New Cartel Market items on the PTS! New Ancient Star Map Toy, Sabine Wren Armor, Death Trooper Rifle, Darth Nul’s Dualsaber, Westar Weapons

News Date: October 26, 2023 Patch: 7.4

There’s some interesting new items showing up in the SWTOR collections screen on the test server, some of which were previewed in the Developer Livestream!

These items are on the “Public Test Server” – they may or may not be finished, and may or may not actually be released. There is no specific date when these might come out.

Ancient Star Map Toy

Not mentioned in the developer livestream was the Ancient Star Map Toy!

This is meant to be similar to the Star Map design from the single-player Knights of the Old Republic game, shown below.

Suppression Trooper Armor Set

preview of new dyes:

  • Suppression Trooper Belt
  • Suppression Trooper Boots
  • Suppression Trooper Bracers
  • Suppression Trooper Chestpiece
  • Suppression Trooper Gloves
  • Suppression Trooper Greaves
  • Suppression Trooper Helmet

Suppression Trooper Rifle

This has the “disrupted” style of firing for the animation.

Interestingly, the weapon seems to be mostly based on the figurines for the Death Trooper, rather than the Death Troopers in the movie/shows, as on screen the coloring of the rifle is not very visible.

Hot Toys figurine:


Sabine Wren Armor – Defiant Maverick Armor Set

  • Defiant Maverick’s Belt
  • Defiant Maverick’s Boots
  • Defiant Maverick’s Bracers
  • Defiant Maverick’s Chestpiece
  • Defiant Maverick’s Gloves
  • Defiant Maverick’s Greaves
  • Defiant Maverick’s Helmet

Westar-19 Weapons

These have “firework” style of firing for the animation.

The graphics shown are Blaster Pistol, then Blaster Rifle, then Sniper Rifle – they’re split down the middle, the drawn on the left and stowed on the right. There are three different colors/versions, Westar-19 (gray/black), Westar-19B (blue) and Westar-19 (yellow).

  • Westar 19 Weapon Bundle
    • Westar 19 Blaster
    • Westar 19 Blaster Rifle
    • Westar 19 Sniper Rifle
  • Westar 19-B Weapon Bundle
    • Westar 19-B Blaster
    • Westar 19-B Blaster Rifle
    • Westar 19-B Sniper Rifle
  • Westar 19-C Weapon Bundle
    • Westar 19-C Blaster
    • Westar 19-C Blaster Rifle
    • Westar 19-C Sniper Rifle

Darth Nul’s Dualsaber

PvP Seasons 4 Preview Items

PvP Season 4 will takes place November 7 to around January 29, 2023.

These are from Collections and the Stronghold Decorations list. It’s unclear which are on the track and which will be at the vendor or in an achievement. These are not confirmed until the season actually starts. Some of these are visible on live while others are on the PTS.

Metallic & Pearlescent Dyes + New Color Specularity Tech

These were not testable on the PTS sadly.

Specularity is effectively how reflective something is. The way that we would define it in the game, and the way that we actually are applying it in the game, realistically, is how metallic or how matte something might look.

We’ve developed new tech for assigning colors inside of our game. The way that you’re going to see this applied to start is in dye packs, called metallic and pearlescent dye packs in 7.4.

This is really just a starting point for us because yes, I’m saying dye packs, but we could use this tech for other stuff. We could have a gold-plated pistol. We could have a gold-plated refresher decoration in your house. We’ve absolutely made these jokes already internally about things that we could do. I’m not saying we have those plans because we don’t necessarily, but these are the kinds of ways that we could apply this to stuff in the future. This tech can be applied to armor sets, weapons, and mounts in the future.

New Dyes for 7.4:

  • Metallic Black and Pearlescent Red
  • Pearlescent Red and Metallic Black
  • Chrome White and Metallic Gold
  • Metallic Gold and Chrome White
  • Metallic Black and Matte Black
  • Matte Black and Metallic Black
[They didn’t say where they come from, but it is assumed the Cartel Market. – Swtorista]