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News Date: June 26, 2024 Patch: 7.5b News Source

Update 7.5b is bringing a lot of fixes to the game on June 27th! A lot of interesting little fixes and changes across the boards.

Bessie Changes

Wanted to update this thread and follow up on a previous post. Game Update 7.5b will contain a change to help mitigate the RNG factor for the Training Modules. With this upcoming patch, players will be able to purchase Daily Area specific Training Modules from HK-24. There are more fixes for the system as a whole on the way, but I wanted to highlight this change specifically.

As this is a new system, we appreciate the feedback coming in on the overall player experience. We want to balance out what the progression feels like for a long term goal so we will be keeping an eye out for feedback as players continue on their way to fully unlocking B3-S1.

The exact details are below.

And here’s the patch notes!

7.5b Patch Notes


Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event

  • Test your luck at the exotic Star Cluster and Club Vertica Casinos with the return of the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event coming July 9th!

Nar Shaddaa Modernization

  • Modernization has begun on Nar Shaddaa! The first updates are to the slot machines around the planet, in the Nightlife event, and even in your Strongholds if you have them as Decorations.

Basilisk Prototype Venture 

  • New Daily Area specific Training Modules are now available to purchase from HK-24 in Lane’s lab.
  • Basilisk Training Missions can now be completed while players are mounted or transformed.
  • The Collected Research Item for the Basilisk Prototype Venture can no longer be used if all granted currencies are capped.
  • Bonus Missions will now be properly granted after players pick up Heroic Missions for Oricon, The Black Hole, and CZ-198.
  • The Bonus Mission, “Basilisk Prototype: Combat Training” will now be granted after picking the Colossal Threat Daily Mission from the terminal.
  • Combat Training Modules for Iokath can now be used as intended when the only remaining Iokath Dailies are Faction specific Missions.
  • The Mission Complete Windows for “Starting Out”, “Stabilized”, and “Memory Chip” now have icons.
  • Training Missions now properly progress when the CZ-198 Heroic Mission is complete.
  • The Mek-Sha training Mission descriptions and Mission steps will now indicate when the player can complete Heroic Missions.
  • Training Module items can no longer be used once the training Mission daily limit has been reached.
  • The icon for “Training Mission” in the Mission tracker window is no longer missing.
  • The “Training Reminder” Mission now scales properly with the player’s character level.
  • The Support and Defensive training Missions for Yavin 4 now scale properly with the player’s character level.
  • TheHeroic Training: Section X (Bonus) mission now scales properly with the player’s character level.
  • The tooltip for the “Discharge” ability now displays the correct damage value.
  • The tooltip for the “Pulse-Fire Cannon” ability now displays the correct damage value.
  • The tooltips for the original and upgraded “Regenerative Burst” ability now display the correct healing values.

Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival

  • The “Scan for Tauntaun Nests” ability will now only be visible when players need to complete that step as intended.
  • The “Pet” ability now stays visible even if players jump from one enclosure to the other during the “Creature Rehabilitation” Mission.
  • The “Pet” ability will no longer appear during the “A Real Fixer-Upper” Mission.
  • Fixed an issue where environment assets near the Mission Terminal in Blba Groves would disappear when viewed at certain camera angles.
  • The Gentle Heart Hidden Achievement now works as intended.
  • The Zap a Fish Mission rings now indicate how long they will remain active.
  • The Blba Groves and Dantooine planet area will now use the same chat channel.
  • The plate art for the Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival codex entry is no longer missing.
  • The red lighting VFX for the Westar 19 Sniper Rifles now properly aligns with the weapon texture.

Desperate Defiance

  • The jetpack used in the mission “Sundering” will now disappear when players clear the gap and approach the door to escape.
  • In the mission “Sundering”, players who may get stuck inside the Holocron Machine during the first phase of the fight will now be teleported outside of it once the second phase begins.
  • Sa’har will now respond appropriately according to the decisions players made regarding the prisoners during the mission “Sundering”.
  • The Hidden Chain and Refinery enemies in the Minboosa Shipping Facility drop loot as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where a player could end up blocked from progressing during the “Defeat the Hidden Chain Guards” step in the “Sundering” Mission.
  • Proximity, combat audio cues, and dialogue now work properly for the Hidden Chain Leader NPC in the Shipping Port.
  • Adi Vonapa’s codex entry now uses the intended icon.
  • Fixed typos in the “Enter the Factory Through the Tunnels” Mission description.
  • French Client specific: NPC audio lines heard when obtaining the Industrious Medicine mission and investigating the Shipping Port’s Warehouse no longer cut off abruptly.

Cinematics (Desperate Defiance)

  • Ri’kan now becomes neutralized during the second phase of the “Sundering” mission, allowing Sa’har to drop from combat and not interrupt the cutscene.
  • Fixed Sa’har’s facial expressions and animations in various cutscenes.
  • Sa’har no longer remains idle when the player character and Adi run toward the exit in the Mission “The Path Below”.


  • It is once again possible for players to have a flying mini-pet and ground mini-pet active at the same time.
  • Defeating enemy NPCs in the Minboosa District now progresses the “Minboosa District: Defeat Enemies 2” Conquest objective as intended.
  • Missions with conversations triggered by interactable objects now start for grouped players as intended.
  • Hidden and uncompleted Achievements/objectives can now be removed from the Tracker on the main HUD.
  • Fixed missing mountains along the Hutta skyline.
  • Fixed shading issues on various armors and a mount. The following items now apply lighting and shadows as intended:
    • Cybernetic Varactyl Mount
    • The Light Devotee’s Robe
    • Arctic Trooper Helmet
    • Discharged Infantry Boots
    • Patient Defender’s Armor Set
    • Exiled Padawan’s Armor Set
  • Fixed the textures of the stairs in the Blaster’s Path Cantina on Rishi.


  • The  maps for the Bastal Family Farmhouse now have their intended background images.
  • The extra Player Icons have been removed from the Map window icon Legend.

Cartel Market

  • The Cartel Market and Collections images for the Fieldtech Gunner Armor Set now feature the correct belt.


  • The Refined Mentor’s Dualsaber no longer clips with the character’s left hand.
  • The Refined Mentor’s Lightsaber no longer clips with characters that use female body type 2 or 4.
  • The Refined Mentor’s Bracers are now visible on characters using female body types 1 and 2.
  • The Matte Black and Metallic Black Dye Modules now drop in the Ultimate Cartel and Ultimate Cartel Platinum Packs as intended.
  • VFX for the Serpent’s Tongue is no longer missing.
  • The Double Agent and Shady Gambler dye modules have been added to the Golden Certificate Vendor.


  • The “Rampage Achievement Boost” item now works within the Minboosa District on Hutta as intended.