New/Removed Tacticals in 7.1

News Date: July 29th News Source

In an effort to rebalance the number of tacticals available to all combat styles in 7.1, four new tacticals will be added to the game this Tuesday!

For a look at what these tacticals are meant to do, you can take a look at what Chris Durel had to say during PTS here:

Carnage Marauders are receiving a new Tactical to replace Fanged God Form

  • Shard of Mortis – Using Massacre / Blade Rush adds Hyper stacks to you, increasing your critical chance by 25% per stack and increasing the cost of your next Massacre / Blade Rush by 1 rage / focus per stack, up to 3. When you deal damage with another ability, Hyper is removed.

Arsenal Mercenaries will receive a new Tactical to replace Thermonuclear Fusion

  • Unstable Fusion – Activating Supercharged Gas / Cell accelerates heat out from you, dealing elemental damage to up to 8 enemies within 8 meters and applying Heat Signature to them. Targets with Heat Signature are vulnerable to Rail Shot / High Impact Bolt and take additional damage from Heatseeker Missiles / Demolition Round.

Innovative Ordnance Mercenaries will received a new Tactical to replace Magnetized Shrapnel

  • Magnetic Resonance – Exploding Thermal Detonator / Assault Plastique early with Mag Shot / Mag Bolt causes your next Power Shot / Charged Bolts to deal additional Elemental damage.

Bodyguard Mercenaries will receive a new Tactical based on their old Rocket Fuel Vapors item

  • Kolto Vapors – The Kolto Pods left by Kolto Missile / Kolto Bomb last a second longer and heal for an additional 5%.

In addition, it appears that there are also a few tacticals that were missed in the launch of 7.0 that were also meant to be removed from the game.

This latest update comes from the community team yesterday, highlighting how the removal of these tacticals will look like here:

A heads up on a couple of items that will be removed with 7.1.

With 7.0, we removed items from the game that were tied to Renown, Social Points, and 6.0 gearing. There were two items that were missed with the initial removal. With 7.1, we’ll be removing the following from vendors and characters’ inventory:

  • Missile Backblast
  • Sonic Heal

Each item listed above will be converted to 6,595 credits.

Special note: Similar to how items were removed in 7.0, in order to process these removals, ALL GTN sales that are active prior to 7.1 will be marked as expired. These items will be returned to your character’s mailbox which listed the sale. They can be relisted as usual after 7.1 goes live.