Patch Notes Update 7.3.1 – Galactic Season 5, Quicktravel Update, GTN Changes, Bug Fixes

News Date: September 5, 2023 Patch: 7.3.1 News Source

All of this is coming in the morning of September 6, 2023!

  • Galactic Season 5
  • Quicktravel Update on the map
  • GTN Changes and increase to 3 bill GTN cap
  • Bug Fixes galore

SWTOR Galactic Seasons Guide and Rewards – Season 5, 2023

Game Update 7.3.1


Galactic Seasons 5 “Confidence in Power” – In this season’s story, “Confidence in Power”, players will meet an astromech named 3V-1L, a peculiar droid who serves a mysterious Master. 3V-1L will test the player through a series of trials, to see if they are worthy of the Master’s teachings of the “dark side”. Whether this is a prank or a serious threat, the player must decide how deeply they will commit to these “dark” trials to uncover the truth. More information in this article.

New “inspired by” items – Lightsabers and armor sets inspired by Ahsoka and Thrawn have been added to the Cartel Market!

Update on Kai Zykken and the Spoils of War set bonus armors –  Kai Zykken will be removed and Set Bonus Armors will be available from a new vendor in the same location on the Fleet. More info here. 


  • Players who obtained both “A Cantina in Crisis” and “Unwelcome Visitors” missions will now be able to reset the Old Wounds mission and progress through the storyline as intended.
  • Decorations will now drop when killing enemies in the Interpreter’s Retreat area.
  • The sound effect for the Dark- attuned Weapon Tuning has been fixed
  • “Pickled Space Worm” can be used as a crafting ingredient again. The Cantina Hoth vendor now sells a craftable version of this item. Players who acquired the item recently will need to repurchase the item from the vendor.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the companion Z0-0M from spawning while another chapter is active.
  • The Stationary Grit Headgear voice modulation now works as intended.
  • Unlocking the Flameshell Mewvorr now correctly unlocks the corresponding decoration.
  • The debris piles for the mission “It’s Really Piling Up” now respawn as expected.
  • Fixed a typo in Advanced Terminator Droid and Suppression Droid text.
  • Ladra should now only identify players as a Sith Pureblood if they are a Sith Pureblood.
  • Players now receive an Implant from Cellvanta for killing Grathan.
  • Fixed an issue where players could one-shot Beelzlit during the Sith Warrior quest.
  • The Ri’Kan’s Vibro-Axe is sheathed into the correct off-hand slot when equipped in the character’s off-hand.
  • The Force-Imbued Object will now only grant the “Light Triumphant” Alert for Master Ranos.
  • The Rocket Boost VFX appears properly attached to the player character when using the Legacy unlock “Rocket Boost” or Regeneration ability for the Veteran Boltblaster’s Chestguard MK-2 chest piece.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon part VFX could be seen floating in areas.
  • Corrected typo in the Amplified set bonus description.
  • Players can now interact with the Voss Cantina vendor.
  • The Rampage Achievement Boost now works properly in the Interpreter’s Retreat.
  • The Thermal Grenade Ability now works properly when used on Rakghouls.
  • Equipping the Hermit’s Vigil will now only display a holster for the hand in which it is equipped.
  • The Payday Blaster pistols’ left holster no longer disappears after cinematics have played.
  • Ancient Force-Imbued Blade’s holsters are now properly restored upon exiting cinematics and when traveling between Strongholds.
  • The maximum number of Dark/Light alignment points is now 10,000 (down from 100,000).


  • Quick Travel costs will now scale with the player’s level.
  • Trade and Mail fees when trading items are now based on the value of recently completed Galactic Trade Network transactions.
  • When listing an item on the GTN, the default listing value will be based on recently completed transactions, if available.
  • The Galactic Trade Network Buyout Price Limit has been increased from 1,000,000,000 to 3,000,000,000 credits.

More detailed information can be found in this forum post. 


  • Fixed various 7.3 Old Wounds Cinematic bugs including the NPCs clipping during the conversation with Oggurobb.
  • Fixed clipping in a Blood Hunt Flashpoint cinematic
  • Sound and visual effects occurring outside of the Secrets of the Shrine cinematic scene no longer impact the cutscene.
  • Players who reset the Old Wounds story mission will no longer be granted a duplicate Work Amok mission.
  • When progressing through the mission “Arm Yourself’ Sith Warriors can now choose between the Practice Blade and a new Battler Warblade, with the appearance of the previous Sith Warblade.”
  • The Mission markers for “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” and “Hidden Signals” are now properly displayed.
  • The “[HEROIC 2+] A Droid Defiant” mission can now be completed as intended.


  • Fixed a floor texture in the Shrine of Silence where players could unexpectedly fall through.
  • All shrubs in the Athiss Flashpoint have been fixed.


  • All group members can now see they are queued.
  • The queue icon now only glows when the group is queued for Warzone and PvP Arena matches.


  • Galactic Seasons 4 Rifles and Sniper rifles now appear in the correct weapons categories in Collections.
  • Moon Pilgrim Belt and Armored Messenger Belt icons now show the correct belt
  • Resolved the issue that blocked Republic players from being granted the ability needed to complete “The Cheating Algorithm” mission.


Assassin / Shadow

  • The Resolute Guerilla’s Dualsaber blade animation now works properly when using “Clairvoyant Strike” or “Voltaic Slash”.

Darkness / Combat

  • Redesigned Ancient Tome of Wrath tactical and renamed to Tome of Exar Kun, which grants damage reduction as well as shield absorption whenever you gain a stack of Redirected Wrath / Redirected Retribution.

Sorcerer / Sage

  • Teaching of Rajivari mod now deals the correct type of damage.
  • Plague Master mod now deals the correct type of damage.

Lightning / Telekinetics

  • Force Mobility is now baseline for Lightning / Telekinetics.
  • Torturous Tactics / Staggering Stratagem replaces Force Mobility as a level 51 utility choice.
    • Torturous Tactics / Staggering Stratagem – Lowers the cooldown of Electrocute / Force Stun by 10 seconds. In addition, targets stunned by your Electrocute /Force Stun deal 25% less damage for 10 seconds when Electrocute / Force Stun wears off.

Madness / Balance

  • Force Mobility is now baseline for Madness / Balance.
  • Torturous Tactics / Staggering Stratagem replaces Force Mobility as a level 51 utility choice.
  • Torturous Tactics / Staggering Stratagem – Lowers the cooldown of Electrocute / Force Stun by 10 seconds. In addition, targets stunned by your Electrocute / Force Stun deal 25% less damage for 10 seconds when Electrocute / Force Stun wears off.
  • Force Speed is now granted at level 25.
  • Shifted Critical Movement / Enhanced Force Speed to level 27 Row.
  • Shifted Cloud Mind to level 43 Row.

Mercenary / Commando

Arsenal / Gunnery

  • Signature Shot / Gravitating Bolt has been redesigned. It now reads:
    • Targets affected by your Heat Signature / Gravity Vortex take 50% more damage from Priming Shot / Vortex Bolt and 10% more damage from Rail Shot / High Impact Bolt.
  • Thrill of the Hunt / Forced March is now baseline for Arsenal.
    • The passive is now set to hidden and is granted when the player gets Unload.
  • Thrill of the Hunt / Forced March has been replaced by Tag and Bag / One Many Army as a level 64 choice.

Innovative Ordnance / Assault Specialist

  • Thrill of the Hunt / Forced March is now baseline for Innovative Ordnance.
    • The passive is now set to hidden and is granted when the player gets Unload.
  • Thrill of the Hunt / Forced March has been replaced by Tag and Bag / One Man Army.

Bodyguard / Combat Medic

  • Thrill of the Hunt / Forced March has been renamed to Mobile Protection / Frontline Medic.

Powertech / Vanguard

  • Boiling Point / Reactive Plating now appropriately deals Tech damage.

Shield Tech / Shield Specialist

  • Increased the damage reduction gained from the Oil Fire tactical from 2% to 3%.
  • The Counter Attack / Defensive Armor level 23 mod choice has been redesigned. It now reads:
    • “Shielding an attack grants Counter Attack / Defensive Armor, increasing the damage of Firestorm / Ion Storm and Rail Shot / High Impact Bolt by 10%. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds, lasts for 20 seconds, and is removed once you deal damage with Rail Shot / High Impact Bolt.”
  • Updating the tooltip for Target Rich Environment / Pointman for clarity.

Juggernaut / Guardian

Immortal / Defense

  • Reduced the damage bonus given to Crushing Blow / Guardian Slash by Crushing Mark from 50% to 40%.
  • The Hord’s Makashi Strike tactical now increases damage reduction by 7% when it triggers (up from 5%).



  • “Inspired by” tabs have been created for the Cartel Market to help players easily find special items
  • Priority Transport: Personal Starship can no longer be used in Warzones or Arenas.
  • Fixed issue where Galaxy Map would blink for new players before they had a ship.
  • The Launch buttons are no longer cut off in the World Map Mission Tracker
  • The “All” and “Cartel Rarity” dropdowns now order items alphabetically in the Cartel market Item Stash
  • Content shown in the preview window now displays the proper ratio.
  • Daily Resource Matrices will no longer appear in the currency window.
  • Opening the Galaxy Map is no longer removing the topography of the Overlay Map
  • The Mouse cursor coordinates are showing the correct values again
  • The Instance pulldown menu will no longer remain on the screen if the player closes the World Map.

Quick Travel

  • The Quick Travel map has been removed. The Quick Travel ability will now open the World Map, filtered with quick travel points, available missions, current missions, and party member missions.
  • Quick Travel filter for the World and Area map will be on by default.
  • Tutorial has been fixed to now pop up when the player first uses the ability
  • Fixed an issue where some areas would not allow Quick Travel or Stronghold Travel.

World Map

  • Party mission icons have had their size slightly reduced.
  • Exploration Mission filter will be moved under filters, and will continue to be off by default.
  • Updated the map background for better readability.
  • Moved Magnify Cursor to an icon button, and next to coordinates.
  • Added travel abilities and their legacy upgrade counterparts.
  • Moved Galaxy Map button to be in line with travel abilities.

HUD Overlay Map

  • Will have click interactions disabled while in combat
  • Enemy red dot icons are no longer overlapped by player and party icons.

Map Tooltips

  • Mail mouse over will now display how many unread mail players have
  • Mission NPCs will now display their name, and what missions they offer
  • Mission Terminals will now have a list of what missions are offered (up to 10

Known Issues


  • Players can get stuck in the “Imperial Training Statue” decoration when jumping toward the lightsabers.
  • The “Resilient Warden Gladiator” decoration’s blade slashes through the NPC model.
  • The “Outer Rim Drifter Gunslinger” NPC decoration’s jacket flickers continuously at the bottom.

Galactic Seasons 5

  • A dialogue line is grayed out in the Chains of Freedom story mission for the Trooper Origin Story

The known issues list will be updated in the forums here over time.