New Cartel Market items on the PTS! New weapons, Master Orr, Ri’kan, Cad Bane, Pyke Syndicate Armors

Patch: 7.2

The SWTOR test server is showing us some new Cartel armors and weapons! We do not know when or if they will come out, though some seem to be planned for update 7.2 in “winter 2022”.

Here is what can be seen in collections so far:

Master Orr’s Armor Set

Not see on the livestream! The Master from the Disorder trailer.

Master Orr’s Lightsaber

High fidelity blade and hilt effects, with a nice texture set and a special sound effect when you ignite it.

The Art Monetization Director actually built a physical version of this lightsaber in his garage!


Ri’Kan’s Vibro Axe

Collapsible blade section, and some lightning and particle effects tied to the color crystal color. This is also a game-first for weapons where they mimicked the vibroblade effect from The Mandalorian, the shimmery-vibroblade effect you may see in some of the fight scenes. This wil be the first weapon in the game with that effect.

Ceremonial Beskad Blade

Featured in a cinematic in 7.2, they figured if players saw it they might want to have it.

Put Rim Drifter’s Armor Set aka ‘Cad Bane’

Ri’Kan’s Armor Set

The first set we’ve seen with Twi’lek lekku armor! Gives “lekku” even to non- twi’leks.

Pyke Syndicate Armor

Pyke Syndicate’s Armor Set, inspired by the Book of Boba Fett. Has an animated helmet. Doesn’t dye well on PTS but may change.