Update 7.1 coming on August 2! New Manaan Daily Area & R-4 Anomaly Operation

The next update for Star Wars: The Old Republic now has a date! Update 7.1 will be coming out of August 2, 2022.

Want more info about what’s coming up? See what was revealed in the livestream here.

SWTOR Developer Livestream about what’s coming up in 7.1 on August 2

What’s in Update 7.1?

According to the developers, here’s what’s in the update:

  • New Manaan Daily Area
  • New R-4 Anomaly Operation
  • Nar Shadda Nightlife Event August 2 – September 13, 2022
  • New Improvements to the Weapons in Outfitter system
  • New Story – Key revelations about Darth Malgus and the Sith lord whose relics he has been pursuing

More smaller updates:

  • New Gearing tier 340, that comes from the new Operation in the form of tokens
  • Upgrade to the current tiers, so you can bring your Conquest Commendation gear from 326 up to 330, with a similar change potentially coming to Flashpoint and PvP gear
  • New cosmetic gear sets related to the new gearing tiers and new operation
  • Moddable gear quest for high-end level 80 gear
  • The ability to choose the colors of your Combat Styles icons and how they appear to you
  • Wings of Nihrot mount – special mount drop from the new Operation and new Achievements
  • New Cartel Market items
  • Increasing the number of Guild Commendations given when a Guild meets their Conquest Target

While there has been some speculation, we will NOT see these in the update, but they may show up down the road:

  • Galactic Seasons 3 (not in 7.1)
  • 32 Outfits in the Outfit Designer (seen on the PTS! but wont be in 7.1)
  • PvP Update
  • Crafting Update

New Manaan Daily Area

We had a chance to test out the Manaan Daily Area quests and see the rewards early! You can see our Manaan Daily Area guide if you need help or want to see the rewards. The Daily area is pretty straightforward, and you will need to complete the entire story before you start the Manaan daily area. This includes Onderon, Mek-Sha, Echoes of Oblivion Manaan, and the Elom Flashpoint – you need to be fully caught up to start the new dailies. There are some neat underwater themed rewards and even a turtle pet!

SWTOR Manaan Daily Area Guide

In addition to the standard dailies, Reputation track, and rewards, it looks like there will be some fun achievements.

Here’s a video of the reward previews!

New Operation

I had a chance to try the new R-4 Anomoly Operation multiple times on the test server, and I liked it a lot! It is definitely more on the difficult / complicated side compared to some other Operations, so make sure you are going in with a patient team or with an experienced raid leader if you are new to running Operations. I’ve written down what I know about Story Mode in the guide below!

R-4 Anomaly Story Mode Guide

New Story

We know we will be learning “key revelations about Darth Malgus and the Sith lord whose relics he has been pursuing” but we don’t know much more than that! When exploring Manaan on the test server, we found quite a few doors that looked like they lead to story areas.

New Gear

You’ll be able to upgrade your gear across the board, from solo play to a new type of gear that drops from the new Operation.

In addition, in a later version of the test server, players reported seeing a quest giver who allowed you to work on earning high-level mods, however it was not functioning at the time of testing so it’s unclear what state it will be in at 7.1 launch.

New Cartel Items

These are not confirmed, but may show up in 7.1 or afterwards. We saw them on the test server.