fleet, for unassembled pieces similar to the ones you can get from operations. You’ll then need to turn in that unassembled piece for a finished piece of gear, along with command tokens. Luckily, you can get command xp fairly fast from pvp – so you shouldn’t need to worry about the token cost.

Command tokens, and pvp unassembled components, will get you Tier One gear. Harder operations will get you Tier Two, Tier Three and Tier Four gear. However, if you pvp, you can also ‘upgrade’ your armor. You can take your Tier One or Tier Two armor, and buy an upgraded version by turning in more warzone unassembled components and the shell of the armor. This even works if you got a piece of set-bonus gear from a galactic command crate or from an operation – if you have unassembled pvp components, you can upgrade it! The only part of the armor that needs to be turned in is the shell – so you can pay credits to pull out the armoring, mod and enhancement if you want to save the mods. You can only upgrade like this if you have unassembled components from doing warzones or galactic starfighter. Otherwise the only way to upgrade your gear is by getting lucky through the galactic command crates, or by winning a better piece from an operation. You can also supplement your gear with crafting or buying from those who craft – but crafting can never get you the best gear in the game, which are armorings with the set bonus attached to them.

Should you grind CXP?

Unless you are trying to do the most difficult content in the game like Nightmare Mode Operations, now called Master mode operations, I highly recommend not chasing after CXP if it feels like a grind to you. If you’re really interested in getting gear, I recommend doing operations, warzones or galactic starfighter – that way not only do you get the specialized rewards from those, you’ll be earning galactic command xp along the way. In between, try out Uprisings, as they give you bonus packs of CXP when you do them and can be very fast to complete. If you’re a solo player, one of the best ways to earn galactic command xp is by doing the solo story chapters, which are repeatable and have three different difficulty modes. You could also do the solo flashpoints and planetary heroic missions.

In the end, the Galactic Command system is a drastic change to the way you might have played the game in the past – and is a very confusing system for new players. The Galactic Command system is also attached to the Dark vs Light System.

Questions or comments? Feel free to send me a message on Twitter @swtorista, Reddit /u/swtorista, Youtube Swtorista channel or by e-mail at the same name with gmail.com at the end. Have fun out there and may the Force be with you. ~ Swtorista