Alderaan Datacrons Guide

Alderaan has five datacrons, all of which are accessible to both Republic and Imperial players. There’s the blue datacron on the zipline, the green datacron in the Killik caves that need to have its cave entrance blown up, the purple datacron hidden in the upper levels of Castle Panteer, the red datacron at the dam with the grapple hook, and the yellow datacron you ride a hidden Thranta to go get.

Getting to Alderaan – Fly to Alderaan, or to save time, click the icon of “three little people” near your minimap to open the Activities panel, then choose Solo from the tabs at the top, then choose Heroic Missions: Alderaan and click travel to go directly to Alderaan’s surface and skip the space station.

  •  Shuttle:  [HEROIC 2+] Into the Killik Warren
  •  Shuttle:  [HEROIC 2+] Sabotage

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