SWTOR Update 7.2 is now on the Test Server (PTS)!

There’s a whole lot going on on the test server right now! Everything except the story is now available for testing, including the large new planet of Ruhnuk. Ruhnuk is really quite beautiful from my exploring, and quite large.

Want to see what 7.2 is looking like? I’ve got a full overview of everything in 7.2 you can look at!

What to expect in Update 7.2 in SWTOR, Showdown on Ruhnuk!

This includes these topics:

In addition, I’ve put together the little I know about the new PvP Seasons. It’s still very much a work in progress though.

SWTOR PvP Seasons Guide

The Developer are looking for feedback on these topics:

7.2 PTS is now live! There’s a lot of content included in this phase of PTS, and I will list out all the related feedback threads below.

Each of the feedback threads contains specific questions about each piece of content, so please answer them with as much detail as and clearly specify which questions you are answering. That really helps us filter through the feedback efficiently.