SWTOR Developer Livestream about Uodate 7.3 on May 3rd at 1pm CT / 6pm UTC (11:00 AM Pacific)

News Date: April 20, 2023 Patch: 7.3 News Source

The developers have posted some news about the next update!

Update 7.3 will include:

  • New Story
  • Class Balancing Changes
  • Credit economy initiative changes (likely trading/GTN)
  • ??? We will learn more May 3rd!
  • PTS yes, after May 3rd somtime

Hi everyone,

I’m here to provide you all with some information regarding our next large game update. In the coming months, we will be deploying Game Update 7.3! Before we get there, we will be releasing information regarding some intended changes surrounding class balances and the credit economy initiative that will be coming with this update. We would like your feedback on these changes way before they are reflected on the Public Test Server when it is open.

Here is a short timeline on when to expect information to be released regarding 7.3:

  • Shabir_Dhillon will be publishing the class balance changes later today. I highly encourage everyone to read through the post in full and offer your feedback in the thread when the post is published. Here
  • I will be publishing a post that covers the expected economic credit changes coming with 7.3 in the following week.

Of course, with an announcement like “another game update is coming soon” means that a livestream is around the corner. Happy to say that we will be hosting a livestream on May 3rd at 1pm CT / 6pm UTC! This is where we will be talking about more of the story elements and other content that will be coming with this update. I invited a few other devs to join, so you will be hearing from more voices on the team. [[You can watch the livestream at twitch.tv/swtor ]]

Following the livestream, we will be opening up the Public Test Server. The exact date is yet to be determined, but we’ll announce when the PTS is open on all the official channels when we can.

That is all for now! Keep an eye on the dev tracker and our social channels so that you stay in the know for other announcements.



*We will be publishing FR/DE translations of this post soon at a later time*