What to do before 6.0 in SWTOR

With the new Onslaught expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic launching in September 2019, now is the perfect time to start preparing for the expansion. here’s my short list of things to do before 6.0!

About the 6.0 Onslaught Expansion

1. Complete Storylines

For every character you’d like to play the Onslaught storyline on, I recommend completing all the previous storylines so your character is all caught up. I  recommend playing every storyline at least once, and then play the storylines that are important to you on your alternate characters. The most recent storyline that you should finish is Ossus, which is the prelude to the expansion’s storyline. Here’s a short list of the storylines I would recommend completing at least once before starting Onslaught.

To see different choices, I would recommend playing one Imperial character and one Republic character through the rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion as it has an entirely different storyline for each faction, one lightside and one darkside character through Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne as there’s some interesting changes in the two expansion’s storylines, and a Republic and Imperial character through the short Ossus storyline as it gives both sides of the renewed conflict between the Sith and the Jedi.

If you are playing on alternate characters and want to do the minimum possible to prepare your characters, I would recommend playing the Ossus quest on them. This quest auto-completes the previous storylines – Republic characters will make default light side choices, Imperial characters will make default dark side choices. There may be an auto-complete option upon starting Onslaught too, and may be similar to Ossus’s auto-complete – so if it’s important for you to be able to choose your character’s decisions that fall outside the default choices, you will want to make sure to play through Knights of the Fallen Empire and beyond.

2. Use CXP Packs

The developers have stated that there will be major changes to CXP and Galactic Command in the 6.0 expansion, and they recommended you use CXP Packs before 6.0 as CXP Consumables will be going away.

3. Spend Currencies: Unassembled Components, Command Tokens, Masterwork Crystals, Monumental Crystals

The developers have also told players that many of the current endgame currencies will be going away in the expansion. Unassembled Components, Command Tokens, Masterwork Crystals, Monumental Crystals and Alliance Recon Data currencies will all be converted to credits when you log in after the expansion’s launch. We don’t know exactly what will happen to the items you buy with them during the expansion, but I recommend spending these on any items you want before the expansion drops. You can either use them to buy items to gear up your character and give yourself a boost in 6.0, or to get the cosmetic looks for your character as there’s a chance those looks may no longer be available in the expansion.

4. Galactic Command Achievements

If you’re collecting achievements, be aware that the achievements for Galactic Command will be removed in 6.0, and the developers have recommended that players who want to complete them should do so before the expansion. There’s an achievement for getting one character to Galactic Command Rank 300, an achievement for each class reaching 300, and an achievement for having every class reach Command Rank 300.

5. Daydream About Your Nautolan

Although we don’t know much about the details, we do know that the developers are planning to give every subscribed player the Nautolan race for free if they are subscribed during the launch of the expansion. Now is a good time to daydream about what class your new Nautolan might be, and what type of character you’d like to play them as. If there’s a special armor set or weapon you want to get them, you can also start saving up for it now by completing Heroics and Conquest.

6. Wrap Things Up

As we wait for 6.0, now is a really good time to wrap up any other projects, quests, achievements, stronghold decorating or other activities that you won’t have time for when the expansion launches. There’s going to be an entirely new abilities system to play with, a new operation, a new storyline, new Flashpoint, two new planets, new race and a new level cap of 75, you’re going to be busy enjoying the new content for a while.

7. Empty Your Quest Log

With every new expansion comes a barrage of new quests – now is the perfect time to prune your quest log and prepare for all the new content!

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