Darth Malora - SWTOR Codex

How to get the Darth Malora codex: [Empire] Awarded after completing the story mission "Inflection Point", as part of the Jedi Under Siege storyline - Received Republic side after speaking to Tau Idair for the first time as part of the Inlfection Point / Jedi Under Siege storyline on Ossus.

Lore Entry: Darth Malora sits on the Dark Council of the Sith Empire, where she oversees the sphere of Scientific Advancement. Initially held back from opportunities by her first master, Lord Renning, Malora eventually managed to escape his 'mentorship' and make a name for herself through her mastery of a combination of Sith alchemy and genetic engineering; in particular, a technique for regenerating damaged tissue and organs more quickly than even bacta or kolto. By cautiously offering 'treatments' to only the most powerful and influential Sith on Dromund Kaas, Malora rose to prominence and gained the resources necessary to advance her experimentation ever further. She has since made extensive modifications to her own body, the purposes of which she has revealed to no one. When Darth Acina took the Imperial throne, she made scientific progress a priority, creating a pathway for Malora's work to gain notoriety and, eventually, for her rise to the Dark Council.


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