New Cartel Market items in 7.3! Rogue Agent and Desert Weapons Master Armor Set, CP-2 Bryar Pistol, Hermit’s Vigil Pistol, Darth Nul’s Lightsaber, Kuat Vigilance Mount, MSM Turbocharged Jetpack, Mandalorian Heavy Jetpack, Rogue Agent’s Dye Pack, Moisture Farm Decoration Bundle, Restored Jedi Enclave Decoration Bundle, Security Bureau Decoration Bundle

News Date: June 13, 2023 Patch: 7.3 News Source

A batch of new Cartel Market items were added with Update 7.3 in SWTOR!

Rogue Agent Armor Set

(Cassian inspired armor set. Weapon not included).

(The Rogue Agent Armor Set and CP-2 Bryar Blaster can be purchased together in the Rogue Agent Bundle).

Desert Weapons Master Armor Set

(Armor Set includes an extra chest piece variant. Weapon not included.)

CP-2 Bryar Pistol

(Cassian inspired blaster).

Hermit’s Vigil

(Obi-Wan inspired blaster).

Darth Nul’s Lightsaber

Kuat Vigilance Mount

(No mount flourish.)

MSM Turbocharged Jetpack

(Jetpack flourish color changes based upon equipped color crystal.)

Mandalorian Heavy Jetpack

NOT a Cartel Market item, but in collections.

Rogue Agent’s Dye Pack

(From left to right: Rogue Agent’s Tan and Brown Dye Module and Rogue Agent’s Brown and Tan Dye Module.)

Moisture Farm Decoration Bundle

Restored Jedi Enclave Decoration Bundle

Security Bureau Decoration Bundle

Vertica Pincer

The Vertica Pincer is in collections, but does not seem to be available in-game yet.