New Cartel Market items on the PTS! New Vehicles, Armor Sets, Kenobi and Cassian Blasters, and a Lightsaber!

There’s some interesting new items showing up in the SWTOR collections screen on the test server! There are seven new items in the Recently Added section and although one armor set is missing a preview picture they are all finished sets!

Highly likely at least some of this stuff will be coming in 7.3!

Here is what can be seen in collections so far:


Both blaster pistols are inspired by the blasters used by Cassian and Kenobi in their most recent respective Disney+ shows!

CP-2 Bryar Pistol

Hermit’s Vigil

Darth Nul’s Lightsaber

Armor Sets

Two armor sets this time – pictures have been provided of the two different chest pieces for Desert Weapon Master – as there is a hood up and down version. If wearing the helmet with hood up chest, there will be no hood at all.

Rogue Agent Armor Set

Desert Weapon Master Armor Set (hood up)

Desert Weapon Master Armor Set (helmet on)


Interesting vehicles! Kuat Vigilance definitely inspired by Jango/Boba.

Vertica Pincer

Kuat Vigilance

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