SWTOR Developer Livestream about what’s coming up in 7.1 on August 2

News Date: July 28, 2022

Did you miss the Developer livestream about 7.1, coming on August 2nd? Got you covered!

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Stream kicks off with #SWTOR Charles Boyd, soon to be moving on, and Jackie the Community Manager.

“You are without a doubt one of the best people I’ve ever worked with.” Jackie shares some sweet sentiments with Charles Boyd on the livestream. #SWTOR


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Ashley Ruhl, Narrative Director and Caitlin Sullivan Kelly, Lead Writer talk about Digging Deeper, go back to Elom with task force nova or hand of the empire to investigate what Malgus was trying to find or do on Elom, to try and figure out what his plan was.

We also see more of Sahar and talk to Malgus and see what he has planned for the galaxy in Digging Deeper in 7.1. #SWTOR

We got a teaser video about walking up to Malgus to speak to him in his prison! #SWTOR

Manaan will have two new storylines, one Imperial, one Republic, where you’ll be either cautiously optimistically aligning with the Republic/Manaan, or joining in on the Empire who has taken over the surface of Manaan. #SWTOR

All this takes place during a Selkath Isolationist Revolt, in a really cool underwater environment. #SWTOR

Minn Ishkah is the Republic Ambassador, a new character. #SWTOR

Captain Wo is the Selkath represtative, who puts the needs of the Selkath first. You may have met them already! #SWTOR

The Imperial representative, tied with with Darth Xarion! #SWTOR

The new R-4 Anomaly operation story was teased as well! #SWTOR

The new Operation, R-4, will have 4 bosses, for 8 players, in both Story and Veteran mode. #SWTOR

Oh cool! If you play this in Veteran mode, everyone gets a guaranteed decoration. #SWTOR

Here’s the third boss and its deco. Jokes about the deco not being a statue. #SWTOR They brought the horror creep to the deco instead.

Lady Dominique is the final boss. “big step on me energy” lol. #SWTOR Shoutout the to players on the PTS who sent in feedback and VODS to help build R-4.

The Wings of Nihrot are a RARE DROP from Lord Kanoth. #SWTOR

A lot of love went in the WFX and Visuals for this operation. #SWTOR

So the players could understand what was happening, and mechanics were visible without overwhelming the player. #SWTOR (I saw a lot of these improvements happening on iterations of the test server!)

They showed off the floor hazards in the first boss as an example. #SWTOR

WATCH YOUR FEET! lol. #SWTOR Second boss.

Showing off more of the “visual communications” in Lady Dominique. #SWTOR

The devs wanted to balance immersion and understanding to complete the encounter for the visual effects.

“Respect the Mechanics”!

UI/UX Updates. #SWTOR

Character Outfitter now has the zoom, spin etc, like the preview window, and the outfits are easier to browse through. #SWTOR 7.1

Combat Styles Icon Color Selection Wheel.

– Classic, pre-7.0 options
– Colorblind mode, protanopia or deuteranopia preset
– Or custom, pick what you want or need


Chat Window size customization!!! in 7.1 for more accessibility #SWTOR

Subtitle Customization! Size increase customization and color customization! You can mkae it even bigger than this screenshot. #SWTOR

Talking for Gearing and 7.0s gearing and item-rating. #SWTOR

Showing off what you’ll now be able to upgrade your gear to in 7.1. #SWTOR

So everyone across the board will be able to upgrade the ‘ceiling’ of what you can get, whether you’re a solo player or ops player.

and of course these which we had seen on the forums #SWTOR

Showing off the new rewards. #SWTOR Don’t forget you need to finish Legacy of the Sith (Manaan/Elom) to start the Manaan Dailies.

Previews of some of the new Manaan daily reward weapons. #SWTOR Here’s our guide so far!

Some more manaan rewards – TURTLE! #SWTOR

Some of the Manaan Decos. #SWTOR

New Rewards previews #SWTOR

New Cartel weapons coming up, more on the way too #SWTOR

New armors in 7.1 cartel market #SWTOR

New Nar Shaddaa Nightlife rewards weapons and changes to the way they work too #SWTOR

Oh! Nar Shaddaa Nightlife is dropping August 2, 2022 with 7.1 #SWTOR surprise!

Summary of everything coming in 7.1 covered in the livestream #SWTOR

“We’ve probably done streams for ten years together.” – Eric Musco about Charles Boyd, reminiscing #SWTOR

Charles Boyd talks about the future of #SWTOR:

• revamps to pvp
• improvements to outfitter
• whole new planet, completely new to Star Wars galaxy called Arunich (sp?) after 7.1
• after that more of everything

“As Malgus says, this is only the beginning.”

Charles says thank you to the team and the player base, and says it means so much to him. #SWTOR “I can’t thank you enough, from the bottom of my heart.”