Updates on 7.3.1’s launch on September 6! Exact times and new Cartel Market Ahsoka Items

News Date: September 1, 2023 Patch: 7.3.1 News Source

Jackie posted this quick update today on the forums letting us know the exact time 7.3.1 will be launching and how quick servers should be back online.

7.3.1 Update Times

Hello everyone,

Happy to announce that we are preparing to launch Game Update 7.3.1 next week! Details below:

  • Date: September 6, 2023
  • Time: 7am CT/12pm UTC
  • Expected downtime: 4 hours

We’ll have more in-depth details to share about Galactic Seasons 5 tomorrow. We will publish the patch notes here on September 5th. So keep an eye out on the Dev Tracker and socials for when all that info goes live.

I’ll be using this thread to post updates on 7.3.1’s launch and info leading up to it. After 7.3.1 is live, I’ll open the thread.

Thanks all!

Ahsoka Armor & Lightsabers

This new set and weapons will come out with Update 7.3.1!

Ahsoka-Inspired Armor Set & Lightsabers coming to the Cartel Market