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Backstory: Javiik Vutta

The Vutta family can trace their lineage all the way back to Cathar, where they were originally farmers and traders. Generations ago, members of the Vutta family were able to smuggle themselves away from the planet on a freighter full refugees, one of the few families that were able to survive the attack by the Mandolorians and the genocide of Cathar.

The Vutta family eventually landed on Alderaan, and built a home for themselves as close allies of House Alde, once again returning to their roots as farmers and traders, but also creating strong neutral trade ties with the Sith-aligned houses including House Thul, even going so far as to serve as pages in their houses. This tradition carried on through the Vutta generators until the galactic war began to break out, where Javiik Vutta’s young father decided to join the war effort and was shipped off to Dathomir, hoping to stop the genocide of a planet so close to their ancestor’s home of Cathar.

Not long after, House Thul began to make declarations of their own, leaving Javiik’s mother unsure of their safety on the planet. Not having heard form her husband and presuming him dead, she quietly extracted her son who was serving as a page under House Thul, and together they packed a majority of their trade goods into one of their cargo ships, and left their Alderaanian homeland behind.

Unfortunately they were not able to escape the war, even in the vastness of space. Through a series of miscommunication and misunderstandings, they ventured into imperial space and came under arrest and were reduced to slavery. Javiik’s mother was sent to the shipyards of Balmorra, and the young Jaavik was sent to Dromund Kaas to work on the unfinished colossus. When it was discovered he once served as a page in a noble house, he was transferred to serve under a Sith Lord, where his force powers were discovered, and was sent for training on Korriban.



Inspiration from Community Members: Backstory?

  • Have you ever watched the clone wars? there was an episode or two called Slaves of the Republic that was super interesting, on a planet called Zygerria. If you’re planning on playing a male, maybe a former slave from that planet who fought in the gladiator pits, or something like that. Maybe a sith lord was attending a spectacle and sensed that you were strong with the force, and took you to Korriban? – Alfa
  • Maybe they were a smuggler, who was recently enslaved by the Sith after getting caught? – Swtorista
  • Maybe give him a kind of unique sense of honor/personal code, rather than the usual Sith “kill everything” style. – Wolf Alpha 900
  • Maybe for a background you are a son of a Cathar warrior who was defeated and enslaved during the Great Galactic War. You are raised a slave but end up going to Korriban after it is discovered that you are Force-sensitive. – Casey
  • be a cathar from teris you see them in the game – InfiniteNA
  • He starts as full DS sadist. But later after he meets his padawan, he becomes influenced by her, and ends up in some in-between gray area – Aleksandr Azimov
  • My fist char was male inquisitor and Ashara romance is very interesting as she is a jedi and her insight is on point about differences between sith and jedi and that option made me love the character soo much. – Varrigal z
  • Also, slaves are sometimes people who work at the mines, people who work at shops (Like Anakin Skywalker when he was a child), people that are forced to build buildings, statues, and even starships. Servants of the empire in every way. – The Almighty Ofekol
  • For slavery the codex entry comes up as http://www.swtor-spy.com/codex/slavery-in-the-empire/1403/ which shows a potential for 2 types of character 1 being a character sold into slavery who would be possibley bitter to the empire on the whole and almost broken or you could also have someone who was born into slavery with this character you could almost have a character loyal to the empire via a sort of n Stockholm syndrome. – Criches
  • Maybe give him some backstory that links into the story a little bit? Such as saying he was part of the team that was working on the unfinished colossus on Dromund Kaas, and possibly one of the leaders of the slave rebellion who was captured, but caught the attention of a sith lord who sent him to Korriban to study the dark side. This would give you an emotional attachment to that part of the story, maybe he even helped Skotia build the secret bunker and hates the Sith Lord because of it? Maybe Skotia knew that (Spoilers!) He was a descendant of Lord Kallig and sought to purposely subjugate the slave as a show of power? – Joseph Hrenchir
  • Many generations back, at the time of the Mandalorian Wars, your family lived on the planet Cathar. Back then they were known as seers and witches, as they displayed strong affinity to the Dark Side of the Force (due in large part to the bloodline’s ancestor, Aloysius Kallig). When Cassus Fett committed genocide on the Cathar, your family fled and became free-traders, forsaking the Force-using ways of your ancestors as they were deemed impractical and dangerous. However, at some point during your parents’ generation, they ventured into Imperial space for business and through a series of miscommunication and misunderstandings, came under arrest and reduced to slavery. This is where you, born into slavery, comes in. – Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage
  • You where not allowed to talk to any of the other slaves or any of the mandalorians actually you where not allowed to talk to anyone. Once you where 9 years old you herd a mando talking about the force. Because you was not allowed to talk to anyone you stared meditating. – Eddie
  • How about you are secretly infiltrating the Sith. Since you are already a hero to the Cathar you try to keep low and you don’t use all your force potential right at the start so you don’t come off as suspicious. – SlowMusic
  • You were a slave to a high profile sith that sees your potential and takes you on as an apprentice before Jedi killed your master. The only place you could finish your training would be on Korriban. -Piperoffarts
  • So how about this; your family lived a free life as traders throughout the galaxy. After a satisfying and successful career they settle on Alderaan when you were a young kit of about 8 or 9. While life was good and plentiful there the infighting of the great houses continued to escalate until it finally reached your front door. – Mazloe E
  • I was thinking a name such a Javiik? – MoleTM
  • (Can his name be Vutta ?????) – The Toxic Pleb
  • Well first off this is the best time to make a new character cuz May 4th 2XP is coming up and it will stay until the 14th so you’ll get some nice XP while u level. – Chris Sheik

HOLOPAD JOURNAL ENTRY #1: Korriban & The Wilds

I was given this holopad by my former Master, as a way for him to track my progress in the Academy. Here I am asked to throw off my shackles and no longer follow the orders of slavemasters… but it seems a good idea all the same. Perhaps recording my knowledge of Korriban will allow me to one day escape it. My arrival came as a shock to me – this red planet is nothing like Dromund Kaas, and its appearance caused me to arrive late, to my detriment, and to Overseer Harken’s advantage. He, and so many others, seem to feel a need to spit on me, not only for being a former slave but also for being Cathar. I’ll spit on them right back.

I do not know if I should record this, but I saw another acolyte murdered in cold blood by the Overseer for failing her trials. A slave as well – now I know exactly what my fate will be if I do not play the Sith games. Her name was Kory, and I left her corpse on the ground to complete my own trials. All of us are vying for the favor of Lord Zash – a powerful Sith, who seems to already have a favourite in a Sith Pureblood named Faun Alt. He hates me. I barely know him.

I was told to go to the Tomb of Ajunta Paul and meet Spindrall, a lunatic hermit hiding in the tombs… but also thought of as a prophet by Lord Zash. Does that make her a lunatic as well? I did, and passed his trials be defeating many other acolytes. My connection to the force is strengthening… every time I step foot in the tombs, the lightning comes quicker to my fingers. I have fought apprentices, Tu’kata, tomb robbers, and Imperial troopers besieged by madness… the Force is currently my ally, but fighting them made me worry it could also have been my enemy, if I was less lucky in the mansion of my Master.

I will rest a moment here in the shadow of the Wilds, and then I will make my way into the tombs once more.

Inspiration from Community Members: Force Powers Awakening?

    He came in contact with an artifact. The spirit of a powerful Darth who died in the bombardment of taris was still bound to this artifact. He tried to take control of Javiik but his power decreased in all this time and the sith`s spirit was destroyed during his try but Javiik kept his force powers. – ThoryusLP (Darth Sidious also said something similar)
    How about this: Javiik’s original master was experimenting with the dark side and siphoned the dark side out of an apprentice and transferred it to Javiik making him force sensitive (Mr Milkman)
    Maybe he always had powers, maybe he was born with them and his mother was hiding them to keep him self. Now that they’re so far apart (and maybe she’s dead) her own weak Force powers can’t hide/suppress his powers. If it were my kid, I’d be hiding out on the outer rim somewhere. I don’t think any mom in her right mind would truly want to send her kid to the Academy or have him noticed by a Sith. That’s just gambling with the poor kids life. With very very poor odds. And if she could hide her own minor Force powers, there’d be no reason for her not to try to hide his. – Cassandra Stryffe
    what happened to your old Sith Master? He would show an interest in your progress, surely. That makes me think he died. How about your hidden force powers triggered an explosion, when you touched that item, killing your master in the process. This would also mean, if you are not useful to the Sith (i.e. failing your trials), your death is certain. – looksdownonclouds
    I thought maybe you could have discovered your powers after touching your masters former masters lightsaber, which he keeps as a decoration of his victory in betraying and murdering him (which you know is very common in sith culture). You could have been cleaning one day and had a powerful urge to pick it, once you did you felt a strange sensation flow through your body. After this your master caught you holding the lightsaber, this usually would have been a death sentence but because your master realized you were force sensitive he sent you to the training academy on Korriban straight away. – G W
    I’d love to see Jaavik experiment with a more traditional sword or staff, and not just a lightsaber.  Maybe if your character ever finds one of their parents, they could inherit a sword. (Wolf Alpha 900 )

HOLOPAD JOURNAL ENTRY #2: Marka Ragnos’s Tomb & The Rite of Blood & Bone

I traveled into the Tomb of Marka Ragnos. Tomorrow, I will go to the tomb of Tulak Hord. Korriban is the burial grounds of many powerful sith lords… and far too many acolytes. Overseer Harken demanded Faun Altt kill another in cold blood. Will that be me? I have no choice but to comply.. or die. The Sith do not accept weakness. I have already killed murderous acolytes in the tombs and crazed troopers in the Wild, and although Kory’s death shocked me, Ger’s barely made me catch my breathe and wonder if I was next.

I have walked among the halls of the Sith Academy, and found there is much more here than I expected. Tombs within the walls, treachery between teachers. Overseer Ragate administered the rite of blood and bone to me today… to soak the bones of failed acolytes in the pool of blood, and then to fight the monster that emerged. I was successful… I am no longer extending myself to use the power of the darkside, instead, the lightning feels almost as if it comes as natural is breathing or speaking. Perhaps this is why the overseers insist on informing me I have potential… though I am unsure what type of potential that is. Participating in the Sith ritual made me realise what a truly long-lasting organization the Sith are, unlike my own family who have been shifted from planet to planet, too weak to survive wars on their own. Their power comes at a cost though – their compassion and humanity.

I write this journal before leaving the academy once again to head to the tombs.

Backstory: Javiik Vutta’s Force Powers

Javiik’s powers first came into play shortly before he and his mother fled Alderaan – but they were something his mother kept a secret even form him. She worried he would be abducted by the Sith on Alderaan the moment they detected he was force-sensitive. She used her own minor Force Powers to dampen his… but once he left her protection, his Force Powers began to manifest more strongly over time.

On Dromund Kaas, his Sith Lord master began to sense his force potential and decided to lay a trap. The Sith Lord left his own master’s lightsaber, an artifact of blood and betrayal, somewhere Javiik would find it and be tempted to lay hands on it. Jaavik eventually found it one day during his slave duties, touched it, and the darkside energy stored in the saber triggered his awakening force powers, allowing them to bloom into fruition. His master then sent him to the Sith Academy, to train and become a Sith Acolyte.

Inspiration from Community Members: Sith Lord Master

  • NAME
    Regarding the Master his name is Lord Shalin he’s an older sith towards the end of his life – Ethan
    (TrigPt also suggested the name Structor – sounds like an awesome Darth name)
    I think your master is maybe very powerful, but also somewhat of a “black sheep” of the sith order, questioning too many things and going against the dark council often. I think this could contribute to Javak’s rebellious nature towards Harkan and some of the other sith. – Ryan Campbell
    What if Javiik’s master was not a sith, but a Gray Jedi posing to have turned to the dark side to expose the Sith? Maybe that is why he let Javiik live and send him to the sith, cause he knew he needed training and he could give it to him without exposing his true purpose. Maybe he believed in the balance of the force so he send him to be trained as a Sith first so he could then rescue him, train him as a Jedi and allowing him to choose sides, Light, Dark or Gray… – Dimitrios Lazos
    Maybe the master’s curiousity was sparked from the fact he was a Sith Alchemist? That is kind of a thing that is neither Sith Sorcerer nor Warrior, not even something in between but something unique. They delved into the ancient arts of Sith Alchemy creating Sithspawn, mutating beasts with the Dark Side, manufacturing deadly plagues and study the depths of the Dark Side to unravel the secrets of eternal life. Curiosity and a hunger for knowledge came natural to them so perhaps Javiik’s master was exactly that? Perhaps a Sith Pureblood trying to unravel how the Dark Jedi that came to Korriban managed to use Sith Alchemy to merge the Sith species and humans into the Sith race we know ingame? – Lord of the Betrayed
    Might be cool if he was a more scientific type sith, it would lend credence to the idea he left his former master’s sabre just lying around. It would also add to the idea that you were making a diary for the benefit of your master – The Rambling Brit
    Hmm, perhaps he was a somewhat eccentric figure among the Sith, since perhaps he only keeps aliens as slaves. Maybe he has a particular fascination with the Cathar race, being attracted to them for the physical strength and prowess but also as a status symbol, since their numbers were so thinned during the Mandalorian Wars. Maybe he was even a scientist, like we saw in the tuk’ata brain quest, and he was trying out experiments on aliens to see how they responded to Force rituals? – Taraum  (many others too!)
    I think that Javiik’s master would have been a Sith scholar or scientist, with specializations in psychology or sociology. He would recognize the tendencies of his slave, and have the behavioral knowledge to set the trap. His riches and reputation would come from studying the mental profiles of Jedi, essentially creating guides on tactics of torture and subterfuge against them. He wouldn’t necessarily be a sadistic individual, but his curiosity and cunning would drive him. – xxxCreeperManxxx154
    I would say that his Master  is a a Sith pureblood, which I feel is a “survival of the fittest” type. – Schmitty’s 423
    I believe that a good idea would be if his master was a human sith lord but a not so important one that would be closer to sith nobility than the dark council pretty much like lord grathan.
    His master is a powerful sith who was not one of the chosen, more privileged race like the sith pureblood or human. He took years and years to finally achieve his mastery of the dark side of the force. Many of the other sith in the dark council frequently moan about the purity of sith blood, looking pointedly at him. One day, push came to shove, and the sith had a heated debate whether the new recruited alien acolytes would ever amount to anything. Jaavik’s master claimed, ” I promise you, I could make even a slave worthy of your respect.” He was forced to prove his words and he watched his new slaves carefully for any sign of force sensitivity. He noticed a certain aura around his new slave Jaavik…. – Anna Sumner
    Javiik always had an affinity for the force, but it was brought to the surface (and dark side) through some sort of pain or trauma… perhaps the loss of his father or forced violence he had to perform. The Sith Master knew of this (and that he wasn’t ready to attend the academy) so he kept Javiik close to him, perhaps to protect him or teach him. – Craig Parse
    Jaavik’s master is a retired former teacher at the Sith academy on Korriban. He avoided the politics of the Sith as best he could and focused on teaching his students and delving into the dark mysteries of the tombs and libraries on Korriban. Since retiring he decided to continue his studies further a field and fitted out a medium sized ship as both luxury yacht and research vessel.Whilst visiting Dromund Kaas to tour the site of the unfinished Colossus he met Jaavik for the first time. His years teaching had given him a knack for spotting talent and there was something about this young Cathar slave that piqued his interest. He made enquires and to his delight learned Jaavik had at one time served nobility and so made arrangements for Jaavik to join his crew as his personal steward.He detected early on that Jaavik had some latent force sensitivity and to amuse himself he tried to teach without teaching. He devised tasks for Jaavik that seemed innocent enough but would encourage using the force without saying “Use the force”. Over time Jaavik’s sensitivity became stronger but was still very weak, a cup would move across a table, a holopad would shortout in a small display of sparks. He chuckled to himself when these things happened and he saw a confused Jaavik trying to hide what happened.His own master had been a very powerful Sith Lord in his day and he still had his lightsaber. It was housed in an ornate case in his quarters and was a very special blade indeed. The lightsaber had been the subject of a dark ancient ritual which allowed it to amplifiy the power of the weilder for short periods. That power had faded with the passing of time but one day his curiosity got the better of him and he decided to do a little experiment and left the lightsaber out on his desk.
    – TrigPt

HOLOPAD JOURNAL ENTRY #3: Tulak Hord’s Tomb & Purity

I journeyed into the tomb of Tulak Hord today, and uncovered his readings for Lord Zash – and his hate machine. I am wondering if I should spend time studying the ancient Sith language, as everything I find is meaningless to me.

As I made my way to the tomb I completed a favor for Lord Abaron. He claims the Sith as a whole are descended from ancient Sith priests and humans, and that the unpure should be cleansed from the Academy. My family lived for hundreds of years on Cathar… I can assure him I am plenty pure, and that the Force flows strongly through me.  I hope the Dark Council does not accept his request, I would be one of the first “cleansed” as a former slave and a Cathar.

I will return tonight to give Overseer Harken the shards I found in Tulak’s tomb.

Backstory: Javiik’s Sith Lord Master

Jaavik’s master,  retired former Sith Pureblood teacher at the Sith academy on Korriban, was named Lord Shalin. He avoided the politics of the Sith as best he could and focused on delving into the dark mysteries of the tombs and libraries on Korriban.

During his final years of teaching, he advocated for including more “impure” races into the Sith academy. One day, push came to shove, and the Sith had a heated debate whether the new recruited alien acolytes would ever amount to anything. Javiik’s master claimed, ” I promise you, I could make even a slave worthy of your respect.”

After his retirement, he wanted to prove his original statement to be true. Whilst visiting Dromund Kaas to tour the site of the unfinished Colossus he met Jaavik for the first time. His years teaching had given him a knack for spotting talent and there was something about this young Cathar slave that piqued his interest. He made inquiries and to his delight learned Jaavik had at one time served nobility and so made arrangements for Jaavik to join his crew as his personal steward.

He detected early on that Jaavik had some latent force sensitivity and to amuse himself he tried to teach without teaching. He devised tasks for Jaavik that seemed innocent enough but would encourage using the force without saying “Use the force”. Over time Jaavik’s sensitivity became stronger but was still very weak, a cup would move across a table, a holopad would shortout in a small display of sparks. He chuckled to himself when these things happened and he saw a confused Jaavik trying to hide what happened.

Inspiration from Community Members:

    The Master sought to use Jaavik as a tool to achieve his goals. A blunt instrument that he would be able to release at his enemies, cause chaos, and take advantage of it. By ‘accidentally losing’ his lightsaber, and awakening all of Jaavik’s force powers in but a moment, he hoped the Cathar would be overwhelmed, and in a fit of pure dark side fury would try to murder everyone and everything around him. – Jen’ari-asha
    Lord Shalin Sith alchemy speciality is artefacts and their creation. The circlet that Javiik wears is actually a creation of Shalin and allows him to see through the eyes of the wearer and plant thoughts into them. Shalin’s retirement from the academy was not entirely voluntary and he secured a place for Javiik as part of his plan to get revenge. You could tie it into the class story by having Lord Zash as the person who forced Shalin out of the Academy. – TrigPT
    Maybe you could push the idea that Lord Shalin is some kind of a black ship/grey Jedi and so he would seek the balance of the Force, therefore his alcamy work could be about containing or curing the rakgoul plague. His work would have interested Jariik who would have looked for informations about those creatures that the Sith had created (and it could fit SO well with a rakgoul plague event on some planet which could lead to a reunion with his former master !) – Thomas Deumier
    Maybe his master could specialise in making sith potions that increes the power of imperial troops ands sith alike and some of his best meterials come from Quesh, maybe Javiik could have been very good at identifing the best meterials for making the best Sith Potions.  Sith poison used for torture and to weaken a force users ability to resist the temptations of turning to the dark side of the force and Flesh Raider elixir which although is not a product of Sith alchemy does have the effect of making the drinker more violent and aggressive. – ChanceIchio
  • POTIONS AND POISON, different direction
    Maybe he sent him to the academy so that he would get toughned up and devolope some sort of force resistence that he could use to test out some potions and poisons on him , so that he could plan assasination attempts on his sith lord rivals or potential enemies. folow up on dromund kaas with Lord Drowl who can be some collegue to the master as he is the one who devoloped the queel venom. – Death Shadow
    What if Lord Shalin was studying ways to increase force users abilities, and enhanced Javiik’s with all the artifacts he had him touch. This might also mean that Javiik’s natural force powers would be just average, nothing to really write home about. – Schmitty’s 423
    What I think regarding your master and his interests in both alchemy and Javiik, since alchemy takes interest in not only the way the Force manifests, but specifically manipulating it, I feel like that is his prime interest with Javiik. He has manoeuvred Javiik into amplifying his force powers, almost certainly without Javiik’s knowledge, which is how he has manipulated the Force’s manifestation in him using the lightsaber of his master.
    Now he may be fairly content to wait, at least in part, and see what his “experiment” produces, but its possible (and likely) he won’t be entirely happy just sitting and looking. Sith are prone to continue working with something (especially at the time of SWTOR, before the rule of two came about) and far less likely to just sit around while plans laid in place happen over time, and so he could be continuing to manipulate his fate for either his own goals or just to “adjust” his experiment. – TheGrandAdmiral
    Perhaps his master specialized in creating creatures, inspired by the Teranateks of old, and he worked to make creatures similar to the emerperor’s monoliths. If you wanted to add more, you could say that the emperor discovered the research, and quietly had the sith liquidated to take the project for himself, but I know you are trying to avoid being too interconnected so that might not work, but it would be interesting to have that dynamic. – Joseph Hrenchir
    Notable Sithspawn included the Massassi caste of the Sith species, Exar Kun’s Terentatek monsters and Battle hydras, the reborn Emperor Palpatine’s Chrysalide rancors, Leviathans, Swamp wampa, mutated Noghri, Smoke Demons, Dart flowers, the two Dark Jedi Gorc and Pic, and, believed to be the worst Sith abominations, Technobeasts. They could fight with chain manipulation and could have offspring as well. – Wookiepedia

Inspiration from Community Members: Madness or Lightning?

  • MADNESS (SW:TOR Wikia)
    Delving ever deeper into the dark side of the Force can lead to madness, but it can also lead to immense power. Attacking multiple enemies simultaneously and instilling terror into their hearts, all the while sapping their very life essence from afar, the Madness Sorcerer is a dark threat unlike any other.
    Lightning is a skill tree of the Sith Inquisitor’s Sorcerer advanced class. This tree focuses on overloading enemies with blasts of lightning from range.
  • lightning: http://dulfy.net/2016/12/26/swtor-5-0-lightning-sorcerer-pve-guide-by-sion/

    With 5.0, Lightning has been nerfed pretty hard. We are currently dead last among the dps specs. We will still be viable for HM, but as far as NiM goes, I find it unlikely that we will be able to do the damage unless the rest of the specs are so far above the dps checks that our low damage is still enough”

    and for madness:

    “Madness is currently the best, yet most difficult, Sorcerer DPS spec in SWTOR.”

    Currently Madness does more damage than lightning, but I find lightning to be more animated and more enjoyable (personal opinion). I actively run three sorcs 1 healer, 1 madness and 1 lightning. Madness is more keeping the dot’s going and is mobile, lightning is more burst damage and spec’d right can be really good. Sadly the class is ranked last in the DPS – but is the most fun. As a free to play, it’s a bit more costly to respec, so trying both out might be a bit of a cost issue …. but it depends more on what you like best – Dirty Emp


I have finally met Lord Zash, and I feel that the additional burdens Harken has chained me with will soon come to an end.

On my way to the Tomb on Naga Sadow, I was able to recover Dorji’s lightsaber – I will free the Jedi on my return to the Sith Temple.

In the tomb, I was able to recover the rods and free the Dashade, through a powerful display of the force. Soon we will break deeper in to the temple, and recover the map that lies within.


Backstory: Lord Shalin’s Sith Alchemy

Lord Shalin, Javiik’s former master, focused on the Sith Alchemy of creating Sithspawn, eventually “retiring” from teaching at the Sith Academy to further pursue his research. Lord Shalin hopes to alter, augment and improve sentient species, and not just the “beasts” of old. His studies will focus on Javiik, a male Cathar touched by the force, and will test his strength by pushing him in to the Sith Academy. After all, what better subject could there be than one who is already “half beast”? Only once Javiik has proven his natural worth will the experiment continue… and fulfill his promise to the Dark Council. “I promise you, I could make even a slave worthy of your respect.”


Inspiration from Community Members: Meeting Lord Shalin, Javiik’s Former Master on Dromund Kaas

  • Question was, “Is Javiik’s former master, who found him on Dromund Kaas, still alive?”
    Most of you voted YES he is still alive… but unavailable for some reason or another, including ideas like he was presumed dead but is actually alive somewhere, he was forced in to hiding, or snuck away for one reason or another.
  • DEAD
    Ideas of his soul…bound to The First, or even to Javiik!
    His master is alive, BUT he went mad like many other Siths during an expedition into the Dark Temple. So now Javiik sees an opportunity as in freeing his former master’s mind in order to have the former master in debt with Javiik for future purposes. The lightsaber can go anywhere in this story arc: laying on the Dark Temple’s steps or within recovered items from rescue teams that made a run into the temple before Javiik’s arival, and so on. – Lee
    I think Javiiks master might make sure that Javiik thinks he’s dead. From a purely research perspective, Javiiks behavior would be much more genuine and thus less likely to skew any data that the master is gathering on him. It certainly would also be interesting as an additional experiment later, to reveal to Javiik that the master was alive and watching the entire time. THAT could be an absolutely unique opportunity to gather psych data as well. After all, if the master HAS tinkered with poor Javiik, there could be extremely subtle changes in how he reacts to certain things as the experiments progress of as Javviik adjusts to the changes made. – cassandra Stryffe
    Alive but presumed dead. Master faked his death so he can continue his evil activities without the sith supervising his actions. As soon as his master hears about Javiik beeing on Dromund Kass he could approach him and try to manipulate Javiik .. – SlowMusic
    I’d say that, whatever you choose regarding the fate of Javik’s master, he ends up dying before the end of Chapter 1, because that will force Javik to succeed or fail on his own esteem, with nobody around who can possibly help him. He’ll truly be a self made man, going from slave to what he becomes at the end of the story, on his own. He will have earned everything he could possibly have to his name. – Assassin’s Den|
    Perhaps his master is still alive, but perhaps not in the best of condition, even dying or extremely corrupted by the dark side.  – Anna Sumner
    It has been mentioned that Lord Shalin avoided dealing with the political infighting inherent in the Sith hierarchy as much as possible (hence why he is called Lord Shalin as opposed to Darth Shalin, I guess). Nevertheless, he is bound to draw suspicion from the more competitive Lords at some point or other, most likely due to the sheer paranoia of his peers. So I’m backing SlowMusic’s suggestion that Shalin faked his own death, but with a twist; he is hiding because another Sith Lord is trying to kill him. In fact, I’d suggest that Shalin should not even be on Dromund Kaas, but in hiding elsewhere, as he needs to continue his research into Sith alchemy, but cannot do so on the Imperial capital world, because of the attempts on his life. Since Lord Shalin taught at the Sith Academy before retiring, he might have a contact he trusts on Dromund Kaas that can bring Javiik the lightsaber. – moskus
    Javiik discovers that Lord Gratham destroyed his master and stole the project that he was working on to make his own son look good in front of the dark council. – Kenneth Kraemer
    I think it would be good for him to have had a rivalery with lord Gratham. because both shared the same master… with javik’s master being the favorite aprentice. now i think that something should lead to javik’s masters disappearance… -MBoeltje41

Backstory: Lord Shalin’s Fall

  • lord shalin was tinkering with sith alchemy on sentient species
  • was causing trouble with both his fellow teachers and even with the dark council, and the last time he was invited to speak before them he said “I promise you, I could make even a slave worthy of your respect.” brought eyes on him and his research
  • What if he found something after his retirement, not what he intended to find in his research in sith alchemy but was valuable enough that it sent him in to hiding…what could it be?
  • Leaving Dromund kaas, Gave the lightsaber to Lord Grathan to give to Javiik, not trustworthy but more trustworthy than those in power right now.

    Sith spawn entry: 1 hor, 5 mins and 30 seconds

Inspiration from Community: What did Lord Shalin find?

  • Lots of cool idea revolving around Old Republic Era characters… lord scourge, the emperor, Revan, and even Darth Traya for you KOTOR II fans!
    A idea, Javiik’s Master is/was working on giving people the force like Javiik was a non force user and under his Master work he was given the power to use the force. Think be able to take all the weak and non force using slaves that no other master wanted and being able to give them the force or up the levels or power of the force they have. His Master could turn a weak no good slave/people into a a very scary group of powerful force users completely changing the level of power with in the empire.
    As for His Master’s studies a second thought what about being able to take a persons mind and using sith magic/alcmery to implant that into a sith spawn for other monster one hand you get a super powered force using sith spawn with the mind of a sith lord or spy in the body of a huge beast. that most people would think is mindless! great as a warrior or spy in a smaller beast or a way of trapping a foe what better cell than one of a huge mindless monster.
    Being able to make force users and moves minds or give mindless creatures a human like mind and IQ would scare the sith as is changes the balance of power – Nastya Dostya
    Perhaps Lord Shallen was intrigued with the idea of having Javiik imbued with the Force. Javiik’s master then began experimenting with imbuing non-Force-Sensitive creatures with the Force. He went into hiding to experiment and most of his career, he was unsuccessful, until that one day, he finally achieves his goal. Other Sith Lords of the Council heard of this blasphemy and now want him gone out of fear that Javiik’s master may create a new threat to the Empire (whether that is the Council’s fear that Javiik’s master will come up with an Empire of his own, full of Force Sensitives, or the fact that this threat of heresy unnerves the Sith Council that everyone could become Force Sensitive rendering the Sith to not be as dominant in the galaxy). – Roadkillz
  • BUT..
    The problem with that is that the Force doesn’t work that way. You’re either born sensitive to the Force, or you’re born not sensitive to the Force. And while a Dark Sider can be stripped of their connection to the Force by a sufficiently powerful and knowledgeable Light Sider, a connection cannot be established where there was none to begin with – Assassin’s Den
    aren’t familiar with the Reborn?  The Reborn were artificially infused with the Force, so it has happened in the Star Wars universe, at least in the Legends lore. – Roadkillz
  • ZASH
    Lord Shallen, was found out to be sympathetic to the jedi order and this information was found out by Lord Zash. Who has been sending accolytes after him. On one of his ventures into the dark temple he found an artifact that ties his family line to a line of jedi’s and he tries to destroy it but was unable to destroy this lightsaber and was driven mad by the force ghosts in the temple in attempts to run away he leaves behind this lightsaber where Javiik will find it. Meanwhile Darth Zash is continuing to work on getting Javiik to her side to eventually cross blades with his former master. – Kenneth Kraemer
  • VOSS
    Maybe the sith was reading (in thanaton’s library perhaps?) And discovered an ancient text from voss that told of the ancient evil there and the really creepy beasts that live around the dark heart area (the giant blue ones that are even called horrors), and decided to investigate further, thinking that voss might hold the secret to more powerful beasts, forcing him into exile somewhere in the nightmare lands where survival was unlikely, however not impossible – Joseph Hrenchir
    while watching the video, i thought “what is the worst thing a sith can do that they don’t already do?” and i thought… and thought… and thought… then i realized, the worst thing a sith can do, is to turn to the light (edited) to see what it can do for creating stronger sith spawns – Tythos Delt

Inspiration from Community: Javiik’s relation to Lord Kallig, “Blood of my blood”

    If Javiik was to be relatated to Kalig it would be far too convinient in my opinion. I vote for the following: Kalig is not his ancestor. Instead, Kalig sensed Javiik’s natural talents with the wield of the force and seized the opportunity to use him for his own ends. In the future, that might serve as yet another lesson to Javiik about the ways of the Sith and their manipulative schemes, that don’t cease to exist even after their deaths. – Lee
    what about this : callig just sensed his potencial and wants to control him thats why he is lying to him . – Darth Lacorusnox
    What about instead of being related to Kallig he is related to a slave that Kallig might have owned at the time of him being alive and had made a minor but memorable bond with which might have tricked him into beliveing that the bond he sensed is of his offspring. – Death Shadow
    I was actually about to say something similar! Kalig is obviously the wrong race to be related to Javiik, but I think Kalig knows this, and although Kalig feels the bond, all Kalig wants to do is manipulate Javiik. I think Kalig is using the remnants of this old bond to try and find a way to get a body again. Sith have done things like that in the past and if Kalig has no living decedents a Force-bong might be enough! – cassandra Stryffe
    I don’t think so. Far more likely than Javiik being actually related (because it would be even harder for a cathar in Tulak Horde’s time to be a sith lord) would for him to be messing with Javiik so he is more willing to do whatever the Kallig asks of him, blood relation and all. Maybe he was going to say that to anyone who entered his tomb. – Anna Sumner
    Maybe Lord Sha… (never found the right spelling of that name, sorry) is related to Kallig. When Lord S empowered Javiik he also transferred a bit of his essence which is what Kallig now senses. – Dratckuf
    How about this: Lord Shalin’s master was Kallig’s descendant and he was the last of the line and when he was dying right next to Lord Shalin he transferred a part of his essence into his lightsaber and made Lord Shalin promise to find some way to continue his bloodline (knowing how Lord Shalin became proficient with sith alchemy and that sort of stuff) and that is indeed the very experiment that Lord Shalin has performed with Javiik and lightsaber. – sorry! Vlad? Влад Ильяшов
  • ve done things like that in the past and if Kalig has no living decedents a Force-bong might be enough!
    – cassandra Stryffe
    I think Lord Kalling should be part of Javiik’s heritage. Maybe, at some points in past lineage, one of his ancestors were human. The reason I say human is I think Lord Kalling is human, despites that we don’t know what his race is due to that he wears a mask.
    – MrGameutopia1
    I don’t think the game actually gives you a race for Kallig, so he could be anything. But after almost 2000 years, I’m pretty sure Javiik would be almost 99.99% Cathar, even if Kallig was a human male who somehow managed to interbreed with a Cathar woman. I do like the idea of them being blood related. I think that, given that Javiik has lost his entire family, even a relative as distant as Kallig would be a welcome thing. And, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want Kallig as a grandpa? He’s kickass! 😂
    – Taraum
    Perhaps Khalig is simply a great ancestor who intermingled with multiple races, diluding his own future bloodline and, thus, ruining their future within the Empire. This would also explain why Javiik is so timid. He’s barely related to Khalig. This caused his Sith blood to be diluted to the point where it would take great effort and power to simply awaken his Sith potential. – Vexas
    What if Kallig had an affair with a Cathar that was kept secret, but another sith found out and used the information to undermine Kallig, and then the real family of Kallig plotted against the family of Javiik, leading to a feud that lasted for generations ( this fits in with what we know about alderanian politics, as families feud for generations), this feud eventually led to javiik being enslaved as an example to others. – Joseph
    I really think Kallig should be related to Javiik, actually blood related. The Old Sith Empire was a meritocracy that actually had aliens, few yes, but still among their ranks, so it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to assume Kallig was a Cathar (because Cathar and Humans can’t produce hybrid offspring, other species like Twi’lek or Zabrak can). – Lord of the Betrayed
    Here’s the thing about the Sith species; they were able to interbreed with quite a few species. Humans and Keshiri are confirmed to have created genetically viable hybrids, but there’s also theories that the Anzati having Sith in their genetics due to intermingling in the days before the rise of the Republic.
    So, the fact that both Sith and Cathar are both mammals and humanoid make interbreeding a possibility, coupled with how Kallig is known to be “pro-alien”, he may have either taken a Cathar wife, or had a liaison with a Cathar woman and got her pregnant, and that Sith blood carried ALL the way down to Javik. 🙂
    Well, if you do go with that, then here’s an interesting tidbit about the Cathar; they mate for life, a fact that angered Sylvar in the tales of the Jedi comics when her mate, Crado, turned to the Dark Side and died in the Cron Supernova that destroyed Khem’s homeworld.
    So, if Kallig did indeed take a Cathar wife who had Cathar-Sith children, they’d be her only children after Kallig was assassinated, and would carry all the way through the generations down to Javiik, which is why Kallig would sense his own bloodline in Javiik.
    – Assassin’s Den

History of Sheeva Vutta

  • The Vutta family eventually landed on Alderaan, and built a home for themselves as close allies of House Alde, once again returning to their roots as farmers and traders, but also creating strong neutral trade ties with the Sith-aligned houses including House Thul, even going so far as to serve as pages in their houses. This tradition carried on through the Vutta generators until the galactic war began to break out, where Javiik Vutta’s young father, Rythen Vutta, decided to join the war effort and was shipped off to Dathomir, hoping to stop the genocide of a planet so close to their ancestor’s home of Cathar.
  • Not long after, House Thul began to make declarations of their own, leaving Javiik’s mother, Sheeva Vutta, unsure of their safety on the planet. Not having heard from her husband and presuming him dead, she quietly extracted her son who was serving as a page under House Thul, and together they packed a majority of their trade goods into one of their cargo ships, and left their Alderaanian homeland behind.
  • Unfortunately they were not able to escape the war, even in the vastness of space. Through a series of miscommunication and misunderstandings, they ventured into imperial space and came under arrest and were reduced to slavery. Javiik’s mother was sent to the shipyards of Balmorra, and the young Jaavik was sent to Dromund Kaas to work on the unfinished colossus. When it was discovered he once served as a page in a noble house, he was transferred to serve under a Sith Lord, where his force powers were discovered, and was sent for training on Korriban.
  • Under the tutelage of Sith Pureblood Alchemist, Lord Shalin, and then under the apprenticeship of Lord Zash, Javiik Vutta’s connection to the force flourished, with his strength and confidence growing by the day. Although he had not grown as ruthless as the Sith he encountered on a daily basis, he was far from the innocent young man he had been on Alderaan. The marks of using the dark side had begun to creep even into his physical appearance, and even those who once knew him would be hard-pressed to place him as the page who once worked for House Thul.
  • Through Lord Zash’s lust for knowledge and power, Javiik was sent to the war-torn world of Balmorra to recover an ancient artifact, the last known whereabouts of his missing mother. Following the path of the artifact, the young Sith Apprentice falls into his mother’s slavery camp, the Shipyards of Balmorra. Arriving at the camp’s entrance, Javiik looked across to the ships tethered at their docks, and immediately spotted his mother, and recognized her immediately. This is where our story starts… the story of a young Sith Apprentice returning to his mother.

Freeing Slaves in the Empire

By the Emperor’s order, no slave could ever be granted his or her freedom, and the status of the parent would be passed down to the child generation after generation. Because of this directive, there was never any doubt aboiut the role of any Twi’lek in the Empire – they were and always would be slaves, descended from ancestores too weak to save themselves from the Sith invaders. – Revan novel, nearly 300 years before SWTOR occurs

Inspiration from Community: Where should Javiik send his mom, Coruscant or Dromund Kaas?

  • Cost, Dromudn Kaas. I voted for DK, because I love all that rain 🙂 But Coruscant will pose problems for him too. When an Imperial character travels to a republic SH there’s a 1000 credit ‘smuggling fee’ EVERY time you go there. I DO like it’s supposed to represent bribes or fees or general costs to covertly cross enemy lines, but ‘out of character’ it gets to be a huge pain in the neck – Cassandra
  • Ship. Um… SPOILER!!!! You keep your ship… – Anthony
  • Ship/smuggle. Honestly, if f2p credit caps weren’t an issue, Nar Shaddaa would be best, due to what is coming in the class storyline; Sheeva would be VERY safe in an apartment on Nar Shaddaa after Javiik has completed his class story there. But, since you have f2p credit limit, I voted for DK. Oh, and the ship is Javiik’s property, because it was a gift from Zash. However, you are right that Sheeva wouldn’t be safe, due to starships requiring deliveries of food, fuel, and requiring preventive maintenance. People would be coming and going on his ship all the time when it’s on the ground, and Javiik knows this. Oh, and as a meta thing, remember that for the Coruscant and Dromund Kaas strongholds, they require a one time extra fee to “smuggle” an opposite faction character to that stronghold. Or at least, that’s how it was the last time I checked. – Assasin’s Den
  • Khem Val, Dromund Kaas. Khem Val can protect Javiiks mom on Dromund Kass sense he is resistant to the force no sith would be able to hurt her – Axel
  • Sith he trusts, Dromund Kaas. I think it would be neat If he put her on Drummond Kaas what If he could give her to a sith he trusts, and make his mother a pretend slave? in which she could be safe – Babyfur
  • Safety, Coruscant. I’d pick Coruscant. Just ’cause she would be safe on Coruscant. – Las Muffin
  • Safety and smuggling, Coruscant. But all in all for me at least the answer is pretty straight, Coruscant. Of course Dromund Kass is much closer to home now but there I don’t think she’d be safe enough, also she really isn’t fond of the idea anyway. It wouldn’t be good for her to be there, especially alone, all kinds of bad things could happen with that scenario. But Coruscant on the other hands, yeah, yeah, enemy territory and all that, but after smuggling her there and getting the apartment she would be perfectly safe there, sure the documents would have to be forged but Javiik is a Sith and he has money and influence, it should not be too hard to pull that off. And when she finally is there safe and sound, he could send her money to live for some time before she gets settled and start trying to revive her business now that she’s free again. I’d say that choice is much better then locking her away on Dromund Kaas. So that’s my take on the situation, have a great day Swtorista! – Cheysy
  • Close by, Dromund Kaas. My vote is for Dromund Kaas. I imagine that Javiik (I hope I spelled it right…) would want to have his mother close by after being away from her for so long, and I can see him actually living in the Kaas stronghold with her when he isn’t off on Sith business (and, once he has enough influence, he can probably rope a few guards into protecting her). There’s also the fact that, as a Sith, he probably wouldn’t be able to get to Coruscant without some hassle, and based on his behavior in the neat short story in the last part, he doesn’t strike me as willing to just ship Sheeva off to Republic space and be separated from her yet again, potentially for good this time. She might not like being on Kaas, but who knows? Maybe having his mother in his life again could influence Javiik’s actions, or she could slowly get used to living in the Empire…there are some possibilities. – Psychopithicus, just caught up!
  • Weakness, Coruscant. As much as I want Javiik to have a Dromund Kaas strong hold, I would have to say Corasaunt would be better, if he wanted to keep his mother safe. Regardless of the favors people owe him, he has to know that his enemies among the Sith would easy exploit his weakness very easily if she were to be on Kaas. Or maybe he hasn’t realized this yet? If she goes to Corasaunt then she’ll be safe, but probably also out of the story. If she goes to Kaas it’d be easier to keep her in the story with a possible kidnapping and rescue story later on. Just a thought. – Luke
  • Both! Dromund Kaas now, but eventually acquire a Republic stronghold which she could be moved to. This could lead to interesting development of their relationship. I can see the increasing tension at her having to be on Kaas. – Countsmakula
  • WOULD DO, Dromudn Kaas. I don’t think he should send her to DK, but that’s what I think he would do. – Wolf Alpha
  • Her tastes, Coruscant. I’ve voted for coruscant because I think that it is indeed a better idea for Javiik’s mother to live in a place far away from the sith in a place which is more to her tastes and makes her feel safe – Dafni
  • Sith, Dromund Kaas. Well like you said it would be easier for her to be on Dromund Kaas since Javiik is sith ..for now. I say that only because I feel like he is kinda confused on what he should. Now I pick Dromund Kaas because welp I’m sith and that the capital and also in my opinion the the most beautiful place on SWTOR. Sorry if my wording is terrible I’m not really great with words.. Keep up the great vids, love your channel. – Zane
  • 185 votes, 94 Dromund Kaas and 86 Coruscant, 5 I’m not sure

Roleplay with Vil and Zaifos

  • Javiik’s mom, Sheeva Vutta, has been placed secretly in an apartment acquired by Javiik to hide her in.
  • Unfortunately, Javiik is not without enemies, and attracts the attention of an outside force (possibly Lord Skotia) who hires a Bounty Hunter named Huxtor to get “dirt” on Javiik.
  • Huxtor is a hot-headed bounty hunter who has lost carefulness with time, and gets caught by Sheeva while snooping around the apartment.
  • Instinctively, Sheeva Vutta fires a blast of Force Lightning at him. Surprised (the apartment was supposed to be empty, much less having a Cathar force user in it!) Huxtor performs a wise tactical retreat to collect his very generous reward.
  • Huxtor was not the only one surprised to “feel” Force Lightning. A Sith nearby named Kas’iah (pronunced “Kuh-sigh-yah”) also feels the sudden burst of Dark Force where there wasn’t any before, and takes it upon herself to investigate the situation.
  • Kas’iah has a great interest in the mysteries of the Force. She enjoys Sith Artifacts.
  • Kas’iah manages to assure Sheeva that she is not there to cause her harm – but in fact, she was seeking an apprentice to teach and invited Sheeva to join her.
  • Sheeva, wanting to become strong enough in the Force to protect herself, and with Javiik away, accepts.
  • Somewhere out there, an unknown enemy now knows that Javiik is harboring his mother on Dromund Kaas… it’s only a matter of time before that info is acted on.

Javiik’s Cult

GoodOldGamer 4 days ago
His mom should manage it for him. I remember you were looking for something for her to do? If it were a mafia, she could be the ‘godmother’ type. 😀
Reply · 3

Anna Sumner 4 days ago
Hmm….this is a hard question! I think Javik’s cult should support Nar Shadda’s lower class, especially oppressed aliens. I see that as something Javik would do! And his mother should have a hand in it, because she seems to be quite an experienced lady.
Reply · 1

Death Shadow 4 days ago
Your cult could be focused on the study and distribution of medicine trying to spread your kindness to the lower class of nar shada as for people who might join i think probably some smugglers will join in and/or medical scientist and sorceror healers.
Reply · 1

WrathandFlame 14 4 days ago (edited)
Maybe your cult could be based around antislavery and you know it could turn into some kind of movement with Javiik’s identity remaining a secret to the public. I am saying this because eventhough it would be cool for the cult to worship the sith and the dark side and impressive stuff like that I don’t believe they would do a good job because as non-force users they simply can’t grasp the true meaning of the Force
Reply · 3


(This is the end of the Wondertalk stories.)


Upcoming: Galactic Timeline

  • Malgus born – 3701 BBY, 48 yrs before sacking of coruscant
  • Start of sith attacks and korriban – 3681 BBY, 28 yrs before sacking of coruscant
  • BATTLE OF ALDERAAN – 3667 BBY, 14 years before the sacking of coruscant
  • Javiik is born. 8-13 years before the treaty of coruscant
  • 0 years is the sacking of coruscant, and then the cold war starts
  • Game starts – 3643 BBY, 10 years after the sacking of coruscant
  • Javiik is 18-25, young man
    So, 8-15 yrs before sacking of coruscant
    Born after the galactic war starts, but the oldest he could be for the Battle of Alderaan
    So maybe born 6 years after battle of alderaan, 8 yrs before sacking of coruscant
    at age 10 or two years after treaty of coruscant dad left for dathomir

Battle of Alderaan

“As the planet sat undefended by the Republic fleet, it was beset by a massive Sith invasion force that bombarded the planet from orbit, obliterated its local defense forces, and took the royal family of Alderaan hostage. Malgus and his forces burned entire cities to the ground and brutalized the peaceful noble families, all while the small number of Jedi who were on-planet at the time of the invasion struggled to make even the slightest dent in the Sith invasion force.

Prior to landing their vessels, the Empire initiated a heavy orbital bombardment of the world, which decimated a number of townships and filled much of the atmosphere with ash and thick black smoke. Darth Malgus himself led the incursion force, which consisted of several thousand assault droids, hundreds of fellow Sith, large numbers of Imperial soldiers,

Upon learning that the Empire had come to Alderaan, Satele Shan rushed to ensure the safety of the Alderaanian Queen Silara Panteer. However, upon arriving at Castle Panteer, she found the building in ruins—the Imperials had already captured the royal family. The Sith held the Panteer royals hostage throughout their invasion, earning the ire of the Alderaanian government and people. They also targeted and brutalized House Organa, Alderaan’s most Republic-friendly noble family

The battle was a major victory for the Republic, but had grave consequences for the future of Alderaan. Although historically a voice for peace, the Alderaanian government became a vocal proponent of harsh military actions against the Empire in the aftermath of the battle.

After the treaty of coruscant, In protest of the Republic’s establishment of peace with the enemy, Gaul Panteer, the Crown Prince and senator of Alderaan, stormed out of the Senate and declared his planet an independent system. The secession was met with mixed reaction from the people of Alderaan, particularly in light of the fact that many had expected their world to return to its peaceful ways.

The situation erupted into chaos following the prince’s assassination. Queen Silara Panteer, a survivor of Imperial imprisonment during the battle, died in the following days, leaving the Alderaanian throne vacant and the Alderaanian Parliament unable to appoint a new ruling family. It was at this point that the Empire made a new bid for Alderaan—this time by manipulating the return outcast noble House Thul. The reappearance of House Thul, which was now little more than an Imperial puppet family, prompted Bouris Ulgo to declare himself King and demand the obedience of the other houses. Although the patriot Ulgo was attempting to prevent what he saw as a new Imperial invasion, his fellow nobles were repulsed by his institution of martial law and execution of the remaining members of House Panteer. Eventually, Bouris Ulgo was captured by an elite strike team. It was later discovered that Houses Ulgo and Rist were behind Gaul Panteer’s death. As the usurping House Ulgo, the Imperial-allied Thuls, and the Republic-backed Organas competed to become the new royal family, Alderaan fell back into violence and tyranny. Over the next decade, Republic and Imperial combatants flocked to the world to attempt to influence the outcome of what became one of the bloodiest planetary civil wars in galactic history.

Despite Bouris Ulgo’s death, the civil war continued into the Galactic War and even after, during the Eternal Empire’s domination of the greater galaxy. Arcann’s empire actively aggravated the conflict, undermining any peace talks through sabotage so that the Alderaanian government would be too unstable to form a resistance against the Eternal Throne.”

  • Did the Vutta estate survive the Battle of Alderaan, or was it destroyed and they had to rebuild?
  • Did Rythen Vutta, Javiik’s father, participate in the Battle of Alderaan against the Sith led by Darth Malgus?
  • Did the Vutta family ally with any of the noble houses before the war? Did they fight in the civil war that followed the Battle of Alderaan?


  • House Organa
  • House Teral
  • House Alde
  • House Panteer

Sith Empire:

  • House Thul
  • House Girard
  • House Cortess
  • House Killesa


  • House Ulgo
  • House Rist

Inspiration from Community: Javiik’s father and the Battle of Alderaan

  • Correction, Herder of sheep said, Technically House Ulgo was independent and House Rist was serving Ulgo
  • Silent Veteran, Jack had an idea about Javiik seeing the war, unfortunately for our timeline Javiik would not have been born yet, though that would have been super cool. Jack said, As for his father he was in the war, but as many war veteran, will not tell Javiik anything about the battle, this happens also in real life, my grandpa come home from WW2 and didn’t say a single word to anyone
  • Hiding, William Spears said, Large scale warfare often involve smaller battles and skirmishes scattered around. Fients raids and such that might easily involve a militia unit in brief but desperate fighting. Family civilans often seek refuge where they can. Since Alderan seem to have numerous cave complexes that would seem to be a natural refuge. Perhaps a cave where the force is strong?
  • Opposite house, Person said, i feel like the Vutta’s probably could have been loyal to maybe House Organa, or Panteer, and that’s why javik started to work for house thul to show allegiance, or trying not to be imprisoned or killed or something along those lines
  • Republic soldier, WrathandFlame said, I think that having Javiik’s father being a republic soldier adds more drama to the story and I really can’t wait to see how he will react to finding out that his son is a servant of the Empire and a sith no less. I believe that if their house was destroyed by the Empire during the battle of Alderaan that would give even more reason to Javiik’s father to be hateful towards the Empire (he could be a fanatic Republic supporter) and perhaps also be very pissed that his son is helping them cause more destruction.
  • Panteer Militia, A damn lizard said, To start off, I believe it’s possible that Javiik’s family was aligned with House Panteer, which might explain how Javiik came to be in the service of House Thul; the royal family is in shambles and the politics of Alderaan quickly become complicated, leaving the Vuttas in the same state of confusion and fear as the rest of the less notable citizens of Alderaan. Javiik’s family joins the other Alderaanians in a state of uneasy peace, which is when they settle down and have Javiik. Of course, with House Panteer seriously weakened the Vuttas are without any real, strong allies and beginning to struggle. Unfortunately for them their land happens to fall into House Thul’s newly established territory, and it is not very long after the new borders are finalized that Javiik’s family end up forced into the service of the Empire’s puppet House. However, during the battle of Alderaan itself I think it’s possible Javiik’s father briefly joined a small militia/ home guard in an attempt to defend the civilians caught on the borders of the battle (such as his wife). Due to a small deployment of Republic troops working with the militia to keep it organized, Rythan’s skills as a soldier were quickly discovered by the Republic, leading to his eventual participation in the military– all in the service of the protection of his wife and son, of course.
  • Premonition, Anna Sumner said, I think that the Vutta’s crops and home/store were completely destroyed by the bombardement. The Vutta family harbored a lot of both fear and resentment against the Empire. By Javik’s birth, they had rebuilt their homestead. Rythen didn’t fight in the battle of Alderaan, but it’s what spurred him on to eventually join the war effort. Sheeva prevented her husband from fighting in the Battle of Alderaan because of a dream she had of him dying in the battle (she’s slightly force sensitive)

Upcoming: Dathomir

  • Javiik’s father left to join the Great Galactic War, a fierce battle between the Empire and the Republic that had been brewing for centuries, which came to a dramatic start when a Sith fleet launched a massive assault on their captured homeworld of Korriban
  • Witches of Dathomir is super cool but way after the Old Republic
  • The degenerate descendants of the Kwa came to be known as the Kwi or Blue Desert People, and like the rancors they appeared to be simple herd animals living around the planet’s arid Great Desert; but on occasion they still showed some surprising hints of intelligence, including a capability to create primitive tools and ornaments, and they possessed a collective memory of their former glory, and the importance of the sanctity of the Star Temples.
  • By 36,453 BBY, the planet was already inhabited by a few Humans, whose origin is unknown. They were organized in tribal units with shamanistic beliefs. Some of their seers were brought on Tython in a Tho Yor ship and were among the founders of the Je’daii (juh-DYE) Order
  • “The Paecian Empire was an interstellar government which collapsed in 2992 BBY. The empire used the planet Dathomir as a prison colony for criminals who had designed battle droids.”
  • “K’krohl, one of the companions you get, will send you a mail after completing his Star Fortress quest. The end paragraph is as follows! “…((Skipped spoiler stuff))…In the meantime, I’ve heard some promising rumors about exciting new talent we might be able to recruit on a planet called Datho-something-or-other. I’ll let you know if it’s worth your time.””

Community Inspiration

  • Sphere of Ancient Knowledge, Shawn Williams said, “On Dathomir we can say that Javiik’s father fought against the forces of Darth Arctis the Head of the Sphere of Sith Ancient Knowledge. On Dathomir the Sith were at their most deadliest using the natural mist of the planet too ambush Republic forces. By day the republic would not only have too worry about the Imperial threat but also the local wildlife. By night republic must be on their guard because at night troops would go missing and never be seen again and many of Javiik’s Father’s friends have gone missing. Months’ has passed and the republic is on the back foot because the empire has unleashed these unnatural creatures. As night falls Javiik’s Father was taken in the night by a group of natives that sides with the empire. After being locked up for days he was reunited with some of his comrades, they tell he about that the creatures that they have unleashed on the republic forces where prisoner who were changed by Darth Arctic. “
  • Ulgo Soldier, Alexander said, “originally House Ulgo provided the Republic Military with fine Soldiers and Officers. Maybe Javiik’s father could have had ties with House Ulgo, perhaps serving as a Trainer? Drill Sergeant? ouris Ulgo, for example, was a Republic War Hero. But after the coup he laid to “protect” Alderaan from the Empire the Republic disowned him and withdrew their support to House Ulgo.”
  • Environment, Anna Sumner, Javik’s father quickly realized that Dathomir was nothing like Cathar. Besides the frequent Imperial and Sith attacks, the climate and beasts seemed to be also conspiring against them. Many of the troops fell ill to mysterious diseases, and they lived in fear of a dreaded rancor attack. They even began to have hallucinations. One day, a rancor did attack. He slaughtered many of the troops, and Javik’s father and a few other soldiers managed to kill it, but with dreadful losses. During Rythen’s stay, he stumbled on many strange ruins. Many times, the Sith and the Imperials would use them for bases. Eventually, the Republic pulled out and it was considered a loss.
  • Short supplies, William Spears, Republic and imperial squads seem to he about 80% sentient and 20% droid he could have familiarity with command styles needed to get the best of both type. Sith and/Jedi make periodic and often terrifying appearances. A place like Dathomir could be one of perptual shortages of rations and munitions. As one veteran of Imphal/Kohima once told me “six weeks of fish heads and rice”
  • Take back, Herder of Sheep said, Heres my take on Javiks father during the battle of Dathomir and overall war (Sorry for my grammar): The battle of Dathomir was a horrific fight, with the Empire utilizing sith magic to control Dathomirs native population which tore through the Republic forces in an attempt to beat back the Sith forces the Republic ordered a bombing run on the Empires main fortress because it contained the majority of the Siths beasts, but the fortress was ray shielded so the republic sent a unit of about 50 of their soldiers ( including Javiks father) to lower the ray shield they told them that their mission was to lower the ray shield and take the base. Once the ray shield was lowered despite having soldiers in the fortress the Republic ordered the bombing run, the Republics bombing did the job of destroying the majority of the Sith beasts but 45 of the 50 soldiers attacking the fortress were killed as well, due to loss of the majority of their beasts the Empire retreated and withdrew from Dathomir, the republic succeeded and took Dathomir, despite the Republic knowingly bombing his unit unit just to win the battle Javiks father survived and still fought for the Republic, as he justified what the Republic did on Dathomir as a miscommunication between the republics commanders on Dathomir, until about a 3 months later when he heard the Empire had struck back and had taken Dathomir and the Republic was already making plans to retake Dathomir, this coupled with the bombing of his unit when the Republic had taken Dathomir earlier in the war had the effect of souring Javiks fathers view on war all together seeing it as pointless and endless so he resigned from the Republics military and returned to Alderaan where his family was surely waiting for him….
  • What kind of man Javiik’s father is, Jack said “my take about Javiik father is, as a soldier who bravely fought for Alderaan, experienced and strong, he voluteer to go to Dathomir, as a man of principle, he witnessed Alderaan devastation, so his mission, become more focused on protect people, he doesn’t care about Jedi or Sith, he cares about society, he is an idealist, he stand for protecting and preserving cultures, not imposing them.
    With time, he is not anymore a soldier, he is a man that help people, rebuilding a world, knowing how easy it’s to destroy and how hard is to build. Tenaciously, he works hard, thinking at his family everyday, collecting resources to be able to get back and start a new life with enough money to built a bright future for them.
    As for his encounter with Javiik he will not judge him, he believes that only history can judge”

The war on Dathomir was bleak, bitter, and danger lurked around every corner. Not only did the Republic soldiers who had been stationed there have to worry about Darth Arctis’ hand-picked Sith soldiers, but the very planet itself conspired against their every move. The force-wielding Sith troops would cloak themselves in the natural mists to drag sleeping soldiers into the night, rations and supplies were perpetually short, and mysterious deadly illnesses ran rampant through the Republic forces fighting what felt like a hopeless, endless battle.

Rythen, Javiik’s young father, had joined the Republic military as an idealist, to help, to rebuild, to protect the ideals of freedom and peace that the Republic stood for – but on Dathomir, it was almost impossible to even see what the battle around them was trying to preserve. Rumours passed that Darth Arctis was looking for something, something that the Jedi Council didn’t want him to find. He was the head of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge, and then men could only guess in whispers what he could be seeking, and what they were supposedly protecting.

Rythen had joined the Republic military through natural channels. After House Thul accepted his son as a page in their house, Rythen became more familiar with the noble houses and eventually became a solider of House Ulgo, and was quickly put to work rebuilding Alderaan while also training to protect the planet from future Sith invasions. Shortly after, he was scouted into the Republic Military, where he felt he could better practice his ideals, even if it meant leaving his family for a time. The Battle of Alderaan had left scars on him, and the brutality the Sith showed during their attack left little room for doubt when it came to the validity of the battle – but Dathomir was different. There were no tortures. There were no townships burned to the ground. There was only war, and the Sith seemed almost uninterested in the few native inhabitants of the planet. Dreadful rancor attacks were frequent, and he had even lost friends to toxic hallucinogenics released by the swamplands. Rythen had joined the war to protect other families like his own on Alderaan, but there was nothing on Dathomir that he felt was worth saving.

Years later, Darth Arctis gave up his search, but he did not plan to leave the planet unscathed. Leaving a key ruin that was being used as a base seemingly undefended, Darth Arctis lured the Republic to attack through a combination of Sith sorcery and subterfuge. The base itself was not empty, but housed a majority of the beasts that the Empire had trained into their command, and the attacking Republic soldiers were met with the horrors the Sith forces had left behind. As the republic began to realize their mistake, Darth Arctis ordered an indiscriminate wide-scale bombing of the ruined fortress before retreating from Dathomir, not having found what he was looking for. Once the Empire left, the Republic ordered the retreat of what was left of its own soldiers shortly after – the Sith no longer had any interest in the world of Dathomir.

Before his next deployment, Rythen was given leave to return to Alderaan to meet with his family, but he returned to an empty home and a missing family. No one, not even the noble house members, had any idea what had happened to Sheeva Vutta and her young son, Javiik. Knowing that her ship and many of their treasured possessions were missing form their homestead, Rythen could only hope that they had left of their own choice and were safe somewhere in the galaxy.

The battle of Dathomir was a horrific fight, but Rythen strongly still believed that if he fought for the Republic, there must be other planets similar to Alderaan that deserved to be a sanctuary of peace, so he returned to the military shortly after finding his family missing. The needless loss of life and the bombing of his unit had soured Rythen’s view on the war, but his faith in his ideals was still strong, until the fateful day he received word of his next deployment… Dathomir. Darth Arctis had returned, and the pointless, endless war was to begin anew.

Upcoming: Javiik’s Father on Tatooine

  • After returning to Alderaan and finding his family missing, what did he do?
  • How did he wind up on Tatooine?
  • Where could Javiik find him on Tatooine?
  • What state is his mind in, after the war and the disappearance of his son?

Tatooine Community Comments

  • Stealth and assassins, Pessimist says, “I’m not sure if this would have any significance but I think It’d be interesting if Javiik’s father was afraid of Sith Assassin’s in particular. It would make sense since the Assassin’s would be able to use Dathomir’s environment to their advantage, cloaking themselves in darkness, and striking brutally from the shadows”
  • Back to tatooine, Shadow Architect says, “An idea for if Javik went back to tatoinne would be Darth Zash mention something of significance (vague as always) was in a republic outpost and he would meet his father a squad leader…”
  • Deployment, William Spears, “Troop deployment is often haphazard troops trained and equipped to fight in one place often find themselves rerouted to another. Sometimes it’s a relief other times it’s just a different nightmare.”
  • Returns to Dathomir, Wrathandflame, “Well in my opinion Javiik’s father wouldn’t have been very happy about learning that he would be going back to Dathomir however exactly because he still has hope for the Republic and its ultimate goal (freedom and peace in the galaxy) I believe he would even halfheartedly agree to return to that front. From there I am not sure how things would go but a cool idea would be that he could be captured by the sith during one of the battles and then as an imperial war prisoner he could go through some quite terrible experiences or just be locked up for quite some time (like a couple of years). After that he could potentially get the chance to escape during a prisoner transfer operation. So while in an imperial battlecruiser a Republic surprise attack could take place just above Tatooine and amidst the chaos he could find an opening and get out of the ship using an escape pod which would eventually take him to Tatooine’s surface.”
  • Tagging on to Wrathandflame’s comment, Benjamin Winicki, “when he is in the escape pod he crash lands on tatooine he goes mad under the heat of the twin suns. so when he sees Javiik he barely remembers him”
  • War Hero to Murderer, by Jack, “Rythen is repulsed by war, he doesn’t defect, he quit, not trusting anymore the rebellion, too many casualties lack of organization and he blames them, for failing to protect his family, he feels betrayed. He starts his quest to find his family, while making a deal to buy a spaceship and leave alderaan, somethings goes wrong and he has to kill a man, for self defence then escape with the ship He decide to hide on Tatooine, he is an hurt man, he can’t believe he murder someone, he went from a war hero to a fugitive , life can be unfair, he even doesn’t know there is an holotape that prove his innocence. He meet Javiik on one of the lowest moments of his life, this is why he doesn’t judge him, he finally has his son at least”
  • Anonymity, Darth Harbinger says, “I think maybe Javik’s father had enough of the Republic Military after the renewed battle of Dathomir and decided to off to Tatooine to settle down, with his notoriety as a decorated war-hero I figure he would settle there for anonymity’s sake so that the Republic wouldn’t bother him and the Empire wouldn’t hunt him. Living off the rest of his days on a quiet moisture farm while hoping his family is safe somewhere.”
  • Pass on knowledge, UU SS says, “Javiik’s father when back to dathomir and had a much easier time then the new soldiers he gave some of them tips to survive. Furthermore, he saw most of these men butchered at the hands of the sith, javiik’s father was broken by this and fled eventually ended up on tatooine. When javiik finds him he is a broken man. Javiik will have to decide whether to put his father down whilst remaining ignored or to reconcile and learn the truths of war.”
  • Helping, Anna Sumner says, “Hmm…I feel like after that Rythen found out that his family was missing, and he received word that the fighting on Dathomir was to begin anew, he deserted the Republic military and began searching for his family. He thinks the best way to do that is to assist other Cathars (refugees of war?). Perhaps he ends up on Nar Shaddaa, helping the refugee camps and trying to keep them from the Hutt’s greedy grasps. Maybe he finds himself on Tatooine to help more Cathar in need, or maybe details of the Battle of Dathomir come out, and the Republic is searching for him again?”
  • Helping the locals on Tatooine, Alexandre says, “I don’t know why Javiik’s father would be on Tatooine, but if he’s there he could certainly be helping the locals to defend themselves from Geonosians and Sand People, there’s even a quest on Pubside Bonus Series about training local Mercenaries to fight Sand People. Or maybe he helps moiture farmers get by, and trying to make life on Tatooine be less harsh on the people. Like some former soldiers end up joining a rellief group after they retire.”
  • Desert and story, A damn lizard says, “I believe that Rythen, having already joined the Republic military, had no choice in his involvement in the renewed conflict on Dathomir. Wars are bloody and terrible, but most important to the Republic they are costly, and they cannot afford to let troopers go without good reason. Unfortunately for Rythen, he could not provide a satisfactory excuse to avoid any more time on the poisonous, red-tinged battlefield that awaited him. His first campaign on Dathomir had left him with more than a few scars, but the second was nearly enough to snuff out the flame that burned within him entirely. It wasn’t long before he could feel the fighting taking its toll on him, and he knew that, one way or another, he’d die if he stayed. Unsurprisingly, others shared his sentiment and, with heavy hearts, began to craft a plan to desert their comrades and flee the planet. They spent days waiting for the right moment to flee, but as a Sith bomber squadron began their run they found the distraction they had been aching for. Using the chaos and destruction wrought by the first wave of bombings, Rythen and his band of traitors began their race towards a docked supply shuttle. But the hope swelling in their chests quickly turned into raw adrenaline as a blasterbolt tears through Rythen’s shoulder pad, grazing his shoulder. Looking up from his wound, barely registering the pain, he sees his commanding officer aiming a blaster at him, fellow soldiers racing to their CO’s aid. Rythen and the other deserters keep running, shots sounding out through the fading explosions. By the time Rythen reached the shuttle and got it off of the ground there was barely anyone left alive, a dozen friends lost in mere seconds; a statistic he and the survivors had plenty of time to ponder during the long jump to Tatooine. It only took a few days of laying low before the band of deserters began to go their separate ways, all pretending that it was out of strategy rather than regret. Truth is, just being around each other provoked an unbearable guilt in them, and reminded them of the horrors they bore witness to in their campaigns. Eventually, Rythen ended up working on a moisture farm for an aging denizen of the inhospitable desert world, helping to keep the various machines around the lonely plot of land up and running. The work was hard, and the pay was meager, but it filled Rythen with a spark of hope- he was free. No more violence, no more death, no more orders, all that stood between Rythen and his family was the passage of time. All he has to do now is wait, and one day, when he has enough credits, he can watch the twin suns set from a lightyear away.”
  • Not use, cool story make a movie, Giantsucc says , Challenged by the disappearance of his family and new assignment to Dathomir, Rythen stayed a few weeks wandering the woods near his home. Until one day an old friend from the time in service to House Ulgo, and now Captain in the Republic Army confronted him. After a long argument, Rythen agreed to go to Dathomir, but during the journey he kept thinking about his family. The Republic troop escort upon which Rythen’s battalion travelled was attacked by an imperial flotilla above the planet Wayland. The Thranta-class Corvette housing Rythen, was badly damaged by the barrages of ion cannons from an Imperial Harrower and Rythen managed to get onboard one of the escape pods. Rythen and the five other people in the pod saw the Republic ships torn to space debris and flames. As they entered Wayland’s atmosphere none said a word. The pod took ground in a dense jungle crashing through branches until finally burrowing in the soft ground. All knocked unconscious by the violent landing, the survivors woke up to the loud bashing of Warclubs upon the hull of the pod. Unaware they had met one of the planet’s native inhabitants, the Psadans. Rythen being the only veteran aboard try to calm down the nervous recruits and decided to stay inside the pod until night-time. When night came the survivors packed the few supplies the pod had to offer and entered into the wilderness. They saw no Psadans and thanks to the many stars littering the sky they made it to a small glade, there they ate some rations and waited for dawn. When morning came the jungle buzzed with noise from it’s many denizens and upon the horizon they could see a hill. Rythen decided they should make for the hill to get a better view of their surroundings. At first the trek through the thick vegetation was exciting, they still had rations and despite their traumatic experience, they were alive. But soon the real face of the jungle showed, when Yalora, a young recruit from lavish Commenor, was strangled by a long scaly creature dropping from one of the branches above. It was confirmed by recruit Ferro to be a Vine snake similar to those he had seen when visiting Kashyyyk. With the unexpected loss of Yalora the morale ran low and Rythen had a hard time keeping the group together, becoming disillusioned himself thinking about his missing family……

After hearing he was to return to the hell that was Dathomir, Javiik’s young father Rythen halfheartedly agreed to return to the front lines after finding his family missing. His requests to take longer leave to find his family fell on deaf ears, as the Republic could not afford to lose even one soldier in the bloody war against the Sith Empire.  He turned to an old friend from the time in service to House Ulgo for advice. After a long argument, Rythen agreed to go to Dathomir, but during the journey he kept thinking about his family.

Darth Arctis had brought new horrors to Dathomir, and the treacherous landscape had not changed. This time though, Rythen had become an expert of the planet’s deadly forests, and was able to both lead his squads safely through the terrain and also avoid the beasts and the dangers that lurked in the darkness of Dathomir.

While he could keep his squadmates and new-found brothers and sisters in arms safe from their environment, he could not protect them from the terrifying attacks made by the Sith Assassins and Sorcerers sent by Darth Arctis in the night. During one of these shadow attacks, Rythen awoke to the screaming of his squad mates – instead of attacking directly, this night their enemies had truly used the landscape to their advantage. The squad had settled down on damp swampland, and Darth Arctis’s sith sent Sith lightning into the wet ground, allowing it to travel to the sleeping soldiers without ever being within blaster range. Sick laughter filled the air as soldiers awoke to electrocution, and only a few of the Republic soldiers survived the attack long enough to chase the Sith back to the shadows.

Repulsed by the brutality of the Sith and the helplessness of their squad against enemies they could not even see, Rythen knew any more time on the poisonous, red-tinged battlefield would kill him. He could feel the fighting and the butchering of his fellow soldiers taking its toll on him, and he knew that, one way or another, he’d die if he stayed on the planet. Unsurprisingly, others shared his sentiment and, with heavy hearts, began to craft a plan to desert their comrades and flee the planet. Very few of the soldiers had survived the night’s attack, and all their communications systems had gone down from the lightning. They spent days waiting for the right moment to flee, but as a Sith bomber squadron began their run they found the distraction they had been aching for. Using the chaos and destruction wrought by the first wave of bombings, Rythen and his band of traitors began their race towards a docked supply shuttle.

Their escape was simple – no one was watching the supply shuttles when some much destruction was happening elsewhere. Rythen being the only veteran aboard calmed down the nervous soldiers, and directed them to leave the planet and make the jump to hyperspace. Unknown to the soldiers, they were not alone in the ship. A young recruit from lavish planet of Commenor was sleeping in the ship’s berth. Although exhaustion had kept her from waking during the solder’s boarding, the ship’s jump to hyperspace woke her from her deep sleep. Racing to the cockpit, she was surprised to find Rythen and two other soldiers handling the ship’s controls. She knew immediately what they were doing, and what they were – deserters. Assuming there was only three soldiers on the ship, she launched herself furiously at Rythen, who was sitting in the pilot’s seat watching the controls. She pulled a utility knife from her belt, screaming as she attacked him. In their surprise, she succeeded in her attack, her knife tearing through Rythen’s shoulder pad, grazing his shoulder. As he cried out, he reactively grabbed for her and slammed her head against the console. Not knowing she was also a soldier of the Republic, Rythen’s forceful blow had been strong enough to kill her on the spot. Shocked and horrified, Jaavik’s father immediately stood up and left the room. Her body was thrown out the airlock by the other soldiers, and they moved on with their plan to escape.

He had gone from a war hero to a fugitive, a father to a murderer. Rythen felt his will to search for his family leave him, and all he craved was to be alone. The ship’s maps lead to many planets, and Rythen chose Tatooine to land on, a remote planet he’d heard was largely ignored by the rest of the galaxy. Once they reached the planet though, dissent spread through the deserters. It was clear even from space that the planet was barren of life, and that there would be no forests or mountains to hide in. Rythen and the other deserters argued, but in the end, they out numbered him, and he realized that no matter what the best course of action was, they would want to soon return to normal, civilized life. During the night, he stole himself away on the ship’s escape pod, and crashed into the desert of Tatooine. No more violence, no more death, no more orders. He was free.

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