SWTOR Interview with Community Manager, Design Director and Aviriia

Player Aviriia has interviewed Eric Musco (Community Manager), Chris Schmidt (Design Director) about Star Wars: The Old Republic! Touching on issues all over the game.


Here’s the topics list:

0:00 Introduction
6:50 Working for EA
9:20 Credit Sellers
11:55 In-game Economy
14:28 Amplifiers
16:35 PvP Desync & Lag
20:38 Ranked Ability Issues
22:29 Player vs Devs PTS
24:31 Warzone wins
27:03 Toxicity
33:25 Report & CS Support
34:35 Banning in PvP
38:20 Future of Ranked PvP
42:20 Warzone Rewards
43:22 Community Feedback
44:04 Hoodtoggle
53:46 Feast of Prosperity
55:59 Squelched
57:30 Outfit slots
58:25 Brooding
1:00:56 Cantina Livestream
1:05:14 Wall of Crazy

Here’s some of the questions Aviriia asked during the Stream!